AT&T Internet Service Review

Its customer service hasn’t always been the best, but with every fiber of its being, AT&T is an old dog willing to learn new tricks.
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Its customer service hasn’t always been the best, but with every fiber of its being, AT&T is an old dog willing to learn new tricks.
Overall Rating 3 out of 5
Data Caps:
1 TB
Contract Terms:
1 yr. minimum

THE QUICK AND DIRTY: DSL, cable, and fiber-optic internet—oh my! For internet service, AT&T offers fiber internet with a download speed of up to 1000 Mbps, and DSL internet with a download speed of up to 100 Mbps, but the only way to know what’s available to you is to check. Unlimited plans for Internet 1000 and 1 TB data caps for DSL mean even large families shouldn’t have to worry about overages (careful though; those unlikely overages could cost an extra $100 a month). If you need more than internet, you can package DIRECTV or AT&T U-verse TV together and get your equipment incuded, plus you’ll save on service costs.


  • Max speeds up to 1000 Mbps
  • Killer promo pricing
  • TV bundles through DIRECTV


  • Data caps on most plans
  • Limited fiber availability

AT&T Internet prices and plans

AT&T’s pricing is usually on par with other providers, if not cheaper. But there is a big difference between AT&T’s DSL plans and fiber plans. If you can get fiber, it’s a better deal, but most people will find themselves in a DSL area.

AT&T Fiber internet plans

PlanAdvertised price*SpeedData capDetails
100 Mbps$50/mo.100 Mbps1 TBView Plan
300 Mbps$70/mo.300 Mbps1 TBView Plan
1,000 Mbps$90/mo.1,000 MbpsNoneView Plan

Data effective 8/31/18. Offers and availability vary by location and are subject to change.
*For 12 months with a 1-year agreement

For fiber internet, AT&T is on par with the competition. 1000 Mbps from AT&T costs $90 per month, whereas Verizon Fios is $79.99 per month for up to 940 Mbps, and Comcast Xfinity offers 1000 Mbps for $89.99. Plus, if you spring for AT&T’s 1,000 Mbps plan, you get unlimited data. That way, you won’t hear a little voice saying “are you sure?” whenever you go to download a new movie or piece of software.

AT&T DSL internet plans

PlanAdvertised price*Download speedDetails
Internet Basic 5$40/mo.5 MbpsView Plan
Internet 10 – 100$50/mo.10-100 MbpsView Plan

Data effective 8/31/18. Offers and availability vary by location and are subject to change.
*For 12 months with a 1-year agreement

Megaphone icon

Why are different speed tiers the same price?

AT&T speeds are now in pricing tiers. You’ll receive the best speed in the tier based upon what is available in your area (e.g. You’ll pay the same standalone pricing for 10 Mbps as you will 100 Mbps, but your speed will be based on availability per area).

If fiber isn’t available to you, AT&T’s internet plans are still decent deals, with our only hangup being data caps (we don’t like them, even if they’re big). With that in mind, chances are you can find a better deal from AT&T than their competition. However, if you’re looking for DSL, we might guide you elsewhere with our Best DSL Internet Providers piece.

If you’re set on AT&T products, you can often save big when you bundle services. AT&T offers deals for customers looking to combine any of their products, especially DIRECTV. Here’s a glimpse.

AT&T Bundles: Internet + TV + Phone

PlanAdvertised price*ChannelsMax speedPhoneDetails
DIRECTV SELECT |Internet 5 | Home phone$84.99/mo.155+5 MbpsUnlimited minutesView Plan
DIRECTV XTRA |Internet 5 |Home phone$104.99/mo.235+5 MbpsUnlimited minutesView Plan
DIRECTV ULTIMATE |Internet 5 |Home phone$109.99/mo.250+5 MbpsUnlimited minutesView Plan
DIRECTV PREMIER |Internet 100 |Home phone$179.99/mo.330+100 MbpsUnlimited minutesView Plan

Data effective 8/31/18. Offers and availability vary by location and are subject to change.
*For 12 months with a 2-yr TV and 1-yr internet agreement, paperless bill, & autopay. Price increases for months 13-24.

