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Brodie Fogg
May 15, 2024
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Remember when companies used to reward you for your loyalty and long-standing patronage? Once upon a time, threatening to leave your telco, pay TV or energy provider used to mean something. Alarm bells would ring back at HQ and you would be provided with utmost care in a bid to keep you around. But as long-term contracts became a thing of the past, utility providers started to worship a new god by the name of CHURN; the philosophy being that customers come and customers go.

Foxtel used to be a company that would bend over backwards to keep you as a customer, and anecdotally it seemed that representatives at every level of the food chain had the authority to grant a year (if not years) of free or discounted Foxtel to keep the customer happy.

Those days are long gone. Streaming services like Netflix and Disney Plus would rather stop you from sharing your account than provide you with a reason to subscribe, and most telcos actually reward you for switching regularly, offering staggering discounts for new customers only. 

Foxtel may not give its customers the same loyalty discounts as it once did but it is still trying to reward long-serving subscribers in some small way.

What is Foxtel Rewards?

Foxtel Rewards (previously Foxtel First) is Foxtel’s tiered rewards program for subscribers. It’s a little like Optus Perks or Telstra Plus in that it offers a variety of benefits, discounted events and cheap movie tickets. The major difference is that Foxtel Rewards grants bigger bonuses to folks who have been Foxtel residential customers for longer, whereas the telco membership systems are available for anyone with an account.

What are the loyalty levels for Foxtel Rewards?

Here are the four Foxtel Rewards tiers and how long you need to have been a customer to reach each tier:

  1. Bronze: 0-3 years
  2. Silver: 3-8 years
  3. Gold: 8-15 years
  4. Diamond: 15+ years.
Heads Up
Be careful when cancelling

One very important thing to mention here is that you won’t keep your status if you cancel your Foxtel account and return at a later date. Foxtel Rewards tiers are only for customers who have been continuously subscribed for the entirety of each tier’s requirements. If you cancel, you’ll have to start your journey again. Pretty daunting when you consider the Gold and Diamond status take eight and 15 years to reach, respectively.

What benefits does Foxtel Rewards offer?

Image of existing Foxtel Rewards

Like most loyalty programs, the rewards at each tier are subject to change. However, at the base tier, you will be treated to a number of rewards, including but not limited to;

  • Discounted weekend HOYTS movie tickets: $12.50 movie tickets and $28 HOYTS LUX tickets (Friday to Sunday)
  • Welcome Gift: One complimentary movie rental from the Foxtel store
  • Free or discounted event tickets: A constantly changing selection of free sporting and music event tickets
  • CODE Sports deal: Three months of access to the CODE Sports streaming platform for $1 (usually $10.99/mth or $59/yr)
  • Exclusive deals: Foxtel Rewards offers ‘exclusive’ discounts through a few online retailers, like ICONIC and Readly.

Then there are the tiered rewards. These are a little more mysterious as you actually need to be a Foxtel Residential member to view the rewards. In the past, Bronze has offered exclusive access to competitions and a complimentary movie rental, while Gold members could get access to free Multiroom and a 50% discount on a Foxtel iQ box upgrade.

However, new customers already get a free Foxtel iQ box, so it's hard to say what the tiered benefits give you exactly. 

How much do Foxtel Rewards cost?

Foxtel Rewards don’t cost anything extra, per se, but you do have to be a residential Foxtel customer to access them (Foxtel Now subscribers don’t get the same benefits.) If you’re already a residential Foxtel customer, signing up for Foxtel Rewards is as easy as logging in with your account details through the Foxtel Rewards website or via the MyFoxtel app. Otherwise, you might want to consider signing up for one of Foxtel’s many packages in order to access the loyalty program. You can tailor your Foxtel package however you see fit, but here’s a sample of the company’s pre-packaged deals:

Month-to-month cost
12-month plan cost
Netflix Standard
More info
Foxtel Plus$70/mth$60/mth+$15/mth60+ channels for news, entertainment, lifestyle, documentaries, kids and more
Foxtel Movies$95/mth$69/mth+$15/mth60+ Foxtel Plus channels, 10 Movie channels, On-demand movies
Foxtel Platinum Plus$140/mth$99/mthIncluded60+ Foxtel Plus channels, 10 Movie channels, On-demand movies, 9 Sport channels, Netflix Standard included
Foxtel Sport$100/mth$69/mth+$15/mth60+ Foxtel Plus channels, 9 Sport channels
Foxtel Sport + Movies$125/mth$84/mth+$15/mth60+ Foxtel Plus channels, 10 Movie channels, On-demand movies, 9 Sport channels

How do I become a Foxtel Rewards member?

Foxtel Rewards are only available to Foxtel residential customers. So basically anyone with an iQ set-top box. If you’re a residential customer, you can sign up for Foxtel Rewards via the website or through the MyFoxtel app for iOS and Android.

Brodie Fogg
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Brodie Fogg
Brodie Fogg is the Australian editorial lead at Reviews.org. He has covered consumer tech, telecommunications, video games, streaming and entertainment for over five years at websites like WhistleOut and Finder and can be found sharing streaming recommendations at 7NEWS every month.

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