How and when to watch the PS5 live stream in Australia

An hour-long deep dive into next-gen gaming is just around the corner.

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Nathan Lawrence
Jun 11, 2020
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After initially being slated for last week, The Future of Gaming live stream is locked in for later this week to offer a deeper dive into the PlayStation 5. Given it’s an international online event, you’re going to have to be an early riser in Australia if you want to watch it live: it kicks off at 6.00am AEST on Friday (12 June).

Head over to your choice of PlayStation Twitch or PlayStation YouTube channels to watch the event then, or you can visit those same links for on-demand replays of the planned PS5 reveal that’s set to run for “over an hour”, according to the press release.

Whether you’re watching live or later, crank the resolution up as high as your bandwidth will allow because the pledge is, unlike previous streams, this one is focused on the games rather than the hardware. That said, most internet connections should be okay with the pre-recorded 1080p stream, which is good news for those with slower speeds, but it is strange that there’s not a 4K stream.

What to expect

According to an updated blog post from Senior Director of SIE Content Communications Sid Shuman, this lower-than-expected-resolution decision for the pre-recorded stream was made to simplify the production process while those involved are working from home. Shuman adds the disclaimer that you should expect the showcased PS5 games to look better on a 4K TV.

Interestingly, Shuman adds that the stream is best experienced with headphones because of “cool audio work in the show”, which is likely reflective of the dedicated audio hardware inside the PS5. The dedicated hardware audio is one of the advantages that Sony is poised to have over Microsoft in the PlayStation 5 vs Xbox Series X showdown.

The other main advantage for the PS5 is a custom solid-state drive that promises to have incredibly speedy loading times. Using Marvel’s Spider-Man as an example, 15 second load times on a PS4 are slashed to just 0.8 seconds on a PS5. These speedy load times may not be part of the live stream on Friday, but you should safely expect a whole lot of stunning gameplay.

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