Circles.Life clicks into Click Frenzy gear early with 100GB for $28

Data lovers should jump on this limited-time Circles.Life Click Frenzy promo with a 12-month shelf life.

Nathan Lawrence
May 19, 2020
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Circles.Life is doing it again, bundling stacks of data with a very reasonable monthly fee as part of this month's Click Frenzy sales. The Singapore-based SIM Only-offering telco caused ripples in Australia late last year when it hit our shores, combining competitive pricing with a generous smattering of monthly data.

And from now until 11.59pm AEST on 22 May (Friday night), you can pick up 100GB of monthly data at a steal for $28 a month. This low-monthly-price-plus-data-combo is also valid for the first 12 months, but $336 for a year of 100GB per month is very attractively priced. Just remember to use the ‘DATAFRENZY’ promo code during sign up. The only other catch is you have to activate your SIM card within the first 30 days to take advantage of this deal.

Outside of that, you can bail early because Circles.Life doesn’t have contracts on its SIM-Only plans.

Since November 2019, Circles.Life has enjoyed uninterrupted dominance as the best SIM-Only winner of the high-usage category. The telco’s 100GB plan is our current reigning victor for this category in May, even when it’s at its normal price of $38 a month.

If 100GB of data isn’t quite enough for you, the Optus mobile network MVNO also offers 3GB of bonus “bill shock protection”, which means you should really treat this plan as 103GB rather than 100GB.

This particular news alert hit our inbox in the context of being great for games, but considering our estimations peg 40GB as plenty of data for monthly use, it’s safe to say that 103GB of data isn’t just great for gamers, it’s also a lot of data for video streamers to chew through, too: including those looking to binge the best Netflix TV shows or watch the best Netflix movies.

While Click Frenzy doesn’t officially start until later this week, Circles.Life has jumped in early with another short-lived special which, for those who miss out on it this time, will likely circle around in another form in the not-so-distant future.

Nathan Lawrence
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Nathan Lawrence
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