AT&T U-verse TV is still growing in a few areas, but AT&T pushes DIRECTV more because it’s easier to deliver nationwide. On top of that, DIRECTV is the only provider of NFL SUNDAY TICKET, and the Genie DVR is one of the best. U-verse TV is at the top of the pack when it comes to customer satisfaction, according to the American Customer Satisfaction Index, and DIRECTV ranks only a couple of spots below that.1

Bundle prices save $10 per month on your internet plan. Your bundle price includes unlimited data, an internet router, and a Genie DVR.  As a caution, you have to keep TV service to keep the unlimited data bonus and other bundling perks.

Be prepared to commit: bundles require contracts. Price now goes up for the TV portion in year two, just as it does when you don’t bundle. With DIRECTV, you’re locked into 24 months for TV and 12 months for internet (the U-verse TV contract is just 12 months for both).  This won’t matter to anyone who plans on staying at their home for the duration of the contract, but it’s important for renters to know.

What if you don’t want the cost or commitment of full TV service? DIRECTV NOW may be your answer. DIRECTV NOW is a streaming service that operates more like live television. Prices start at $40 per month, which is more than Hulu and Netflix, but you get current television, sports, and news. You can drop it if you don’t like it without fear of early termination fees.

What’s the real price of AT&T Internet?

Your advertised price will be honored for the first year. After that, it’ll revert to whatever the going rate is, usually about $10 more per month. The good news? Bundle discounts continue as long as you maintain your TV service. So if you have Internet Basic 5, you’ll pay just $30 per month for internet, though your TV price will go up after the first year.

AT&T’s hidden fees

Hidden fees suck, straight up. Every single provider has one or two along the way. You can’t avoid them, but if you take that knowledge to heart, you won’t be surprised to see the following fees come up:

  • Self-Installation: $35 activation fee
  • Professional Installation: $99 (waived when you bundle)
  • Early Termination Fees (ETFs):
    • AT&T Internet ETFs: $15 for each month left on the contract.
    • AT&T TV ETFs: $20 for each month left on the contract
  • Data caps: Unlimited data costs $30, unless you bundle (then it’s free). If you don’t pay for unlimited data you’ll pay $10 for each 50 GB you use once you go over 1 TB (up to $100/mo).

AT&T’s fees aren’t too egregious for the industry, and most are one-time only, but it’s good to come in prepared.

Equipment fees

Your internet price does include your Wi-Fi gateway (router and modem combined), which other companies may charge a rental fee of $10–$20 per month for. Just remember that you don’t own this gateway; you’re leasing it and must return it if you cancel your services. If you do end your services, make sure to bring back your equipment to avoid equipment non-return fees. All other additional fees are unspecified and depend on individual circumstances, but we wouldn’t expect anything ridiculous.

In other words, you won’t know exactly what your bill is until you chat with an agent and get services installed, but hopefully you now have a much better idea of what to expect.

AT&T internet speed and data

ATT Logo

AT&T Fiber speed and data

While it is possible to get 1000 Mbps download and upload speeds from AT&T internet, the fine print mentions that it’s more typical to get around 940 Mbps—luckily, the average user won’t be able to tell the difference with AT&T’s fastest internet service offering.

Fiber speeds are nearly instantaneous. So what does that mean in real terms? A TV show takes less than 30 seconds to download on the 100 Mbps plan, and less than four seconds on the 1000 Mbps plan. About to take off for a road trip and forgot to give yourself entertainment for the road? Take six minutes to download a movie on the 100 Mbps plan, or forget you were ever worrying by using the 1000 Mbps to get the same two-hour movie in under 34 seconds.2

With the 1000 Mbps plan, you’ll get unlimited data included. AT&T offers unlimited data for $30 per month for the other fiber plans. Most customers won’t touch the 1 TB limit, so we wouldn’t worry about it.

To give you an idea, you can watch 350 hours of HD video, spend 2,000 hours browsing the web, and listen to 8,500 hours of songs, check 40,000 emails, and still be under the limit. Unless there’s a lot of you in the household doing a lot, this data cap should pose no problem.

AT&T DSL internet speed and data

We’d say anything above 25 Mbps for an individual moderate user will be perfect for video streaming and browsing the net. If you have more than one user, take that into consideration along with each device they may have. We’re not gonna lie—faster is always better when it comes to download speeds.

