Apple TV Plus is now available on Chromecast with Google TV

Rounding out the new Chromecast’s huge selection of streaming services
Chromecast with Google TV price Australia

Last year’s Chromecast with Google TV was already the best streaming device available in Australia and now with the addition of Apple TV Plus, its comprehensive selection of streaming services is complete (at least until more launch).

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How to get Apple TV on Chromecast with Google TV

At launch, the Apple TV app might be a little tricky to find on Chromecast with Google TV. We had trouble tracking it down at first but using the remote voice commands, we were able to download the app by saying “Install Apple TV”, which redirects you the Apple TV app landing page on Google Play.

Besides the basic smartphone, tablet and computer compatibility that every streaming service launches with, Apple TV and Google Chromecast have always been your best options for streaming on television. Other devices, such as smart TVs and gaming consoles, each have a small selection of native streaming apps, but Apple and Google’s dedicated streaming devices are must-have devices if you’re looking for exhaustive app compatibility. Until today, Apple TV had one extra service, its own Apple TV Plus, but its launch on Chromecast with Google TV puts both devices on a level playing field.

That wide coverage of apps, in addition to its affordable sub $100 price tag, 4K compatibility, and user-friendly interface and remote make it the easiest streaming device to recommend. That’s especially true if you already own a Google Nest Smart Speaker, which can be used to control your television from another room.

Google’s Chromecast has always been the most versatile and flexible streaming device for anyone still rocking a TV without smart features. The pitch was always pretty straightforward; a simple HDMI device that allows you to stream just about anything from your smartphone, tablet or computer on the big screen. More importantly, it was a solution that most could afford with regular sales dropping the price as low as $19 in some cases. The 2020 Chromecast with Google TV offers all that and more for under $100, removing the need to cast completely thanks to an included remote and onboard streaming apps that could be launched straight from the device.

For an example of how its $99 price stacks up against the competition, take a look at some of the popular streaming devices below.

Streaming devices
DeviceBest priceStream qualityRemote
Chromecast with Google TV$99 at The Good Guys4KYes
Chromecast$55 at KmartHDNo
Apple TV$198 at CatchHDYes
Apple TV 4K$236 at Catch4KYes
Amazon Fire TV Stick Lite$59 at AmazonHDYes
Foxtel Now Box$59 at Kogan4KYes