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Cloud Nine Original Iron review: Goldilocks

Not too hot, not too cold, just right.

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Cloud Nine Original Iron
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Anula Wiwatowska
Jul 02, 2024
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Quick verdict: Cloud Nine Original Iron

A thoughtful but simple device, the Cloud Nine Original Iron ticks all the boxes for more hair types.

pro 100°C temperature range
pro 30 minute auto-hibernation
pro Light weight and easy to manoeuvre
con Can get very hot at the very tip
con Snags occassionally
Cloud Nine Original iron

Goldilocks might be a tale about breaking and entering, but it is also a story about finding what is right for you. She didn’t want the hot porridge, or the cold one, or the hard bed, nor the soft, she wanted that perfect balance.

Finding a hair straightener can feel like a similar juggling act. Some start far too hot, or have uneven heat distribution, risking hair damage. Others might be cooler but can’t get a style to hold, or stutter through your hair rather than glide. Fitted out with a range of smart hair protection features, and a wide temperature range to suit multiple hair types, the Cloud Nine Original Iron is that warm bowl of porridge. Never too hot, never too cold, but just right.

Cloud Nine Original Iron: Performance

With split dyed hair, I am in a unique position to test hair straighteners. One side of my head has lucious auburn locks which have never been healthier or thicker than they are right now, and the other side is bleached blonde and needs some TLC.

Each side of my head has different requirements that align with my hair goals, so having the option to switch up the temperature is great. Some hair straightener brands such as GHD pick one temperature, or have a limited range, generally in the higher digits. For people with thinner, or bleach treated hair this can be detrimental over prolonged use. Cloud Nine’s Original Iron has a generous 100°C range which makes it suitable for more kinds of hair, without putting others at risk.

According to the Cloud Nine temperature calculator I should be using 150°C on the red 2A hair type side, and 130°C on the blonde 2B hair type  side. This is much lower than I expected, and also much lower than some other hair straighteners even go. It is great to have the guidance and the option to use such comparatively low temperatures, but I don’t love that you need to hand over your email address in order to get the recommendation.  I’m yet to actually receive any extra emails from Cloud Nine since doing the quiz though, so maybe it’s fine.

Using these recommended temperatures it is hard to fault the Original Iron. I was able to straighten the red side in two passes, and the blonde side in a single swipe. Curling was just as effective, although I wasn’t able to pull the device through my hair entirely smoothly with either styling technique. Despite the floating plates there were small jitters every now and again, not enough to leave noticeable kinks in my hair, but noticeable enough to snag a few hairs here and there.

I found styling a faux-blowout with flicky ends the smoothest of all. The iron is light, and thin enough to get the desired effect without any crimping, plus the 360 cord swivel makes for a tangle-free wrist motion. Each style held well and gave my hair a bit of extra shine compared to when it is unstyled, or when I tested the Dyson Supersonic Nural hair dryer.

Cloud Nine Hair styling results
Cloud Nine Original Iron curl results

It also heats up quickly, holding true to the 20 second claim for my chosen temperatures. It takes a touch longer when it comes to higher heat, but extrapolated out it shouldn’t take more than 45 seconds to hit that 200°C mark. The device also comes equipped with auto hibernation, which switches the straightener off after 30 minutes. In our testing this clicked off just a few minutes north of the half hour point, so if you’re always worried that you left your straightener on this should help with that anxiety.

Cloud Nine Original Iron: Heating Tech

One of the flagship features across Cloud Nine’s range is its heating technology. Across its site you’ll find plenty of references to predictive heat technology which ensures even heat distribution. When we review any product that has heat claims, whether it be a fan heater, or a hair dryer, we like to see if those match up with reality.

In our testing we found that each iron hit just around the set temperature, with about a 10°C margin. When the iron was set to 150°C, the middle of each side varied from 138°C - 152°C, while on 200°C these variations sat between 182°C and 197°C. It isn’t exact, but it is well within an acceptable margin of error when you factor in all the testing parameters.

Across the irons there was some temperature disparity however, with significantly more heat emanating from the top of the iron. Across the middle and the bottom there was little discrepancy, but that topmost point was up to 20°C warmer in some cases. Most of your hair flows through the middle of the iron, so the heat distribution should primarily be fine, but be careful of your fingers at the top of the clamps.

How much does the Cloud Nine Original Iron cost in Australia?

Normally retailing for $349, it isn't uncommon to be able to grab the Original Iron at a discount. At the time of writing Cloud Nine has this device at a $60 discount, with a free gift.

Sales like this happen frequently from Cloud Nine and other retailers, so keep your eyes peeled.

Cloud Nine
Adore Beauty

Is the Cloud Nine Original Iron any good?

For my hair type the Original Iron works perfectly, and I’m confident that the varying temperatures allow for most other people to have the same experience, and that is important. A one-size fits all approach just isn’t it when it comes to hair styling, it would be like assuming everyone should have the same colour foundation, or use an Android phone. It doesn’t make any sense.

People, and hair vary, and so should the functionality of hair care products to help more people find the device that fits them perfectly. Cloud Nine’s Original Iron fits directly in this gap, while offering extras like auto-hibernation at the same time. Rather than assuming that everyone prefers their porridge hot, this device ensures that more people will be able to style their hair just right.

Anula Wiwatowska
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Anula is the Content and Social Media Editor within the extended universe. Working in the tech space since 2020, she covers phone and internet plans, gadgets, smart devices, and the intersection of technology and culture. Anula was a finalist for Best Feature Writer at the 2022 Consensus Awards, and an eight time finalist across categories at the IT Journalism Awards. Her work contributed to WhistleOut's Best Consumer Coverage win in 2023.

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