According to Netflix, the average download speeds for AT&T broadband and DSL services are 4.07 Mbps and 3.01 Mbps, respectively.3 These speed tiers are not the fastest, but certainly not the slowest and should serve most people just fine.

For the nerds amongst us, latency is an important facet for gaming. According to the Measuring Fixed Broadband Report, AT&T’s latency measured at 28.12 ms for DSL and 31.20 for broadband.4 It’s pretty much in the middle of the pack, so if you’re looking for the best ISP for gaming, we’d say AT&T’s fiber plans are a better option. This year’s report did not include AT&T’s fiber latency.

If you’re worried about the data cap on your DSL plan, it’s good to know that use of Wi-Fi at home will count toward your internet usage data plan, so every device matters. The good news is that your AT&T Internet plan includes access to the national AT&T Wi-Fi Hot Spot network at no extra charge, and those mobile hotspots do not count toward your usage. So if you’re (somehow) approaching that limit, hit up a hotspot at McDonald’s and browse to your heart’s content while downing a few (boxes of) fries.

AT&T customer support and service

2018 American Customer Satisfaction Index (ASCI)2017 JD Power ISP Satisfaction Study
68/100AT&T Internet: Winner of North Central Region

Two of the biggest national market analysis companies, the American Customer Satisfaction Index5 and JD Power 6 (yes, the people who also give out car awards), tell us that AT&T takes care of the customer better than average, but the telecom industry as a whole is notoriously low ranking.

AT&T Internet is only two points behind Verizon Fios in the ACSI ranking. Taken for what it’s worth, some people view that as the difference between getting a D+ and a C- in school, but we believe that for your individual experience, that difference is negligible.

How easy is it to deal with AT&T customer service?

If you have a problem, contact AT&T and expect to be on hold, get transferred, and hear conflicting information. This happens with every telecom company. Our advice: Take detailed notes and make sure you know what your contract entails and understand the limitations of technology. Read FAQs and internet forums. Nothing is perfect.

That being said, if you need to get a hold of AT&T, you have every option to do so: phone, email, chat, text, in-store visits, etc.

The bottom line

Remember that AT&T’s deals are usually good for a year and year only, so update your service when the contract expires. Other than that, you don’t have much to worry about. You’ll probably never breach the data cap, and AT&T/DIRECTV’s customer service ranks high compared to other providers.

Like we said, the 10-100 Mbps plan is by far the best promo deal for internet-only plans, but you may qualify for non-advertised promos. The only real way to know what you’re looking at for bills and service is to talk to an AT&T agent.

AT&T internet summary

  • DSL and fiber technology
  • Speeds 5 Mbps–1000 Mbps
  • Data caps: 1 TB for all plans except 1000 Mbps
  • Options for bundling with DIRECTV or AT&T U-verse TV

Find the out if AT&T internet is available near you.

FAQs about AT&T internet

What is AT&T U-verse?

U-verse is the former branding of AT&T services. AT&T kept AT&T U-verse TV, but changed its internet service to AT&T Internet.

What is U-verse with GigaPower?

AT&T U-verse now brands what used to be “GigaPower” as AT&T Fiber.

What is AT&T Fiber?

AT&T Fiber is the internet provided by AT&T over a fiber-optic network as opposed to cable or DSL services. Fiber is faster and more reliable, but less widely available.

How much is AT&T Fiber?

AT&T Fiber plans start around $50 a month and go up from there. This price includes your Wi-Fi gateway.

How fast is AT&T  Fiber?

AT&T fiber-optic internet starts at 100 Mbps and is sold in 300 Mbps and 1000 Mbps plans, as well.

Is AT&T Fiber internet good?

AT&T is one of fastest internet providers out there. Even the slowest fiber plan available is 100 Mbps, which is more than enough for most people. So yeah, it’s good.

Do you have a question we didn’t answer? Ask us below in the comments!


1.    The American Customer Satisfaction Index, “ACSI Telecommunications Report 2018.”
2., “AT&T Fiber—Make High Speed Internet Even Faster
3.    Netflix, “The Netflix ISP Speed Index
4.    Federal Communications Commision, “Measuring Fixed Broadband Report

5.    The American Customer Satisfaction Index, “ACSI Telecommunications Report 2018.”
6.    JD Power, “U.S. Residential Internet Service Provider Satisfaction Study [2017] North Central.

