How much Netflix costs in Australia

Netflix and bill.

It was one of the first international streaming services to launch in Australia, and since 2015, more than 12.2 million of us have binged the likes of Stranger ThingsThe WitcherBridgerton and The Queen’s Gambit. So, if you’re one of the few who haven’t signed up (or have let your membership lapse for a couple of years), you may not know exactly how much a Netflix subscription will set you back.

Here’s a full breakdown of the damage.

Netflix prices in Australia

There are a few different Netflix plans available, ranging from $10.99 per month for the bare-bones service to $19.99 per month for the whole shebang.

You might expect that paying less will give you access to less content, but that’s not the case. Each plan, from Basic to Premium, comes with access to Netflix’s full library of movies and TV shows. The only thing that really sets each plan apart is the stream quality (ranging from SD to 4K), the number of simultaneous streams, and the number of devices able to download content to watch offline.

ResolutionSDHDUp to 4K
No. of simultaneous streams124
No. of offline download devices124

If you haven’t been subscribed to Netflix for a few years, you’ll notice the prices have gone up slightly. If you’re looking for something a little cheaper, here’s a comparison of all the streaming services currently available in Australia and their prices.

Disney Plus vs Netflix vs Stan and more
ServiceMonthly priceMax. Video ResolutionDevicesFree trial
Disney Plus Streaming Logo$11.994K4No free trial
Binge Logo$10 – $18HD1 – 42 weeks
Prime Video Logo$6.994K330 days
Netflix Logo$10.99 – $19.994K1 – 4No free trial
Stan - Logo$10 – $174K1 – 430 days
Foxtel Now Logo$25 – $104HD210 days
Kayo - NBA playoffs review$25 – $35HD2 – 32 weeks
10 all access logo$9.99HD330 days

Which Netflix plan is right for me?

The right Netflix plan really depends on how many people on the account will be likely to be watching on different devices at the same time. It also depends on whether or not each person plans on watching content offline, and what resolution you prefer.

If you’re not keen on sharing your Netflix account with anyone else and can tolerate Standard Definition, a Basic account will do you just fine. For couples and small households, the Standard plan will put an end to fighting over how many people can watch at once, plus you’ll get that crisp HD resolution. For those with fancy TVs or a larger household, we’d definitely recommend Premium. With 4K stream quality and up to four simultaneous streams, it’ll keep everyone happy.

One thing to keep in mind is that, because Netflix plans are contract-free, you can switch tiers at any time if you find you need more (or less) simultaneous streams or simply want to watch your favourite shows in higher resolution.

Is there a Netflix free trial?

Unfortunately, no. Like many streaming services, Netflix used to offer a 30-day free trial in Australia as a way to attract new users. However, now that basically everyone in the country knows about Netflix and what movies and TV shows it has to offer, sadly for us, they no longer need to offer a free trial. The cheapest way to try Netflix is to simply sign up to the Basic plan for a month and cancel if you’re not satisfied.

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Stream for free tonight with these trials

Looking for something new to stream tonight? These services offer free trials so you won’t pay a cent unless you decide to keep subscribed once your trial’s up.

How can I watch Netflix?

As the streaming service that’s been around the longest (and has the most subscribers), it’s no surprise that Netflix is available on basically every device you can think of, or simply accessed via your chosen PC or Mac browser.

From your smartphone to your PlayStation 5, here are all the devices compatible with Netflix.

Netflix compatible devices
Smart TVsGaming consolesSet-top boxes and streaming devicesSmartphones , tablets and more
HisensePS3FetchiPhone (iOS, App Store)
LGPS4Foxtel iQ3 and iQ4iPad (iOS, App Store)
PanasonicPS5Telstra TVAndroid Smartphones (Google Play)
PhilipsXbox 360Amazon Fire TV StickAndroid Tablets (Google Play)
SamsungXbox OneGoogle ChromecastSurface Tablets (Microsoft Store)
SonyXbox Series X | SApple TVSony, Samsung and LG Blu-ray players

How much data does Netflix use?

To get the best watching experience with as little buffering as possible, you’ll need to see if your internet plan is equipped to handle Netflix’s data usage.

Here’s how much data each plan (or more specifically, each streaming resolution) will eat up, and the recommended internet speed.

Basic (SD)Standard (HD)Premium (4K)
Data usage1GB per hour, per stream3GB per hour, per stream7GB per hour, per stream
Recommended internet speed3Mbps5Mbps25Mbps

If you’re a regular Netflix user, we’d recommend going no slower than NBN Basic II speed, which clocks in at up to 25Mbps. However, unless you live alone, we’d suggest opting for an NBN Standard plan which, at speeds of up to 50Mbps, should be more than enough to give everyone in the household a smooth and snappy internet experience.

Here are the most popular NBN 50 plans today.