Process this: The best food processors available in Australia

What you need to make the most out of kitchen prep.

Cuisinart 8-cup
Cuisinart 46826 1.8L FP-8A 8 Cup Food Processor
  • pro
    Easy to use
  • pro
    Great value
Sunbeam Multi-Chopper
  • pro
    A cinch to clean
  • pro
    500ml bowl
Baby Cook Solo
Baby Cook Solo
  • pro
    One-handed operation
  • pro
    Perfect for Baby Food
Georgia Tan
Mar 03, 2020
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We've been mixing things up in the kitchen this year. Here are our top picks for the best food processors available.

Are you over slicing, dicing or shredding by hand? After the smoothest nut butter or the finest almond meal? There’s a food processor that caters to every function imaginable, and this might make choosing the right product harder for you. We’ve researched and assessed the very best solutions no matter your necessity. Let’s get whizzing.

Here’s some food for thought….

A good food processor is an invaluable addition to any kitchen, because they are capable of a crazy amount of food prep multi-tasking. Whether you’re processing huge amounts of food, mastering complicated meals, creating the perfect sauce or just need something to take the crying out of onion chopping, it’s a must-have appliance.

Pizza is a delicious case in point. If you love the taste and texture of homemade pizza bases but dread the endless kneading, a food processor can mix up the perfect dough in no time at all. While your dough is resting, grate a (much more cost effective) cheese block to top your pizza base, and then slice and dice some cabanossi, capsicum and even mushrooms with the relevant attachment. Homemade pizza in a jiffy! The higher the wattage, the easier it will be.

You can also puree baby food to the perfect consistency, en masse, so that when you’re sleep-deprived you’ll have countless cubes of frozen homemade food on hand for a hungry bub.

I particularly love using my food processor for making soups and sauces, because not only does it process the ingredients to my preferred texture, it also blends them for more flavour.

If you’re not sure which food processor will suit you, read on for info on the best wattage for your needs, the best size depending on your family and the most effective for your purpose.

Cuisinart 8 Cup Food Processor

Best value for money

This model from Cuisinart is great if you’re the kind of home cook who doesn’t need all the additional features some larger food processors offer. It’s simple and very handy if you only pull it out from the cupboard every now and then, but still expect it to get small and large jobs done. Although it’s lower in wattage at 350 watts than some other makes, it’s still mighty when it comes to slicing, shredding, chopping and pureeing, and does so rather quietly.

Another positive is that it’s relatively simple to use unlike some of the models with every bell and whistle included.

It has washable pieces that go into the top of your dishwasher, taking the headache out of often painful food processor cleaning.

Best Value for Money
pro Easy to use
pro Great value

Sunbeam Multi-Chopper Food Chopper FC7500

Best mini food processor

If you wince at food processors that sprawl all over your precious counter space, this teeny, efficient tool could be just what you’re after.

It comes with 2 speeds and a 450W motor. It’s super easy to use as it only has one large button capable of two speeds. It’s only a matter of pressing it gently for speed 1 or pressing a bit firmer to process on speed 2.

Its 500ml capacity bowl will still allow you to chop a large range of ingredients for a household of 1-4 people. It might not be as powerful as some of the bigger competitors, but it gets the job done quickly with minimum fuss. It’s a cinch to clean too as it’s only got one main compartment.

Best Mini
pro A cinch to clean
con 500ml bowl


Best for baby food

When your baby starts grabbing at your food and smacking their lips in anticipation, you know it’s time to start expanding their horizons beyond milk or formula. It’s quite satisfying whipping up fresh, healthy, cost-effective creations, but it can also be time consuming.

Getting a hand from a nifty food processor can allow you to create a countless variety of creations in no time at all. The thing with baby food is that it needs to be a certain texture; not runny so that it’s messy, or too pasty so that it’s hard to swallow. This takes fruit, veggies, meat and fish from raw to any stage baby and toddler food in under 15 minutes. Created with parents in mind, it can be operated with a unique one-handed operation, and its ability to steam cook, blend, reheat or defrost all in one is a tired parent’s lifesaver!