  • Scott T.

    You’re welcome.

  • Fill2

    Are you sure you were talking to AT&T customer service? They are the worst company I have ever dealt with. You cant understand what they are saying and they wont go off script and actually talk to you. After holding for 30 minutes to find out why the installer had not showed up for the second time, I was disconnected. Upon calling them again with the same results, I found myself screaming. I have never screamed about customer service before dealing with AT&T and I am 61. 4 days later they showed up. Internet service is horrible. Have had service out and they can never find anything wrong. But you should at least be able to watch Netflix if no one else is doing something. Just keeps loading…. Getting ready to change to Time Warner since we are coming to our year end.

  • Claire AwesomeSauce

    My experience has been very different.I’m on a 18Mbps plan and after two phone calls to customer service and two technicians coming out to the house, I still can’t get more than 5Mbps for most of the day. All of the speed tests that I run show wild fluctuation too, ranging from 11Mbps to 0.5Mbps averages throughout any given hour.

  • Jason

    AT&T has the worst customer service period. If you are looking at this review for help, I do not have a suggestion on who to go with but definitely would not suggest AT&T for customer service, cable internet, or even cable television.

  • Sarah Williams

    I have been a U-verse customer for over 4 years and each year after my contract is up they try to jack my bill up around $40. This was not a big deal for a while because I would call them and they would give me a promotion to knock my bill back down close to what it was when I originally signed up making my bill usually in the $130’s for 2 tv’s with DVRs (no HBO Uverse 200) and internet. Now my bill is in the $170s and they say they cannot find a promotion to help get it back down. Mind you, I have 2 accounts with them at 2 different homes and they are refusing to help me get my monthly bill down. Very disappointing considering I have recommended U-verse to 3 ppl who ended up going with their company. Time to start searching for a new cable company!!

  • lakeguygb .

    Unfortunately, ATT advertises things they can’t deliver. When you complain, they say it’s your equipment. I have been forced to use them twice as they were only option. Once in a rural area, had 512K DSL, paid to upgrade to 3mb, for 1.2 at most, paid for 6 MB, got
    2.5 at most. Moved to a new city, one location had Mediacom 250MB down and ATT Bonded pair U-Verse 25MB down. The ATT rep told me there 25MB was as fast as 250MB as cable was a shared medium. lol, so is DSL/Uverse. After teller the ATT rep
    that everyone still hops on there backbone in the area, so it was shared too, she hung up on me.
    Moved to a new 244 unit complex, fiber fed. Ordered Gig internet. Same shit. They are feeding 48 units with a 2.4 gig fiber connection, and those 48 units are also streaming, using internet and have 2-4 TV watching HD TV which is also sharing that 2.4GB connection. Needless to say, best I have seen with GIG internet is about 250 down. Usually it is about 100 down and 200 up.

    There marketing is so out of bounds…

  • zd

    i have AT&T internet service it is probably one of the worst ISPs i have ever had the displeasure of having. i am a online gamer and i have never had to deal with more lag spikes and disconnects. i believe the plan i am under is for 18megs and on average i get about 6 wireless and wired directly i am lucky to have one day without any spikes. an average user probably would not notice these things because they only come in spikes every few minutes or so. there is also a problem where the latency just jumps to about 150-250ms for a test server that is less then a mile away from my home when this spike happens it happens for hours at a time. overall it has been very frustrating to deal with.

    • Mary Locke

      Hello. I was about to switch from Comcast to AT&T fiber. My sons are both gamers and when they are each online, one or the other is lagging. In the meantime, I am in my room unable to watch my Roku stick because they are gaming. Which network did you end up switching to?

  • Joe Tuck

    Horrible, horrible customer service! I signed up for the 50Mbps service with a $40 monthly rate. Technician came out and said no way could I get better than 18Mbps. Called AT$T to cancel same day and they said “sorry you are under contract” and then they told me my rate was $60 per month!! These people are the most incredible liars I have ever seen in what used to be a reputable business name like AT&T. LIARS, LIARS, HUGE LIARS!!!!!

