PS Plus April 2021 free games announced

The PS Plus April 2021 lineup of free PS5 and PS4 games includes Oddworld: Soulstorm and Days Gone.

Georgia Dixon
Apr 02, 2021
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March's line-up of PlayStation Plus games (Final Fantasy VII, Farpoint, Maquette and Remnant: From the Ashes) was a seriously stellar one, with four titles covering PS4, PS5 and PSVR. This month, we've got one less game, but the three we do have are pretty damn good

All three PS Plus April games (free to subscribers) will be available for download from Tuesday, April 6 through to Monday, May 3. Meanwhile, you can still grab March's free games until Monday, April 5.

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1. Oddworld: Soulstorm

PlayStation 5

Abe is back in Oddworld: Soulstorm, set directly after the events of 2014's Oddworld: New 'N' Tasty. Freed from being a cog in a soulless corporate machine, our unlikely hero sets out to liberate his fellow Mudokons - and he'll stop at nothing to do so. You won't be alone on your journey - each comrade recruited will join you as you use stealth and puzzle-solving skills to survive, scavenge for supplies and craft weapons.

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2. Days Gone

PlayStation 4

Set in a starkly beautiful open world, you'll play as vagabond bounty hunter Deacon St. John as he embarks on a quest to find his injured wife. Armed with your trusty motorbike and whatever weapons you can find and craft, you'll battle your way through the post-apocalyptic Pacific Northwest. You'll encounter unpredictable weather, mindless feral Freakers and equally dangerous humans as you desperately try to survive.

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3. Zombie Army 4: Dear War

PlayStation 4

From the makers of Sniper Elite 4Zombie Army 4: Dead War once again pits us against hordes of zombies created by Hitler during an alternate-reality WWII. Continuing the story from Zombie Army Trilogy, you'll be thrown into 1940s Europe as you fight to save the world from an impending zombie apocalypse. Playing solo or with up to three mates, you'll work to uncover a sinister plot that'll take you to Italy and beyond.

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