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Gomo Mobile Australia review

Choice is overrated. Check out Gomo Australia: the telco that simplifies things with a solid single-plan offering.

4 out of 5 stars
  • pro
    Great first-year pricing
  • pro
    Fast, friendly support
  • con
    Light on features
Nathan Lawrence
Dec 22, 2020
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Our verdict

Get in early, and Optus-launched Gomo Australia offers fantastic first-year value amid a price point that’s otherwise dominated by Telstra MVNOs. It’s a neat touch that international calls are included, but odd that there’s no international texts or roaming (even as a bolt-on). When 5G is added in the coming months, this will make Gomo Australia’s single subscription-based plan more enticing.

Good stuff
pro Great first-year pricing
pro Fast, friendly support
Bad stuff
con Light on features
con No international texts or roaming

Gomo Australia value for money

Get in quick for great fist-year value.

Following hot on the heels of the trend set by Felix Mobile, Gomo Australia is the latest MVNO to offer a single plan to help remove the burden of choice. Gomo is a digital-only brand owned by Optus and, like Felix, once you download the app to set everything up, you also manage everything via that same app.

Being owned by Optus, Gomo uses the Optus 3G and 4G network for mobile connectivity which, yes, means no 5G at this stage. In saying that, the Gomo website FAQ says that the telco is working on bringing the Optus 5G mobile network to customers “over the coming months”.

That single plan is called the $25 Gomo Subscription, which comes with 18GB of data. While it’s technically a Prepaid plan, the subscription requirement means you’ll be establishing automatic recharge for every 30 days.

At the time of writing, Gomo was offering $10 pricing on the first payment for new customers (until 10 January 2021) on top of the option to buy three months and get three months free. This means you pay for the first three subscriptions, then the next three are free, effectively leading to a tidy first-year cost of $210.

Stacked next to its $25-per-month competitor across Prepaid and SIM Only offerings, Gomo is a popular pick (as you can see below) but it also has some tight competition. Woolworths Mobile’s $25 SIM Only offers more perks and uses the farther-reaching Telstra mobile network connectivity with the same 18GB of data. Aldi Mobile’s $25 Mobile Plan is likewise a 30-day Prepaid offering that operates on the Telstra mobile network and comes with 20GB of data. Mate’s better mates plan is also competing at the same pricepoint with the same data (and Telstra connectivity).

Gomo Australia features and perks

International calls but not a whole lot else.

The main feature of the single Gomo Australia plan is it’s all activated and managed via the app, and you can also use the app to monitor your usage. If you burn through that 18GB of data, Gomo lets you swap $5 for 5GB at any time, too, which is a reasonable price for additional data, though you’re better off opting for a bigger-data Prepaid plan if you use that frequently or multiple times per month.

Unlimited international calls to 15 countries are included, but text to these (or other) international locales isn’t included. Premium, special, satellite, overseas toll-free numbers and video calls also aren’t included. Here are the 15 countries you can call with Gomo:

  • Canada
  • China (mainland)
  • France
  • Hong Kong
  • India
  • Indonesia
  • Ireland
  • Japan
  • Malaysia
  • New Zealand
  • Singapore
  • South Korea
  • Thailand
  • United Kingdom
  • United States

Outside of this, there really aren’t any other perks. Gomo is clearly intended as a lean and focused single-plan offering, which has an emphasis on overall value and basic inclusions. Woolworths Mobile and Vodafone are two of the big names when it comes to consistent monthly perks, so here’s how their popular plans stack up next to Gomo’s offering.

Gomo Australia customer support and satisfaction

Great for online help but less so for those who prefer to talk.

Like everything with Gomo, customer support is primarily handled via the app. Still, you can also find self-guided support on the Gomo website, and there’s a ‘Need help?’ live chat – with fast and friendly advice based on our tests – that starts out with automated help but can connect you with a human expert if required.

In terms of social media, Gomo has responsive representatives on both Twitter and Facebook, but if you’d prefer to talk to them directly, there doesn’t appear to be an external number or even an internal dialling option inside the app.

How to sign up for Gomo Australia

First, you need a SIM card, which currently costs $10 but is normally priced at $25. That SIM cost effectively starts your subscription, so there aren’t any other additional costs involved. You can nab one of these directly from the Gomo website or grab one from participating retailers, including Woolworths, Target, Kmart, Big W, Officeworks, and others.

Activate your Gomo SIM the longer way by searching for ‘Gomo Australia’ on the iOS App Store or Google Play Store, but you can just head directly to Gomo’s website, scan the QR code, download the corresponding app, and follow the steps. Either get a new number or follow the steps to port your current mobile number.

Gomo Australia plans

Here’s another easy look at Gomo’s only plan.

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