  • Randy Georges

    AT&T Internet customer service is probably the worst customer service I have ever received from any company. Twice now, after losing internet, it took them over 3 days to schedule a service window (8am-12 or 1pm-5), and each time, after taking time off from work to be there, they totally missed the meeting/appt. Each time, they never called to reschedule, I had to spend a half hour on the phone with them to reschedule. This last time, it took 9 DAYS to get the problem fixed. I rely on home internet for work purposes and this is unacceptable. All customer service is handle through foreign call centers, they don’t care, and they have no authority to take care of the customer because, as they even say, ‘we’re just a call center” Terrible service, I will be switching my internet Uverse and Direct TV as soon as my contract expires. Wouldn’t recommend AT&t to anyone!

  • Iftekharul Islam

    I have att fiber for a month now. I switched from Spectrum. I used to have 100MBPs internet with them. ATT promised 10 times more for almost same price, around $80. So I switched. When the guy was done installing, I got 50MBPs in my iPhone 7s. My latest iMac was showing less speed (around 80MBPs) than what I had. The guy then created another wifi network. He said this second one is for faster speed. The speed test then jump up to around 400MBPs. Of course I had to download the speed test app from ATT. Google speed test said I had 270MBPs. Now after almost a month I speed test today using their own app and the speed for the high speed wifi is 130MBPs. The ‘Normal’ one tests around 60BMPs. My LG 4K tv still buffers to stream Netflix content. The TV is wired to the modem they installed, not connected to wifi.

    This is simply a scam. If you are ok with 130MBPs not gigabyte internet, this should be ok.

    • AmericanPatriot4

      That sounds about right for the wireless speeds, they can barely reach the “rated” speeds for wireless in perfect lab conditions. Does your TV have a 1Gb ethernet port, or is it 100 Mbps port?

      You may not be reaching rated speeds because your equipment isn’t 1Gbps.

      • ctuna

        Comcast recently upgraded the local network in my area and I was getting 170 after which it thought was quite good but was paying for 200. Had to go to a Dosis 3.1 modem then got 240. If you are on wi fi and you don’t have 802.11 ac wi fi on all your devices you will be limited to about 50gps . Old computers and cell phones can’t do the 802.11 ac rates.
        My observations on speed where 25 to 50 very noticeable
        50 to 170 noticeable but not as big a jump. 170 to 240 noticeable but again not as much.
        Commcast is good for reliability comes with a lot of bloatware and communicating with them can sometimes be a problem (offshore operators)but no big horror storys.

  • Charles Robinson

    Unless you have the latest and greatest electronics, don’t waste your $$$. My cell phone has close to the advertised speeds, but my older PC’s and tablets don’t even come close.

  • Krystal

    I would not recommend ANYONE TO BECOME AN AT&T customer when it comes to home services. They fucking suck!!!! I’ve been without since sept. 7 it was fixed on oct 5 and the red light started back on oct. 8 . A whole fucking month without services. I’m fucking pissed and my contract is up in March and I can’t wait.

  • Michael T

    I have AT&T internet currently. I can tell you their internet speeds are all over the place. If you complain, they will do some magic on their end and speeds will be better, “temporarily” and then go back to slow. I have never experienced the problems I have had with quality and inconsistency. I have a technician come out and tell me everything is working properly and what a great deal we are getting. It’s all great unless you want to stream a movie or play a game, (25 MB download) that fluctuates down to .5 – 5 MB pretty consistently.

  • Csr

    I was an ATT customer for years and was totally satisfied with the service. Now, I have a new house and am told I can’t get ATT high speed even though ATT has their line running across my property. All others in this subdivision have it but I can’t?? So within a short time there will be 3 new houses and all ATT offers is “HughesNet”. Nobody wants HughesNet!
    Word to other carriers….Come into this area, the customers are here including some disgruntled existing ATT customers! So, disappointed in ATT!!!!

  • P Allende Jr.

    AT&T Internet bundle with DirecTV was the biggest headache I’ve ever had. DirecTV was fine not really any issues but there is no communication between DirecTV and AT&T Internet they say bundled but they are all over the place whatever price you were quoted for your AT&T Internet service fluctuate.

