Two new health features are coming to the Google Pixel tomorrow

Other Android users will have to wait.

Georgia Dixon
Mar 09, 2021
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Want a more in-depth view of your health without having to fork out hundreds of dollars on a smartwatch? Well, Google Pixel owners are about to get just that, if a new report by Android Police is to be believed. Two new health features, including a heart rate monitor and respiratory rate measure, are expected to be launched tomorrow as part of a major update to the Google Fit app.

Available to users of selected Google Pixel models (no word yet on which models, but we'd hazard a guess at the Pixel 3 and newer), the new features will utilise the Pixel's cameras to measure both heart and respiratory rate said to be accurate within 2 per cent and one breath per minute, respectively. Google Fit's heart rate measurement works by tracking the subtle skin tone changes (thus pulse) of your finger when placed against the rear camera. The respiration monitor, however, utilises the selfie camera to scan your face and chest, monitoring movement and providing an estimated rate of breaths per minute.

While these features aren't exactly medical-grade, and Google notes they shouldn't be used as such, it's a quick and easy way to get a general idea of your physical health. The tech giant has also confirmed that any data received in the process of measuring these vitals (e.g. photos and videos) will not be saved or sent anywhere, with only the final result landing in your Google Fit app.

Currently, we're only aware of the feature arriving on Pixel devices, however, Google has said there are plans to roll it out to more Android devices in the future.

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Georgia Dixon
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Georgia Dixon
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