Xfinity TV Service Review

Xfinity’s cable TV makes up for poor customer service and high fees with great bundles, plenty of channels, and awesome DVR.
Xfinity Plans
Our Rating
Our Rating
PlanPriceTV channel countDetails
Digital Starter$70.99140+View Plan
Digital Preferred$89.49220+View Plan
Digital Premier$104.99260+View Plan
PriceTV channel countDetails
$70.99140+View Plan
$89.49220+View Plan
$104.99260+View Plan

Xfinity. The name might sound like a spaceship that Elon Musk is building, but it’s actually one of the country’s largest cable TV providers. If you’re reading this, you’re probably in one of the 41 states where Xfinity’s services are available.

Xfinity offers its TV service through cable rather than satellite or fiber-optic cables. This means you don’t have to worry about a storm or lagging service interrupting the latest episode of The Walking Dead. But it also means Xfinity can cost more than the competition.

This Xfinity TV review will go over everything you need to know, from the company’s awesome bundle deals to its nasty early termination fees.

Xfinity TV prices and packages
PlanPriceTV channel countDetails
Digital Starter$70.99*140+View Plan
Digital Preferred$89.49*220+View Plan
Digital Premier$104.99260+View Plan
Data effective 11/19/18. Offers and availability vary by location and are subject to change.
* For the first 12 months.
For the first 12 months with a 1-year agreement.


  • No-contract options
  • Great bundle deals
  • Premium DVR and on-demand services


  • Fees that can add up quickly
  • Bad customer service

Find out if Xfinity is available in your area.

Xfinity TV packages and pricing

Keep it simple with basic TV. Don’t get tied down with contract-free plans. Or go all in with Digital Premier.

There may not be too many to choose from, but Xfinity TV service plans are well-rounded and reasonably affordable—kind of like a college education back in the ‘80s.

Xfinity typically offers four different cable packages: Basic, Digital Starter, Digital Preferred, and Digital Premier. These are usually available with a contract or contract-free (which usually costs about $10 a month more).

The Basic package is truly basic. It will give you about ten channels, mostly local networks so that you can relive your childhood dreams of staying up all night watching reruns of Friends and Seinfield.

The Digital Starter cable plan is a huge step up. You’re looking at 140+ channels, including ESPN, Showtime, and Nickelodeon. The Digital Preferred and Digital Premier plans pack in even more premium channels.

Xfinity TV plans
PlanPriceTV channel countDetails
Digital Starter$70.99*140+View Plan
Digital Preferred$89.49*220+View Plan
Digital Premier$104.99260+View Plan
Data effective 11/19/18. Offers and availability vary by location and are subject to change.
* For the first 12 months.
For the first 12 months with a 1-year agreement.

Xfinity’s prices tend to be on par with other major TV providers, like DISH, Spectrum, and DIRECTV, while the company’s channel lineup is in the middle of the pack.

One thing to remember is that Xfinity’s plans can vary dramatically depending on your location. (We assume this is because the parent company, Comcast, has a real patchwork of infrastructure and local partnerships across the country.)

For example, here’s what Xfinity TV service looks like when you’re searching for plans in Salt Lake City, Utah:

Screenshot of Xfinity quotes

But if you live in Chicago, Xfinity’s plans are going to look a lot different:

Screen shot of Xfinity TV plans in Chicago

So you’ll really want to check out what Xfinity plans are available in your specific area before making a final decision. They might be a lot pricier, or maybe even cheaper, than the generally advertised deals.

Xfinity TV and internet bundles

Would you like a side of high-speed internet with that cable plan?

Xfinity TV is just one service under the sprawling Comcast umbrella. And you know that Comcast wants you to sign up for its other services because the company is always pushing bundle deals.

But it’s not just hype. Xfinity’s TV and internet double play packages are actually some pretty darn good deals. These bundles are what gave the company a leg up in our DIRECTV vs. Xfinity review.

Xfinity TV and internet bundles
PlanPriceTV channel countInternet download speedDetails
X1 Starter Double Play$79.99140+150 MbpsView Plans
X1 Preferred Double Play$114.99220+150 MbpsView Plans
X1 Premier Double Play$134.99260+150 MbpsView Plans
For the first 12 months with a 1-year agreement.

In any of the above tiers, you can get enough channels and internet speeds to keep even the most screen-locked families happy.

Our Xfinity bundle recommendations

  • Best for young professionals: The X1 Starter Double Play offers 140+ channels, including ESPN, TBS, and Comedy Central. With 150 Mbps internet, you’ll have no problem watching Netflix, playing Xbox, or finishing up a work assignment late at night.
  • Best for medium-to-large families: If you want a plan that has Cartoon Network and Disney Channel for the kids, MLB Network and HGTV for the adults, and enough internet speeds to keep everyone’s Spotify streaming at the same time, then you’ll want the X1 Premier Double Play.

But these are just a few of Xfinity’s (nearly) endless bundling options. The company’s whole site is set up so that you can build your dream bundle.

Xfinity TV service contracts

Contract or contract-free, there’s no escaping the dreadful service fee.

It can sometimes feel like you need a law degree just to understand your TV service contract. Luckily, you might be able to avoid contracts altogether with Xfinity.

Many of Xfinity’s standalone TV packages are available contract-free. On top of that, your price will be locked in place for one year. So what’s the catch? You’ll likely end up paying a higher base rate each month (usually about $10 more).