  • Josh Holbert

    I’ve had AT&T’s new Internet 1000 and U-verse plan for a week now. It’s the worst. Intermittently down every few minutes. Their hardware is junk. I feel like pulling teeth on my AT&T gigabit connection vs the 75 mbps cable connection I had with a high-end router. The channel lineup doesn’t compare with Comcast either. On-demand sucks. My TV just stopped working downstairs today because someone configured it as a different model #. Two hours on the phone with support, who had difficulty understanding English, and they have to send a technician back to my house to fix it! I’m going to return all of the equipment to the tech and go back to Comcast. Now I remember why I switched phone services…


    I moved to a new apartment on November 17. I was told two different times I could keep the same internet price and drop tv while adding directv. Well a week later I dedcided to do that and was told it would raise my bill by 30. Umm what? Two separate calls and they both were wrong. Anyways decided to just move past it and scheduled the earliest appointment which was 11 days out. Well today my install was supposed to arrive between 9-11. No call no show. So I call customer service asking what’s going on. They told me there was a system error So hi would need to reschedule. And the earliest date is Saturday which is a WHOLE MONTH without service. They refused to change the date sooner even though I took off work for this install. Worst on demand and worst service possible. DO NOT GET THEM. I HAVE HAD NOTHIING BUT HEADACHES SINCE I SWITCHED. GO TO COMCAST.

  • Rudy

    I deal with both companies. Comcast is a huge breath of fresh air in comparison to AT&T.

  • John Johnnyson

    AT&T sucks. Always had problems with AT&T (copper wiring) 45 so I upgraded to fiber. 2 weeks in, complete trash. Tomorrow a technician will come out for the third time in those 2 weeks. Asinine. Crap equipment and worse support. I’ll keep being a little patient for another week or two but it’s almost time for a new provider.

  • Enrique

    I’m very disgusted of AT&T service. I’m just waiting for my 2 year contract to expire in about 3 months. They’ll tell you anything to get you business and after that, you’ll be chasing them to get what you were promised. Don’t make the mistake a made and sign for 2 years. The bigger this business gets, the worth their customer service. MY REVIEW IS A 0 FOR AT&T.

  • ctuna

    Run the dslreports speed test its very comprehensive.

  • Willard Wells

    Cheap Entertainment of the day.

    My AT&T U-Verse has been out a week and two weeks after I had an upgrade done. So they come out to fix it and they feel the problem is a box in the yard next door. The solution since it is gated and locked is to leave a note on the front door informing them that access is needed before my system can be fixed.

    The problem with this solution is no one lives next door at this time. Therefore I may be months before I have TV, internet, and phones. Yes, I am looking for a solution outside of AT&T. The customer service there, like so many companies, is a matter of dollars, not service.

    I did receive a call yesterday saying they will contact a supervisor to complete the job. It appears no one knows a supervisor. So still no service or communication.

    This is the part that should have been used. A utility right of way is a registered easement on private land that allows The City and various utility companies the right to access the utilities or services that are commonly buried within the right of way.

  • Rojo

    Uverse internet is the worst I’ve ever had! It IS fast sometimes but seems to require a router reset everyday to keep the speed up enough to stream video. My gateway has been replaced 3 times in five months but nothing seems to improve the inconsistent speeds. During the last service call, I waited at home for the technician who never showed or called and when I checked on my repair status, he had claimed that no one was home when he tried to service the equipment! I am praying for another provider to become available so that I can quit Uverse.

  • Nida

    vvv bad expirience with at&t..i donot recommend att..they charge extra is v good.. dont go ith att its a nightmare

  • SG

    I made my appointment for internet tomorrow (Saturday) morning over 3 weeks ago and have a confirmation email. They for some reason cancelled my order and now are unable to install for me for another week. Needless to say, I am not happy that I will be unable to work from my home office for a week. They confirmed that they do not know why they canceled but helping me was not a priority. They offered me a whopping $40 credit. They are a total joke.

