PS Plus March 2021: Final Fantasy VII, Maquette and more

The hits keep coming with PlayStation Plus with last-gen blockbusters and shiny new indies for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5.

Brodie Fogg
Mar 03, 2021
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February's line-up of PlayStation Plus games (Control: Ultimate Edition, Destruction: AllStars and Concrete Genie) was a hard act to follow but in March, Sony is delivering again with PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation VR all accounted for.

All four PS Plus games will be available for download from today (Tuesday, the 2nd of March 2021) to Tuesday, the 5th of April 2021.

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1. Maquette

Playstation 5

Maquette is the debut game from indie studio Graceful Decay (published under Annapurna Interactive).  It's a first-person adventure where the player must solve puzzles designed around an "Escher-esque recursive simulation" where finding a solution requires a shift in perspective. It looks like it could be a first-person answer for anyone hoping to get a new Echocrome (PS Vita).

Graceful Decay has locked down some big Hollywood names to voice the game's two leads, with Bryce Dallas Howard (Jurassic World) and Seth Gabel (Salem) lending their talents to the intriguing indie puzzler.

Maquette is available on PS4 too, but it's only the PS5 version that's available for PS Plus members.

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2. Final Fantasy VII Remake

PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5

While we're looking forward to Maquette, the headline game this month is Final Fantasy VII Remake. Last year's behemoth action RPG was just the first episode for the storied remake of one history's most beloved video games and already stands at over 35 hours long. Basically, you're getting a whole lot of game for nix this month.

It should be noted that, while Final Fantasy VII Remake is playable on PS5 via backwards compatibility, this is not the upgraded PS5 version announced at last week's State of Play.

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3. Remnant: From the Ashes

PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5

One of the most popular games on Xbox Game PassRemnant: From the Ashes is also heading to PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 via backwards compatibility.

This 2019 third-person shooter borrows mechanics from the Souls series. Think Demon's Souls with dual-wielded guns. The key difference is that the entirety of the Remnant: From the Ashes campaign can be played in co-op, whereas the Souls series only offer limited multiplayer features.

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4. Farpoint

PlayStation VR

The PSVR-exclusive first-person shooter Farpoint is also heading to PS Plus in March. Farpoint offers a straightforward single-player sci-fi campaign where the player finds themselves stranded on an alien planet. Players fight wave after wave of insectoid aliens (and waves of motion sickness), ideally with the PSVR Aim controller (which you might struggle to find if you don't own one already).

It's a timely drop with Sony announcing the next-gen PSVR for PS5 last week.

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