When it comes to bundles, most of Xfinity’s packages will require a one- or tw0-year contract. If you’re looking for a contract-free cable TV and internet bundle, check out RCN.

Early termination fees

If you do get into an Xfinity TV service contract, then hopefully you’re not planning to leave halfway through. If you do, you’ll likely end up paying a termination fee equal to $10 for every month still left on your contract. So it could be as little as $10 or as much as $240—yikes!

DVR/HD/other fees

So you’ve got a good monthly rate for your Xfinity TV service. Nice! But you knew, somewhere deep down, that there would be additional fees. And you were right. Here’s the damage:

  • HD fee: $10
  • Additional TV fee: $5.99–$9.99/mo. per TV
  • DVR fee: $10/mo.
  • Broadcast fee: $8/mo.
  • Sports fee: up to $8/mo.
  • Late payment fee: $10

We wish that every company would do what DISH TV does and just add these fees to the baseline monthly price. But alas, we are not in charge of the telecommunications industry (yet . . . muahahaha!).

Installation costs

You can show off your DIY skills by using Xfinity’s self-install kit. However, it will still cost you up to $29.95.

If you want to go with professional installation, you’ll have to fork out $60 to $90 (or more) depending on where you live and which services you’re signing up for.

Light Bulb icon
Xfinity's Online Ordering and Self-installation make it a great option for DIYers
Over the last year, Xfinity has made dramatic improvements to their online ordering system. So much so that most of their customers never need to pick up the phone. You can now sign up for a new plan and even upgrade (or downgrade) your existing service all through Combining the website experience with Xfinity’s self-install program means you don’t have to wait on hold OR wait at home all day for a technician.

Xfinity TV channels

Hundreds and hundreds of channels . . . and so little time!

Screenshot of a list of Xfinity TV channels

TV packages are like those variety boxes of chips: you’re just going to get a ton of chips (or, in this case, channels). Some of them will be your favorites, like Cheetos Puffs (Comedy Central), but you’ll also be stuck with Salt-and-Vinegar Lay’s (C-SPAN 2).

It’s no different with Xfinity. The more expensive your TV package is, the more likely it is to include obscure or premium channels, like the Sundance Channel and Indieplex.

In general, Xfinity offers fewer channels than other top TV providers. But it does have its own version of Verizon Fios’s themed “channel packs,” so you can add on all the sports, international, and on-demand programming you need.

Premium channels

Unless you’ve signed up for Xfinity’s Premier TV package, you’re going to need to pay extra to get HBO, CINEMAX, SHOWTIME, STARZ, and EPIX. Here’s a look at how much they’ll cost you.

Xfinity premium channel pricing
ChannelPriceLearn more
HBO$15/mo.View Plans
SHOWTIME$12/mo.View Plans
CINEMAX$12/mo.View Plans
STARZ$12/mo.View Plans
EPIX$5.99/mo.View Plans

Data effective 09/01/2019.

As with everything in the Xfinity universe, costs can vary widely depending on your location.

Best packages for sports

Even Xfinity’s Digital Starter plan gives you ESPN, ESPN 2, and ESPN HD. If you’re the type that needs to watch every single game the Milwaukee Bucks play, then you can always add on NBA TV (or NFL Redzone, MLB Network, etc.).

In general, Xfinity offers the following sports:

  • Football
  • Basketball
  • Baseball
  • College sports
  • Golf
  • Hockey
  • Chessboxing (yes, it’s exactly what it sounds like, and ESPN 2 airs the championships)

On-demand content

When you sign up for any Xfinity TV plan, you get access to Xfinity Stream. This allows you access to live TV on all of your devices. It also gives you access to heaps of popular shows and movies.

Xfinity Stream offers the following add-on packages:

  • Premium channels
  • Sports
  • International programming
  • Family
  • Fitness
  • Anime
  • And more

You can download the Xfinity Stream app on your phone or laptop and watch from anywhere. Stream Love It or List It while you’re waiting at the DMV. Sneak the new Daily Show episode from your cubicle. Keep the kids distracted with Sponge Bob during a road trip.

Xfinity TV equipment and features

Brought straight to you from the future: a cloud-based DVR service with a voice-activated remote.

Unlike some on-demand content, a DVR will give you the power to skip through commercials. It also allows you to record pretty much anything on your TV, even if it’s not available for stream.

Xfinity cable’s DVR service is called X1. It’s a cloud-based service (meaning you can access it from anywhere) that lets you watch live TV, recorded content, and even Netflix.

In order to get Xfinity’s DVR, you need to subscribe to an X1-eligible package and rent an X1 TV set-top box.

Xfinity DVR details
DVRStorage capacity PriceSimultaneous recordingsLearn more
X1 DVR60 hrs. HD$10/mo.6View Plans

Data effective 09/01/2019.

Xfinity’s X1 remote

The X1 voice remote from Xfinity cable is an awesome tool that will help you do more than just record your favorite shows. You can use its voice controls to reset your Wi-Fi, arm your security system, or even answer a phone call—basically, it’s like being in Star Trek.

Xfinity TV customer service

It could be worse. But it could also be (a lot) better.

Let’s cut to the chase: Xfinity’s customer service is on the not-so-great side. According to the American Customer Satisfaction Index’s 2019 Telecommunications Report,1 Xfinity is near the bottom of the charts.