  • I P Knightly

    AT&T GigaPower customer service is NON-EXISTENT. I have spoken with 18 customer service reps trying to get tech support for my 1TB internet service. Although speaking to people all over the globe that you can’t understand is certainly wonderful (not), people both here & abroad have no clue as to how to transfer you to US tech support. Wish their was negative stars available…

  • Tiffany

    This company is at the top of my list for horrible customer service. They even beat comcast. I had the displeasure of being a at&t uverse customer for only 2 months in order to help me move towards work at home in my current job position.
    First interaction:
    – Calling over to set up services and ensure that the home number had no features on it per the company’s requirements that I work for. We called to double check this had been done correctly and it ended up being a 40 minute phone call due the representative being unsure of what to do.
    Second Interaction:
    – Second time calling in we were calling to set up an additional telephone line since our company requested that of it. The sales representative that picked up muted me the entire time, repeated himself quite often and after 30 minutes we got nowhere to simply put an order in for new installation to existing services. I requested to speak to a supervisor and after a 10 minute silent hold under the impression that I was getting over to a supervisor I was cold transferred to the technical support line. At this point i requested to be has escalated but the sales department was closed. I had to wait till the next day to begin services which hindered my start of the job position with my job. I received multiple calls from supervisors to escalate the situation.
    Third interaction:
    – I re-ordered the service and clarified with the rep I started the order with as well as the day of the order if I had to be home to receive the telephone jack and I was ensured that I wouldn’t have to be home for this and that it would be left off on the porch. After the order time I received a text saying sorry I missed you.
    Fourth interaction
    – 50 minute call to reschedule this order on to one of my days off due to being cold transferred incorrectly to mobility and the automated system dropping the call because the representative couldn’t find an account with the numbers that they were typing in incorrectly.

  • Roger Mathews

    Like many comments have been made, do not purchase AT&T service. They are the most horrific service I have ever dealt with. I am a systems administrator and have worked with many providers. My home is is rural so there are not a lot of options. We went with AT&T to give them a try and it has been the worst decision every. If you ever need to talk with tech support, good luck with that. You will spend almost an hour going through their scripted, did you reboot the modem? Well, lets reboot the modem. Their support is childish and a complete waste of time for advanced folks. Want to kill at least an hour trying to convince AT&T they (not you) have a real problem? Sign up!

  • Roger Mathews

    Definitely haven’t had an issue with Comcast. We use them for our mission critical phones/Internet at my place of employment. The only outage we had was when a backhoe took out the fiber optics between us and the silicone valley.

  • BornCardsFan

    How reliable are the modem and router for at&t fiber 1000mg?

  • JoAnn

    Att is trash, Technical support does not know all services they provide and then give you the runaround plus they want to charge you for a technician. I wish Charter Spectrum Spectrum was the service provider instead of Direct Tv Att. This is garbage service

  • John M

    AT&T has one of the WORST customer services ever. We arranged our cable to be installed on the 31, and they decided to change it the last minute to June 1. After many attempts, they stated they couldn’t get it on the 31 even though they acknowledged the screwed us. I advised corporate of my complex who is looking into this as we shouldn’t be doing business with companies like this. 0 stars for you.

  • Nocturnal

    The absolute worst customer service experience I have ever had! I called on a Friday to get internet. They scheduled me for the following Thursday. That was bad enough, but I agreed. Monday I check my email to see we have been re-scheduled for Friday. Okay, 1 day delay. Not too terrible. 8 am comes. They are supposed to have been here no later than noon. Noon comes and goes. I call and get told it will be 8pm. Whatever. That’s fine. 9 pm no technician. I call again. 1 hour later they tell me it will be Wednsday. 12 days after I called for service. I received NO CALL. NO EMAIL. Nothing! They tell me take it or cancel. For 20 minutes this woman argued with me because I asked for a supervisor. Finally get her to patch me through and the supervisor won’t pick up the phone! I’m waiting to see what excuse they give me on Wednesday. Honestly may just go with Xfinity. Anyone who raves about their customer service must be important, working for the company, or a liar. If you need internet, save yourself the headache. Btw, this was for business use at home.

  • NoFrenchFries 4U

    Prices keep going up, little by little – no explanation.
    They’re nickle and dime’ing me as much as possible and I do not have a lot of options where I live.
    And very little in the way of finding out what’s going on.
    I have fairly decent service, most of the time considering I get interrupts and slow speed breaks, but it’s pretty poor communication especially for a company who’s service is ‘communication’.