Best for Baby Food
pro One-handed operation
pro Perfect for baby food

MAGIMIX Cuisine Systeme 5200XL Food Processor

Best for versatility

If cooking is your passion and the price tag doesn’t phase you, you can’t go past France’s Magimix. Masterchefs adore its seemingly endless ability to process all kinds of foods consistently and quickly.

Great for batch baking and entertaining, it comes with a unique 3 bowls in one setup allowing you to carry out several tasks in quick succession.

It makes light work of the usual grating and slicing tasks, but it’s also great for emulsifying sauces, kneading pastry and breads, and whipping eggs and cream to perfection. It’s also my top choice when it comes to creating the creamiest nut butters and smoothie bowls. An accessory box is included for compact storage of its many accessories and its powerful induction motor comes with a 30-year guarantee.

Best Versatility
pro Great for batch baking
con A little pricey

KitchenAid Food Processor 7-Cup

Best for quality and style

This uber popular food processor had to be included and not just for its pretty looks. It comes in a range of peppy colours that can be matched with the ever-coveted KitchenAid Mixer, toaster and kettle.

Glam design aside, the ExactSlice system has enhanced speeds to give you the exact result you want each time you use it. The perennially high-quality KitchenAid 7-cup offers options for low, high and pulse modes enabling you to cut and slice hard and soft foods quickly and easily. I love that it tackles one of my pet peeves – drips and spills.

Its UltraTight Seal locks tightly to the work bowl, allowing you to fill it to the brim and get on with the job without any dreaded leaky mess.

Best for Quality and Style
pro UltraTight seal works well
pro Great range of colours

Kenwood Multipro Classic Food Processor FDM785BA

The hardworking classic

They don’t get stronger or sturdier than this all-metal food processor from Kenwood. Its whopping 1000w motor and eight-speed food processor will have you whipping up family meals with ease. Size is not an issue with the very accommodating 3 litre bowl and the wide range of attachments.

I’ve heard many people complain about their food processors cracking, but this model comes with a solid 1.5 litre thermo-resistant blender that will stay intact whether you’re blending ice-cold granitas or hot soups.

This hard-working processor gets another big tick because it won’t take up lots of room on your bench top thanks to its clever design. The bowl, blender and even the juice press can all be run from a single drive and its dedicated storage box for storing all your attachments is a great space-saver.

The Hardworking Classic
pro Huge 1000w motor
pro Heavy duty all-metal build

The Breville Kitchen Wizz Peel & Dice

Best for large groups

If you’re after a powerful machine that will create enough food for larger groups, this midpoint priced processor is for you. The 1000-watt capability makes easy work of harder vegetables, larger cuts of meat or stubborn cheese blocks. It offers a whopping 24 thickness setting options, so you have absolute texture control, and an extra wide chute to accommodate a plethora of large slicing choices. My favourite? The peeling and 12mm dicing attachment, which takes the stress out of preparing trays full of roast potatoes or cheese cubes when you’re throwing a large dinner party.

Aside from its good functions, I also rate it highly for its upright design, as it doesn’t expand sideways taking up loads of kitchen counter space. Admittedly it is rather large to store if you’re space poor, but you have to weigh up if all the extra blades and features make it worthwhile for your needs.

It comes with a five-year induction motor warranty.

Best for Large Groups
pro 24 thickness options
pro Five-year induction motor warranty


Cult must-have

First up, is it or isn’t it a food processor? The short answer is yes it is, and then some. If you love to cook, adopt the latest kitchen appliances and money is no object, the Thermomix could be a welcome addition to your home. Devotees swear the price tag is worth it as it’s an all-in-one device that can efficiently prep all kinds of food.

A Thermomix is a popular food processor marketed as a complete kitchen in a single appliance. It does live up to this reputation and is a high-performing, heavy-duty appliance that allows you to quickly and efficiently prepare any kind of food or meal in one machine. It’s fabulous if you like to mill your own wholegrains into flour or grind up fresh spices or raw sugar super finely. Its popularity even means you can join the cool group in Thermomix forums and on Facebook for an endless array of recipes and ideas.

Cult must-have
pro All-in-one device
con Staggering price
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