But that’s not saying much, considering that most major players (like Cox, Optimum, and DIRECTV) are only a few points ahead.

It’s a hard job. (How would you like a bunch of people demanding that you magically fix their broken TVs?) But we hope to see Xfinity move up in the rankings next year.


Xfinity’s cable TV has a ton to offer, as long as you can handle its so-so prices and additional fees.

Xfinity is the best overall cable TV provider out there. It pulls ahead of the pack with amazing bundle deals, a great DVR system, and plenty of on-demand content. If Xfinity is available in your area, it may be the best way to get both super-speedy internet and cable TV.

But when it comes to the most important features, like price and channel selection, Xfinity can’t always compete with satellite and fiber-optic providers. The company also slacks pretty hard in the customer service department.

Of course, the best way to see if Xfinity is right for you is to check out the deals it offers in your area.

That wraps up our Xfinity TV review, but we hope you continue the conversation. Did you score an awesome bundle from Xfinity? Or did the customer service representative hang up on you? Let us know in the comments section below.


ACSI, “Telecommunications Report 2018

  • Terri Oliver

    You can get a video only subscription through Xfinity with the X1 platform.

    • Trevor Wheelwright

      Hi Terri, thanks for the comment!

      According to Comcast’s website, the X1 is only available with X1 Double Plays and X1 Triple Plays, so you will need a package with internet bundled in. See the screenshot below.

      The X1 DVR and remote control are awesome, packed with some pretty advanced features. If you’re interested in combining TV with Internet, we’d say it’s a no-brainer to order X1 TV service. But if you’re looking for TV-only service, you’ll have to pick from their lesser, three standard packages (with or without contracts).

      Hope this helps,

      • Bill Mars

        I’d say if your in a location where you don’t have other options buy a rope and save yourself years of pain and agony.

      • Terri Oliver

        They are installing the X1 receivers instead of “legacy” equipment-

        • Scott T.

          We’ll have to check this out. Thanks for the heads up.

          • Terri Oliver

            If you have the legacy box- go into a store and request an exchange for either an X1 cloud DVR if you have DVR service- or if you don’t have DVR service- request an XG2 receiver- it works the best as a primary outlet.

  • Jolie Lorenz

    comcast has not dug my line its just hanging in my yarf fir 4 months, they are pissing me off

    • Jenn Diffley

      Hey Jolie,
      Sorry to hear about that. Have you given them a call to see what’s up?

  • halork

    Daily reboots make this a POS. Get a TiVo.

    • Scott T.

      I’m guessing you have a TiVo…what model do you use, and how is it working for you?

      • Bill Mars

        Anything is better than the shit Comcast is using even an Antena and aluminium foil.

  • Suzanne L. Pisano

    Comcast Xfinity consistently has the WORST customer service on the planet. I have their service in multiple states and locations. Both business and residential accounts. Unfortunately there are no other options for cable service in those locations.

    • Scott T.

      If it’s for TV service, there are at least two services that are available nationally (DISH and DIRECTV). Is there a reason it must be cable? Also, cable availability is constantly changing; When was the last time you checked to see if a competing cable provider was in the area?

  • Sara

    I just switched to basic cable service. I was told I will only have 25 channels. That’s ok for someone who doesn’t watch a lot of TV shows. The problem is, I have access to 8 shopping TV channels and at least 9 non-English speaking TV shows. There’s NO substantial TV channels except for local news (thank goodness). This is an insult to your customers and a terrible reflection of your company. Comcast/Xfinity is one of the biggest companies in US and at the same time a dreadful company. The government should not allow this monopoly. I hope this company will be hold accountable for their very poor quality service.

    • Trevor Wheelwright

      Hey Sara, thanks for letting us know the basic package doesn’t cover your needs. Out of curiosity, have you looked into another package from Comcast or are you considering another provider?

      • Tracey

        It’s sad that we are forced to have religious, shopping, etc. channels in packages. I see Comcast has strategically placed popular channels so that you are almost forced to get another package so you can watch News, HGTV, etc. We’re paying, so we should have a choice of what we do NOT want and what we do want included. I watch ~10 channels and pay for a bunch of duds, along with a huge number of sports, which I never watch. Miss the days of free and fewer channels. More programming/episodes from fewer. Curious why we have to pay for channels that have commercials??? Wasn’t that the point of paying for service in the beginning? SIGH

  • David

    Xfinity service is not very reliable. Picture freezes. DVR recordings won’t always play. New Internet Cloud TV is just awful; there is lag time when trying to watch TV, Movies, or recordings online on the computer. Picture freezes, audio skips and sputters. I have a higher tier Xfinity internet speed and a new Samsung ATIV laptop with 16 GB RAM and 2.6Ghz I7 core processor, and this Xfinity service plays like crap on my laptop system. I have 5ghz, higher end linksys wirless router and have tried tethered to ethernet to rule out wireless conflicts. Also tried 2.4Ghz band. No special settings other than WPA2. Bottom line, for the $250/month I pay for phone/cable TV/Movies/Internet package, I should have NO problems. None. Zero. Instead….I have an expensive sluggish, slow, unpredictable cable tv service that is often more frustrating than pleasing. “Connecting to your Entertainment Experience (nightmare)”. Yeah right. Comcast, you need to test the cloud service before rolling it out unannounced to consumers. Also, your idea of customer service is to tell the consumer to reset his own box, or send a signal to the box (as if this will solve your poor product problem).

