New Nintendo Switch OLED releases this October at $539.95 (Updated)

It’s no Nintendo Switch Pro but it’s something.
Brodie Fogg
Jul 08, 2021
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Nintendo has put months and months of rumours, reports and speculation to bed with the reveal of the Nintendo Switch OLED model; an upgraded Nintendo Switch with a 7-inch OLED display, enhanced audio, a wide adjustable kickstand, 64GB of internal storage and a redesigned dock with a wired LAN port.

It’s only a fraction of what the Nintendo Switch Pro rumours suggested but it’s a welcome upgrade to the original 2017 Nintendo Switch.

Here’s everything we know about the new 2021 Nintendo Switch OLED upgrade.

When does the new Nintendo Switch OLED release in Australia?

The new Nintendo Switch OLED releases in Australia on Friday the 8th of October 2021. Pre-orders are available now through Amazon, EB Games, JB HI-FI, and the Gamesmen. That’s the same day the new Metroid Dread releases so you’ll have something new to play on day one.

It’s available in two colour variations, a traditional black dock with red and blue Joy-Cons and a new white model with white Joy-Cons and a white dock (the console itself is still black).

How much does the new Nintendo Switch OLED cost in Australia?

The Nintendo Switch OLED costs $539.95 RRP in Australia. Amazon, EB Games and JB HI-FI are selling it for a flat $539.

EB Games is also offering a trade-in deal that gets you the new Switch OLED for $299 if you trade in your old Nintendo Switch, saving yourself $240.95.

What’s new in the Nintendo Switch OLED?

All in all, the Nintendo Switch OLED amounts to a much smaller upgrade than the rumours and reports for the Nintendo Switch Pro suggested. That’s not to say the Nintendo Switch Pro doesn’t exist but the Switch OLED reveal certainly suggests a more significant upgrade is a long way off. Enough of what it’s not, let’s talk about what it is.

The Nintendo Switch OLED features an upgraded 7-inch 720p OLED display (compared to the standard model’s 6.2-inch LED display). The Switch OLED also fixes a long-standing bugbear for Switch owners by improving the flimsy kickstand of the original model. The kickstand now runs the length of the console and can be adjusted for different viewing/playing angles.

Nintendo also claims the console itself has “enhanced audio” but has so far avoided detailing the specifics of that upgrade. Unfortunately, we do know that "enhanced audio" does not include support for Bluetooth headphones.

The Nintendo Switch dock also got a small upgrade (emphasis on small). The new dock (which is available in white) has slightly rounded edges and features a LAN port for a more reliable wired internet connection. Again, not a huge upgrade but a welcome one for sure.

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