Xbox Series X 2020 preorders are still available through Telstra

Wave two Series X pre-orders for 9 December, and wave one Series S pre-orders for launch.
Xbox Series X and S side by side

Missed out on the first wave of Xbox Series X pre-orders? You’re not alone. Whether you’re after Microsoft’s tower of power, or Sony’s butt-ugly PlayStation 5, it’s slim pickings on next-gen pre-orders. Even the disc-less PlayStation 5 Digital Edition has sold out in Australia. In fact, the only next-gen console still available through traditional retailers at launch is the Xbox Series S. But there is one way you can secure a Xbox Series X (read our review here) for the 2020December 9th shipment, and that’s through Telstra’s Xbox All Access program.

What is Telstra Xbox All Access?

Telstra Xbox All Access is a partnership between Australia’s biggest telco and Microsoft. It lets you bundle an Xbox Series X and Series S with your phone or internet plan at an additional $46 per month for the Series X, or an additional $33 per month for the Series S. That monthly cost also covers your Game Pass Ultimate membership, a Netflix-like subscription service for video games.

It’s actually a decent deal that gets you $1,131.20 worth of Xbox goods and services for $1,104 (in the case of the Series X).

EB Games aside, Telstra’s Xbox All Access is also one of the few ways you can lock down an Xbox Series S at launch.

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Xbox One X

Xbox Series X pre-order availability in Australia

As mentioned above, most retailers aren’t accepting Xbox Series X pre-orders at the time of writing but they do have details on when you can expect their next shipment. Here’s the current state of Xbox Series X pre-orders in Australia.

Where to preorder Xbox Series X and Series S in Australia
RetailerXbox Series XNext shipmentXbox Series SNext shipment
TelstraPre-orders available 9/12/2020Pre-orders available10/11/2020
EB GamesOut of stockPost-launch 2020Pre-orders availablePost-launch 2020
AmazonOut of stockTBAOut of stockTBA
Big WOut of stockTBAOut of stockTBA
Harvey NormanOut of stockTBAOut of stockTBA
JB HI-FIOut of stockTBAOut of stockTBA

Is Telstra Xbox All Access worth it?

If you’re already a Telstra customer and you’re looking to preorder the new console, then absolutely. It might actually be the best deal on Xbox Series X in Australia, considering the overall saving. But if you’re not a Telstra customer, switching providers just to lock down the new console may be a little excessive. You’ve also got to consider how much more you’ll pay with Telstra to get the same kind of usage you have with your current non-Telstra provider. But again, Telstra charges a premium because it has the largest mobile network in Australia, which is also a tick in the pros column.

Any Telstra number will give you the option for Xbox All Access, so you don’t need to sign up to anything too pricey if you don’t need the extra data. Here’s a short selection of cheaper Telstra mobile SIM plans.