    • Scott T.

      Yeah, that doesn’t sound good. We’re curious as to why your bill is so high ($250!?!). Also, have you considered another service provider in your area?

      • David

        I guess it’s because I have phone/internet/cable/movie package. I am looking at other services now and will look at your reviews more closely. First, I am going to give Comcast a shot at coming to my home to see if there is a problem with their equipment or the settings. But I am not a happy camper. Thanks.

        • Thamar Conley

          Hi David, I feel your pain we had a higher tier package as well but weren’t paying as much as you ($250 ouch!) but we experienced weekly sometimes daily service interruptions. They sent tech after tech and charged us $40 per visit which the CSRs said would be waived. I would have to call and argue with them for hours to get refunded the fees (most of the time only receiving partial credits). After nearly 2 years of that crap we switched to Uverse. Only had it for a couple of months now but the service has been great. Their on demand definitely needs work and I’m not too pleased with sometimes having to choose between recording a program and interrupting one of our TVs but Comcast’s awful customer service lost them a customer for life. Good luck to you!

  • Bill Mars

    Our brand new Xfinity one box stopped working after TWO months this company is a joke and should be sued!!! You need to be a rocket scientist to figure out the monthly bill and I’m sure they make it as complicated as they do to hide extra charges as no one should have a cable bill the size of a car payment STAY AWAY if u can!!!

  • Elli Mathis

    Comcast/Xfinity is TERRIBLE!! They have over charged our bill for 3 months in a row, even after multiple calls to customer service. What a headache!

  • Ron

    A look at Comcast “terabye” forum and see the X1 Premier Triple Play data-use-gouge complaints. I went from 150 Gb/mo on Double Play to over 600Gb/mo on X1. I am charged data use with my computer OFF. I did not change the way/means/time I use the TV or internet, as others also say. No mobile, no wifi. They upped the cap to 1 Terabyte from 600Gb, claim 99% of users would never use 1 terabyte, and in the first month, we reach or exceed the terabyte cap: Unlimited for $50 additional charge. Oh.

  • Jarret Garner

    I got xfinity because they said I was going to be able to watch any videos on any device. Netflix watch espn Hulu all that stuff I tried to use espn and they said I need to upgrade my cable package so that way I can have espn online and I’d also have it on my cable box. I don’t see the point in both. NEVER USING XFINITY AGAIN DoNT USE XFINITY

  • Natalia Zhirnova

    We closed the account with in March. Now is mid-June! I communicated more with 3 agents and they promised at the last time the end of May and etc. I have all the communication with them for evidence .Why they want to put their reputation for 37 $?!xfinity/comcast , please give me my money back.

  • Kara Pacelia

    I cancelled my Comcast account early in April 2017. I returned all equipment and told them I moved into a non Comcast area and I would be cancelling the account because of this. When I signed up for the original account I told the sales person that I would not live there for 2 years and didn’t want a 2 year contract. He told me not to worry I could move this account with me or if I moved outside a Comcast area I would not be responsible for a termination fee. I continued to get a bill stating I needed to pay this fee. I spoke with someone on 5 different occaisons at Comcast. Each person told me they would look into it and call me back. Of course no one ever called me back. Now I find that they have sent me to collections! I have never paid a bill late never mind be sent to collections. On my last call to them once I received this collections notice they have finally credited my account for the termination fee. I firmly believe they felt I would have just paid this rather than spend the over 6 hours I spent trying to reach someone each of the 5 times I called. On the last call someone finally said “ OK I will credit the account for the $130.00”. 5 minutes max! This was a very frustrating experience to say the least.

  • Lex

    I wish i read these reviews before purchasing this 80 dollar pay as go pack for internet. I shoudve known it was bull. There customer service is horrible for one then they tell you have a 30 day warranty which is only to exchange the box not a refund. The refund period is 3 days day 1 being the day of purchase but you can’t activate it then. You have to charge it one day and wait 48 hours after to activate it..WTF…This is a rip off and theyve taken my 80 dollars but people are always getting over on us veterans. That was a low blow though..😓

  • Sidified

    PPV crashes EVERY time I order.. constant pixelation makes viewing/audio impossible. Never again..

  • Lee Mesham

    This letter detailing my terrible experience with comcast cable services was written and sent to the corporate offices twice without any response!

    On Aug 26, 2017, at 12:49 PM, Lee Mesham wrote:

    Good Morning,

    My name is A…… L…. M……,
    Account #8499 05 031 0051038. I have been calling Comcast customer service since late June 2017 to resolve mysterious purchases/rentals of children’s programs that began appearing on my bill March, 2017.

    By early July I made my way up to corporate escalation services. I have made dozen’s of calls spoken to 3 very nice reps who each in turn promise a resolution, return calls and emails. When I receive no return call -I patiently, call them and leave voice mails on their voice mails. None of these calls are returned.

    I have spoken w/ Jason x5360597. He ducked my multiple voice mails and when he answered last Saturday claimed he had not received Voice mails and that he could not help me until Monday. We set an appointment for him to call @11am Monday 8/21. When he did not call I called the office and spoke w/ Naomi x5340511. She informed me Jason was off on Monday.

    Naomi x5340511 was also very nice and empathetic and promised to bring this to the attention of her supervisor immediately and sent an email to Jason asking for status. She promised to call back and let me know what she learned and provided her extension. She also proceeded to ignore my voice mails.

