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Published on June 10, 2021
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Ever since it entered the Aussie smartphone market back in 2014, OPPO has been making some serious waves with their feature-packed, budget-friendly devices. Fast forward to today, and they’ve carved out a loyal following both here and abroad. But with so many to choose from, which is right for you? Well, never fear, because we’re breaking down the best OPPO phones for every budget and every user.

Best OPPO phone overall

OPPO Find X3 Pro

OPPO Find X3
4.5 out of 5 stars

From its flawless display and space-age design to its snappy performance and the most exciting camera lens we’ve seen in a long time, the Find X3 Pro is one of 2021's best smartphones.

Surprise, surprise, the best OPPO phone also happens to be their new premium flagship, the OPPO Find X3 Pro. At an RRP of $1,699, it’s by no means cheap, but it’s on par with the top-of-the-range devices from the likes of Apple and Samsung, and it certainly works hard to give you your money’s worth.

The Find X3 Pro is not only OPPO’s best phone, but one of the best phones currently on the market. It’s the first Android phone capable of capturing, processing and displaying 1 billion colours, which is to say the display is drop dead gorgeous. It’s also home to one of the most amazing smartphone camera innovations we’ve seen - a 3MP telescope lens. Head over to our full OPPO Find X3 Pro review to see some of the out-of-this-world snaps we managed to take.

Best OPPO phone under $1,000

OPPO Find X2 Pro

4.5 out of 5 stars
A fantastic camera is highlight in this excellent smartphone.

It’s just been superseded by the X3 Pro, but in our opinion, the OPPO Find X2 Pro still gives the big guns a run for their money. At launch in May 2020, it retailed for a whopping $1,599, but nowadays you can find it for less than a grand, which is seriously good value.

The Find X2 Pro blew us away with its incredible camera (and especially impressive zoom), big, beautiful 120Hz display, stellar performance, and stylish design with a unique vegan leather backing. There’s not much we didn’t like about it, other than its lack of wireless charging support, which is somewhat acceptable at its current price, but not so much at $1,500+.

Best OPPO phone under $800

OPPO Reno4 5G

OPPO Reno 4
4 out of 5 stars
The OPPO Reno4 5G is a brilliant mid-range device for those looking for 5G connectivity without forking out over a grand.

There’s quite a large gap in pricing between OPPO’s flagship devices and their more affordable mid-rangers, but outside of the Find X3 Pro and Find X3 Neo, we reckon the Reno4 5G is the best OPPO phone under $800, and if you can scout a good deal, you might get it for even less than $600, which is fantastic considering its $799 RRP.

The OPPO Reno4 5G was the manufacturer’s first crack at a mid-range 5G smartphone, and at launch back in October 2020, it was one of the cheapest 5G phones available in Australia. It’s since been eclipsed by the cheaper A54 5G (more on that one a bit later), but it’s still a good value device that delivers long battery life, beautiful photos, ultra-fast charging and a neat design.

Best OPPO phone under $600

OPPO Find X3 Lite

OPPO Find X3
3.8 out of 5 stars
While there’s no real standout features on the OPPO Find X3 Lite, it’s a highly capable phone that runs like a dream, for days at a time, and looks damn good doing it.

Okay, we are technically cheating with this one, since the RRP is actually $749. That said, it’s currently available for just $599, which is a total steal.

Though we don’t really think the OPPO Find X3 Lite belongs in the Find X3 lineup, it doesn’t make it any less attractive. The display is just as stunning as we’ve come to expect from OPPO, and while the macro lens is a bit of a letdown, the rest of the camera setup is very capable. It also sports impressive battery life with fast charging and a snappy processor, making it a solid all-rounder.

Best OPPO phone under $500


4.5 out of 5 stars
If you can swing the extra $50, the OPPO A74 5G is well worth it, making up for all the A54’s shortfalls.

One of the newest members of the OPPO family, the OPPO A74 5G punches well above its $449 price tag. Launching in April this year, the A74 5G and its cheaper sibling, the A54 5G (below), overtook the title of the cheapest 5G phones in Australia. But there’s more to the A74 5G than just connectivity.

Considering its low cost, the A74 5G truly blew us away during our testing period, packing impressive specs like a 6.5-inch FHD+ 90Hz display, 48MP quad-lens camera, 5,000mAh battery, 6GB RAM, NFC and more into a neat and tidy little package. We’d go so far as to say it’s the best phone under $500 from any brand, hands down.

Best OPPO phone under $400


3.8 out of 5 stars
As the cheapest 5G phone currently available in Australia, the OPPO A54 5G does have to cut a few corners to earn the title.

There’s not much separating the OPPO A54 5G and the A74 5G, but there are a few key points to consider. The A54 5G is $50 cheaper at just $349, but you do miss out on a couple of minor features.

The OPPO A54 5G has the same 6.5-inch FHD+ 90Hz display, 48MP quad-lens camera, 5,000mAh battery, NFC capability and even the same looks as the A74 5G. However, you’ll get half the internal storage (64GB vs the A74’s 128GB) and less RAM (4GB vs 6GB), which does affect performance slightly. Still, there’s no arguing with that price.

Best OPPO phone under $300


4 out of 5 stars

It's one of OPPO's cheapest phones, but the A53s punches well above its weight.

OPPO is pretty damn good at making their low-end smartphones perform above and beyond expectations, and the OPPO A53s is no exception. It’ll set you back just $279 (at most - it can be found even cheaper) but comes with plenty of features you might be surprised to find in a budget phone.

First up, it’s got NFC, which can be a rare find at this price point. Additionally, you get 128GB of internal storage, 4GB of RAM, a 13MP/2MP/2MP tri-lens camera array and 8MP selfie camera, and a 6.5-inch display with a 90Hz refresh rate - something unheard of in a phone under $300.

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