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Fergus Halliday
Jul 10, 2023
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Published on July 10, 2023

Amazon is kicking off Prime Day early, with select discounts on streaming services dropping available ahead of this year's bi-annual sales extravaganza.

While it might not be as eye-catching as a sweet discount on a Samsung smartphone or the ability to bundle a grab bag of smart home gadgets together, one of the better bargains going around as part of this year's Prime Day lets you snag some solid savings on select Amazon Prime Video channels.

If you're not familiar, Channels is a sub-section of Amazon's Prime Video streaming service that lets you allow you to bundle additional content from other streaming services into your Amazon Prime Video subscription. Doing this doesn't usually save you any extra money. It's more a matter of convenience. However, that's not the case during this year's Prime Day promotion.

The biggest bargains here can be had by those eyeing off either Paramount Plus and AMC Plus. When it comes to these streaming services, those who sign up via Amazon Prime Video Channels before 12 July 2023 will score 3 months of access at half the usual price.

Instead of paying $8.99 per month, you're looking at $4.49 per month for the next quarter streaming original series like Yellowjackets, Yellowstone and Interview with the Vampire. After that point, you'll be bumped up to the usual rate. Fortunately, there's no lock-in contract associated with either service so you're entirely free to leave when the honeymoon ends or you run out of stuff to watch.

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🔥$8.99 $4.49 per month

Everything that you could possible watch on Paramount’s own streaming service is also available via the Paramount+ channel within Amazon Prime.

AMC+ streaming logo
🔥$8.99 $4.49 per month

The AMC+ channel on Amazon Prime Video Channels includes all the content you’d get from subscribing to Shudder and AcornTV, plus a bunch of additional content produced by the AMC.

On top of this headline promotion, there's also a second one running that covers a lot of the smaller or more specialised streaming add-ons available via Amazon's catalog.

Sign up for any of the following Amazon Prime Video Channels before 12 July 2023 and you'll only pay $0.99 per month for the first two months you stick with the optional add-on. The price you pay after that, and the content that signing up at all gets you will vary, but the potential savings are pretty significant all the same.

Lionsgate Plus
Lionsgate Plus logo
🔥$3.99 $0.99 per month

This Amazon Prime Video Channel bundles together everything you would otherwise be able to find on the streaming service formerly known as StarzPlay.

🔥$7.99 $0.99 per month

Like the name suggests, this Amazon Prime Video Channel includes several hundred documentary films and TV shows.

🔥$6.99 $0.99 per month

Signing up for Shudder through Amazon Prime Video Channels will get you every bit of spookiness that the horror-focused streaming service can muster.

🔥$6.99 $0.99 per month

The AcornTV Amazon Prime Video Channel adds a number of British dramas to the streaming service. Overall, you’re looking at an additional 24 movies and 74 TV shows.

MHM Channel logo
🔥$5.99 $0.99 per month

The MGM channel on Amazon Prime Video includes several hundred classic films, including Robocop, Silence of the Lambs and 21 Jump Street.

Love Nature
Love Nature channel logo
🔥$3.99 $0.99 per month

For those who aren’t sated by what the Docplay Amazon Prime Video Channel offers, this more niche entry into the list includes access to 28 more TV shows focused on the natural world.

iWonder channel logo
🔥$6.99 $0.99 per month

The catalog of documentary films and TV shows here isn’t quite as deep as that of Docplay, but those who want a little more will likely find it here with 324 movies and 42 seasons of television.

The Great Courses Signature Collection
The Great Courses Collection Channel Logo
🔥$7.99 $0.99 per month

This educational entry into the Amazon Prime Video Channel catalog bolsters the Amazon Prime Video library with a total of 308 documentary series.

OutTV channel logo
🔥$3.99 $0.99 per month

The Amazon Prime Video Channel for all things LGBTQI.  Those who subscribe to the OutTV channel score can add an extra 72 movies and 63 TV shows to the Prime Video catalog.

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