    I then spoke w/ Walter Davis x5360585 who gave me the name of the department supervisor, Rajem Joshi -Corporate Escalation Supervisor. Walter assured me that he was also emailing Raj and that Raj would call me Thursday evening. I received no call. I could not have Raj’s email.

    I have left multiple voice mails w/ each of these reps w/o return calls or satisfaction.

    When you look at my bill you will notice beginning March, 2017 someone began ordering Children’s programming from outside of my home. My first calls to Comcast customer service determined that this box was not in my home. After multiple calls they were able to freeze that box and stop purchases.

    However, I would like these purchases credited to my account immediately.
    March/2017: $206.46
    April/2027: $100.60
    May/2017: $77.66
    June/2017: $174.54
    July/2017: $67.85
    Total = $627.11

    I have 8 boxes in my house, internet & landline service through Comcast. I have been a customer in good standing for over 18yrs. Please credit my account immediately. Please do not delay my credit, if you need to do some internal investigation to figure out how this happened. I have lost all patience and have begun reviewing alternate options for my Comcast Services.

    Thank you,
    A. L…… M………

  • Kevin A Gurney

    I have been manipulated and lied to by more than one of their employees. They lack integrity at all levels and are not the slightest bit customer focused. I have been misled by them and have virtually been called a liar. They are not willing to honor what I was told by Prizel, one of their reps who convinced me not to cancel my service on the very first day I signed up because I found a better deal at Walmart. I was told by Prizel that she would match the Walmart deal ($20 less per month) to help me avoid running around and taking so much time by going back to Walmart to sign up. I thanked her for such awesome service….only to discover a month later that she did not adjust my account like she promised me. I brought my equipment home, hooked it up and called their technician to start my service. After more than an hour and a half their techs were unable to get me booted up….they were forced to send a technician to my home. He arrived and told me that the equipment in the wall was outdated, not working properly, and would have never provided the signal I required to get up and running. He replaced several components in the wall (not the items I picked up from Comcast and hooked up myself). They then charged me $60 for the service call…..TO FIX THEIR OWN ANTIQUATED EQUIPMENT!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I have talked to several representatives for help and have been met with nothing but “we cannot help you”, and an overall attitude of “oh well, whatcha gonna do????” One “leader” told me that she would research my claim and if I was found to be right she would issue me a statement of misinformation – essentially agreeing that I was lied to by their employee, BUT THAT THEY WOULD NOT ADJUST MY BILL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can you imagine! “Yes sir, we found your claims and assertions to be absolutely true. We did misinform you. But we are still not going to do as our representative promised.”
    Comcast lacks reasonableness. They rather quote policy and tell you what they will not do for you than listen and put the situation into proper perspective to make a sound decision. They have gouged me for an additional $300 for my one year with them. No apologies to me for the misinformation and hassle, just an overwhelming lack of concern and empathy.
    And from what I can tell the only people who will call you are people who are not empowered to make good decisions based on the deception I experienced. I guess the management who have integrity and are reasonable (if they exist….the jury is still out) are not willing to call and make a decision in favor of the customer.
    My experience with Comcast has literally been the worst experience I’ve had with any service-oriented company EVER. Congratulations Comcast, that’s quite an honor!
    My advice to anybody who has a choice is to avoid Comcast at all cost.

  • Jennifer

    I am on the phone with Customer service about my bill. My bill was $381 when it was turnt off. Comcast decided to keep billing me. Now they send me a bill for $845 and that don’t even have the equipment on it. I called to talk with them about my bill the lady was very rude and when i asked for supervisor she hung on me.

  • Yue Kuze

    Sup people i work as a customer solutions representative in the loyalty department at comcast… if you ever wanted an honest answer to any question or issue you may have, ask away 😀

  • Hua Jin Yang

    Be careful when you talk to their employees. They always lie to you. Everything they say is a lie. All they went is your money nothing else.

  • Customartdesign DK

    i got charged 10 times for nhl center ice, and that bill was $1800. yes one thousand eight hundred dollars! outsourcing cust serv dept, cable tech support dept, billing dept to phillipines, colombia, mexico????…..they slould outsource to china at this point! wtf.

  • Jennifer M

    I am trying to change from u verse and now on day two of a no Call or no show for new service. When called they clearly lack customer service and compassion for the bad experience. We were changing due to speed but seriously questioning that decision. I manage a big customer service center and hope that we never treat customers the way they have treated us. So don’t expect superior service because it is lacking even for a brand new customer.

  • Rodrigo Leiva

    I got a Xfinity on demand pass for 1 week ($18,95) and after 2 days the pass expired. I called and they said “your pass was canceled, sorry” After demanding a solution they only gave $5 back, because “that was the only that they could do”.

    Don’t trust this guys

  • TVFan411

    Did not like Comcast/Xfinity at all! Where do I begin?! Too expensive. They changed the channel line-up more times than I can count to their liking just to get you to pay more when they switched all your favorite channels to a higher/more expensive lineup and you’re now left with channels that play only news, sports, or reality TV. They also took away a lot of on demand shows/movies as well as blocked out certain channels on the live TV that you can watch on your laptop when you’re away from home/at the airport, etc…there is an error message saying “in home viewing only” smh…so happy I switched to FiOS.

  • Jeff Younce

    I’m amazed at how a company such as Con-Cast can deceive, lie and mislead consumers and basically steal money they have no right to. Case in point. When I signed up they said my phone voice and DVR was included in the pricing and when I get billed, I’m being charged extra. After a 1 hour “Please hold” I finally spoke to a live human being who said they would reverse the charge and honor the terms and when I receive next months bill, there it is again! I said I wanted to cancel and they said it would be a extra termination fee and I was one day to late. Every month there are additional hidden fees I never heard of. In one year the cost have gone from 119.00 to 190.00. I wouldn’t be surprised if I get a Fee charged for the coax cable and the air vents on the DVR. Most unethical, disgusting POS company I have ever dealt with and every consumer watchdog agrees. In the UE or any other country Con-Cast would be shutdown and there executives jailed. But in most countries Big Business doesn’t control the Govt such as Con-Cast Lobbyist do!

  • Truth seeker

    This company is absolutely ridiculous!
    I have never seen such ignorance from so many people in my life! My wife received 3 iPhone x’s 256 gig models from them that she did not order???? And has been in the phone with 9 different people including supervisors and the fraud department for 4 days!! And not a single person can tell her why these phones were ordered through her account by someone else’s credit card that apparently didn’t even have the money in said account to pay for the phones?? But they shipped them anyways without even a single paper trail on there end showing that they sold the phones! So to make a long story short Had we not contacted them about it they would’ve never even known that we had the phones but obviously concerned that my wife was a victim of identity theft which upon investigation is not the case all they can tell us is they have no idea how it happened….. what????
    She is still attempting to escalate this, and hasn’t even received an apology from anyone the only thing they were concerned about is getting the phones back immediately or they were going to charge us for 3 phones a new account and phone plan we had nothing to do with! They just keep lying to her and transferring to other people And nobody can tell us why or how this happened this is obviously a mistake on their end and they don’t want to admit it nor do anything about it needless to say we will no longer be doing business with this company ever again their Internet sucks they do have hidden fees and I advise everyone to stay away!

  • Clemente Villalobos

    Unfortunately they almost have a monopoly with cable services. I guess with that, you can expect the type of poor customer service and business practice this organization is doing. We can only report to the State Attorney General and the Federal Trade Commission for them to look into this matter. Contact Jesse Jones at Kiro TV News and he’ll look into this matter.

  • ANDY G H


  • marla mcintyre

    Comcast is the most unprofessional business I’ve ever dealt! The employees are not traine, EXTREMELY RUDE AND COULD CARE LESS ABOUT YOU! Their only concern is their paycheck! The company says they have been made aware of their reputation, of course they have bc anywhere u go whether it be internet, social media or word of
    Mouth chances of U hearing anything positive is slim to none!! I’ll give u good example!!!! This sad place of business drafted my bank account w out my authorization causing $210 in NSF fees on my bank account! I was told by 2 supervisors that the $210 would be reimbursed in a way of crediting it to my Comcast account! Almost 3 months later I’ve yet to see my money and I’ve been disconnected twice bc of it. Despite the fact that this was their error, they still felt the need to charge reinacfive fees totaling $74!! After being on hold and the phone for up to
    3 hours each time I’ve called to resolve this over the past 3 months, I called back today to see why I’ve been lied to over and over after being a loyal Customer for many years! The response I got from a Comcast supervisor was “this isn’t my problem! This is not a Valid credit so call ur bank bc nothing will be done here!”
    Then this absolutely unprofessional supervisor hung up in my face! Comcast took $158 payment they weren’t authorized to take and $210 out of my pocket not to mention left a mark on my credit w my bank! Im a single mother that lives day to day and this amount of money is a huge deal to me! They made one mistake tho! They did this to a person that won’t give up! My next step is the attorney generals office!
    With all that said I’d suggest going any other route other than Comcast! After dealing w them, after they take from u what is not theirs u will u will wish u had gone anywhere else , I PROMISE THAT!!! If att&t ever expands to places that they can’t deliver cable too right now, Comcast will be sorry bc I am 100% sure they will lose 85% of their business as they should!

  • unclebarb

    Comcast demands you live up to some deal . Problem is they always change the deal by raising prices and playing around with the package you pick. They take away channels that made you pick a package and then demand that you stick to some agreement when they sure do not.

  • Angela Morris-Long

    Comcast/Xfinity is terrible. My elderly parents are in memory care, and they have a hard time seeing and using the remote. I received a bill for over $600 the first month, and called to see why. They explained that by pushing the wrong buttons on the remote, that my parents had ordered lots of pay-per-view channels and programming. After explaining the situation (to probably 5 different people), they agreed to remove the charges and put a note on the account stating that I would need to approve any changes to the programming. Basically, three months later, they charges are still there, and I’ve spent HOURS on the phone trying to get this resolved, but have not been successful. Finally cancelled service. So incredibly frustrating! DO NOT use them!

  • Stan Nevedomskis

    This is a story how Xfinity cheat their customers. In a nutshell, it’s hard to believe that a huge company like Xfinity could act this way.

    Story nr 1.
    I used Xfinity internet services and paid $80/month at the same time when a friend of mine living in the same building using the same services with the same speed paid $60. The service I am talking about is the Internet package to 200/mbps with BlastPro package and no annual contract. But the story not about this. Once I checked my bank account and saw that Xfinity charged me $104 per month. I contacted support, and they said, oh you know, you use our services more than 12 months, and the offer was active for 12 months that’s why we charge you more now. Without any notice, without my permission!
    I said, if the offer expired, disconnect me from the service, but who gave you the right to charge me more without my permission. I asked for the reimburse of the overpaid amount. After, the operator said, don’t worry I have an excellent offer for you, the same service with the same conditions but for $40/month. I clarified several times about the speed and contract length and other terms, etc., because the offer was suspiciously good. They sent me a contract with the price $40, I signed. After a month I paid $40 for the service, but on the second month, I saw a bill almost $80/month.

    I contacted support again, and they said I am a liar, and they couldn’t offer me the terms I described. I asked, why I had a bill $40 for the first month? That’s because we gave you credit for $20!!! That’s it. This is how Xfinity fu***ed me for the 1st time, but we agreed on the price $60/month.

    Story nr 2
    After a month, when I made regular monthly payment, the next day they disconnected me from the internet. I contacted them, they said, sorry, something went wrong, don’t worry I will restart the service for you. The internet was restarted, and after several days I receive an email, please sign an agreement and the agreement with entirely different terms I had before they disconnected me. The internet speed changed from 200 to 60mbps and with minimum 12 months contract. And this is how Xfinity is trying to fu*** me for the second time.

    Now I am chatting again with their support, spending my time and now I save copies of all the conversations, I have with them and recommend you to do the same if you deal with Xfinity.

    Goodluck you Xfinity if this is a way you do your business.

  • Bev Steiner

    To those who say Comcast has the worst customer service, they haven’t had Charter. The fees with Xfinity are very expensive ($8.00 for local broadcast, $6.75 for local sports, plus other smaller fees). That doesn’t include equipment/service fees. If you don’t get their premier package you have to pay $10 each for HD, DVR, and each additional box. Modem rentals are now $11. They get you on the modem rentals with the premier packages because they include phone and you must have a modem which supports it (they’re very expensive) whether you use it or not. I recently downgraded to just the Internet.

  • Friday’s_cat

    HD channels are NOT INCLUDED if you have an X1 box. One of our older Motorola boxes bit the dust and had to be replaced. The guy at the store trotted out an X1 box so I took it home and hooked it up. Several calls later and no HD channels. The only way I could get HD on the X1 box was fork over a $9.95 HD Technology fee on top of the Digital Preferred price.
    OH and BTW on the box that failed, Comcast wanted a $50 service fee for a technician to look at the box and say, “Yup, it’s going bad”.
    On the plus side I have their internet service with my cable modem and router download speeds are as good or better than advertised. Upload speeds are meh.

  • cbjr

    2 big points about their service 1) Their “HD” is often 720 and not 1080. 2) Most of the premium channels you pay extra for are only available in standard definition. Their response is that “the networks decide what they can broadcast in HD”.

  • Shc

    Was going to have Xfinity hook up cable and internet but they came out and cut wire to my satellite then made and excuse about leaving tools at other job then left and don’t have no service

  • Shc

    Xfinity is a scam paid to have service installed they came out walked around for a minute or so cut wire to my sattilite then said something about leaving tools at another site then left so I have no cable or sattilite rip off

  • Am Jones

    Xfinity/Comcast had an opportunity today to give me information on a promotion they sent me in the mail and they blew it by trying to bully me. Both the rep and supervisor wanted my credit card information so they could email me a quote. $50 to my card that would be refunded if I decide not to go with their plan.

    I’ve gone without internet for 2 half years to save money and wanted to review my budget and decide if and when I would want to start. The promotion ends May 20, 2018, yet they wanted to say they don’t know when the promotion ends and I need to make a decision now. The supervisor said that it was one of two things why I wasn’t deciding and asked which it was, I said neither. I let him know I wanted to look at my budget and decide. Then he went on to say how I need to have the internet with the world we live in….and I said “I have the library and my folks live right down the road” and based on his quote if I paid that in the 2 half years I didn’t have internet, I saved $687.00 or so. End of conversation.

    Based on this call I think I ‘ll go another year and save $300 plus and continue to pay off some debt with it.

  • Kate Webb

    I had Xfinity cable until today. Swapped to streaming and just wanted to post my experience. The first call was to the cancellation department. I shopped around, read reviews and did my channel shopping. I told the rep that I wanted to lower my bill without losing hbo, max, show, and Starz. I had some tech questions and she stated she would patch me over and call me back in one hour. The tech was as good as the first rep. She got me comfortable on switching over, walked me through a few things and offered suggestions. I decided to run to Walmart and get two $99 Roku boxes for my Vizio tv’s. You can use Xfinity cable boxes but I decided to save some bucks over the long run. Rep said to download Xfinity Stream app. Easy breezy set up to tv’s. Rep called back exactly as stated. Rep texted new bill and I clicked where it said…done. $250 bill dropped to $128 per month. Very easy. Rep and tech were most helpful. Perfect streaming (Blast speed Internet with stream package=$128) and no issues as of yet. Very happy!

    • Kate Webb

      Okay, now for round two. Have the streaming for over a week now. Yesterday half my channels disappeared. Called and was escalated to tech. Tech calls me at 8:15 am (wow!), I jump out of bed and go check the channels. Nope, still missing msnnbc, cooking, ESPN, food network plus more. I have to ask him to repeat himself multiple times. His accent was so bad that I had to ask for his supervisor. He states that it is too early and they aren’t in! He tells me that the streaming package I have doesn’t have all the shows I had before. Now this is something I stressed before swapping over and I was assured that I would still have everything. And I spot checked channels prior to the change. I finally gave up on this guy and asked to be transferred to cancellation. I explained that I had all channels with streaming and did not have cable boxes hooked up. She tells me that it is impossible(!) without cable boxes. Wow! And that they don’t stream those channels! She says I will have to get cable boxes and the intro deal for two TVs is $220! Wow! Good bye Comcast!

  • Allen Leigh

    And so we will go and hope they give you all the service you need!!!!!

  • twmissmt

    I don’t have to even write a review. All I have to do is regurgitate that which has come before me that reflects my exact sentiments:

    – Xfinity is an AWFUL company. With a market monopoly, they fully take advantage of their customers.

    – I hate Comcast, they have the WORST customer service, they will actually lie to you, and mess up your service. They need to go away!!!!!!

    – Consistent technical issues with the connection. Got sent eventually to “tier 3 support” who just passed me off again.

    – Biggest POS service there can be. Constantly in your pocket with fees.

    – Horrible service, awful tech support and the WORST costumer service. Don’t waste your time or money with this company. They overcharge, change your rate without consulting or reaching out first and god forbid you have to move to a new place.

    Need I say more …

  • Kristine Yang

    Comcast’s door to door salesmen are total dicks. They came to our home with no respect at all, they questioned my brother with personal questions several times even when he mentioned he was not interested in whatever they were selling. “Well how would you know you’re not interested? You didn’t even get your mom.” -“tell your dog to stop barking..” -“oh so you’re not the decision maker?” Like bitch shut the fuck up, if we say we are not interested, it means we are not interested!

  • sandy scott

    I ca not wait until March 2019 when I no longer have to have Comcast. I have had nothing but problems since March . Every day my internet goes out. Call all the time and hear the same thing over and over. Then send someone out and he had to fix some wires. Got my bill and I’m being charged 60.00 for him coming out . First i was never told I was being charged for a guy to come to my place . Why am I being charge for something that is Comcast fault not mine. Also I’m using so much data and I only have a phone and a tv . Went over last month and was told it’s ok we give you 2 months free for going over. Really. I shouldn’t be going over. Called about the 60.00 to be told by some guy that I could hardly understand that he can only give me a 10.00 credit and he could lose his job over it. Really what a bunch of crap. If you are reading this and are thinking of getting Comcast run as fast as you can to get away. Worst company ever. Terrible customer service.

  • Stephanie Demmons-O’Brien

    So disappointed I have been a loyal customer of Comcast for years. I left the country for a few years, but immediately re-opened an account upon returning last year. I have always managed to negotiate a fair rate annually, but sadly, this year was not to be. Wth so much competition, and so many leaving cable for live-streaming, you would think that long time customers would be valued. Times have changed, and so i take my business where the rates are more fair. Sad – it was always a solid company to deal with.

  • Mareike

    Gave Comcast a second chance last week to bundle both Internet and tv with the same provided. That lasted about 4 days. Nothing has changed. They are still as incompetent as ever to provide acceptable customer service. From installation to cancellation a total fiasco. One hand does not know what the other is doing. Customer Service reps on the phone have no power and authority. No one can push through an appointment when need be to make sure customers you have been extremely inconvenienced can have a sense that Comcast is trying their best to make it right. Nothing is offered to compensate for anything they do wrong. I wish the company would just go bankrupt already. A company that cares so little about their customers and is so incredibly incompetent should not be allowed to conduct business. Even though I just canned Comcast for the second time now unfortunately I am dealing with them again a week later on behalf one one of my own customers and surprise surprise…. another sh… show. I don’t really understand it. ic all dish and I get excellent customer service every time they make every effort to go above and beyond and even offer something in return for any troubles but Comcast don’t expect anyone to offer you anything when they mess up. Shame on you Comcast. You TV ads claiming things have changed are about the biggest lie ever. If you would invest that kind of money consulting with Dish on how to improve customer service and how to run a business your money would be 1000x better spent. Rant over!!!!! Not even sure why I am even writing this because Comcast does not care and will not do anything to change its ways anyway.

  • Tracie

    Will be switching my services when contract is up. I have had a tech out 4 times in 2 weeks. I have to pay a bill for service I cant use. This time I’ve been without cable and wifi for 2 days now it will be 2 more days before they can get another person out to do what was supposedly done 2 techs ago last week.

  • Bijan Davari

    In our area, they are a monopoly. We have been using Comcast (now Xfinity) since 1992; i.e. 28 years now. My only issues with them is their increasing hunger to charge their customers. In the middle of this Coronavirus misery, they just increased their ridiculous “Franchise Fee” from almost $9 by another $4 or so. On top of this, we pay “local sports” fee, which are all extra, in addition to their “regular” high charges for their TV service. Why aren’t these included in their service? Next time, they may start to charge things like “CNN special broadcasting fee” or “PBS franchise fee”. This recent addition, to me, looks more like a price gouging for a service that customers need more than ever before because we are confined in our homes, and Comcast knows it well, and wants to take advantage of it.

  • Andy A

    This company is stupid. You can’t reach customer service unless you go through Computer voice. This is hard people like me who don’t speak English or unable to understand what the Computer says. I hope this will reach to whoever works on this. Most agents also don’t disclose the terms. They should understand Honesty. I don’t recommend to anyone