Comcast Xfinity X1 DVR Review

Xfinity's X1 might be pricey, but its technology might be the best in the industry
Overall Rating 3.5 out of 5
Stores 60 HD / 300 SD recording hours
Smooth technology
Lots of monthly fees

What’s so great about the Xfinity X1 DVR?

This set-top box gives you access to loads of entertainment, a decent DVR storage space, and top-notch technology.

You can stream Netflix, get what you want in seconds with a voice remote, and get daily access to news and weather.

But let’s take a deeper dive into the details to find out if the X1 is right for you.


  • You'll get 500 GB of DVR storage space
  • The X1 provides smooth technology
  • It comes with a voice remote control


  • The X1 can get expensive
  • It doesn't have as much storage at satellite TV DVRs

Let's see if Xfinity is available in your area.

How much does Xfinity’s X1 DVR cost?

Unfortunately, Xfinity has a big list of fees. And most of those fees are for the X1 set-top box.

Your first TV box is $5 per month, and the additional TV box for your living room downstairs will be $10 per month. And you’ll likely want crisp HD channels ($10/month) and DVR storage ($15/month).

So … your X1 experience will be $40 per month on top of the monthly package price.

At least Xfinity gives you a free self-install kit and shipping (*shrugs shoulders*).

How much are the fees for Xfinity's X1 DVR?
FeesMonthly price*
First TV box$5.00/mo.
Additional TV box$9.95/mo.
HD technology fee$10.00/mo.
DVR fee$14.95/mo.

*Data effective 12/2/2020.

If you want to know more about other fees Xfinity has, check out our full Xfinity TV review.

How many hours of DVR storage does Xfinity’s X1 have?

The X1 can store 60 HD or 300 SD hours, and your recordings will save indefinitely.

This may be enough for a small family or a family who may just record programming here and there.

But if you want more storage hours because you’d like to record and store movies (so you have them at your demand), then you’ll want an additional TV box to double your storage space.

You’ll just have to pay $30 per month for the DVR service of both X1s.

But DVRs can be a lifesaver when you know you’ll be driving home during the kickoff for the first NFL game of the season or during Dancing with the Stars.

How much storage space does the Xfinity X1 have?
DVRStorage spaceStorage hoursSimultaneous recordingsDVR service fee
X1 DVR500 GB60 HD or 300 SD hours6$14.95/mo.

How does Xfinity’s X1 compare to other DVRs?


Well, the X1 is one of the best DVRs when compared to other cable TV providers. But not so much when compared to satellite TV DVRs.

The DIRECTV Genie holds 200 HD hours, and the DISH Hopper 3 holds 500 HD hours.

And DIRECTV’s DVR is included while the DISH’s is $5-$15 per month (but DIRECTV’s packages are pricier in the long run because of the second-year price hike).

But if cable TV or Xfinity is what you want, and you’d like more DVR storage hours, why not add an external hard drive starting at $48?

Then you won’t have to worry about creating more space for your Lifetime movies after your spouse recorded the Fixer Upper marathon.

How does Xfinity’s X1 work?

Pause, rewind, and fast forward live TV, or schedule a recording up to two weeks in advance (so you don’t miss the first episode of the last season of Last Man Standing).

Xfinity’s X1 has an easy-to-use guide, a hands-free voice remote, and some extra features you’ll likely use.

Pin icon
X1 may also refer to the “X1 Experience,” which is the updated channel guide/recording interface software.

How does the X1’s Guide work?

Access the standard guide when you click the Guide button, but when you click the Guide button twice, you’ll get more options.

From left to right, you can choose to see the following:

  • All Channels
  • Free to Me (on-demand titles)
  • HD channels
  • Favorites (channels you’ve favorited)
  • Trending (current popular shows)
  • Movies
  • Sports
  • Kids
Xfinity X1 guide options

Some guide features you movie buffs might enjoy are cast and crew information and movie reviews and ratings.

When you hover over a program in the guide, click info. Here you’ll find Series and Movie Info to find more information about the actors. You can even set up recordings based on your favorite actors or directors!

Additionally, when you hover over the program, you’ll see a Rotten Tomatoes and audience ratings on the right-hand side. No one wants to waste their time watching a movie with a critic rating of 50% or less.

How does the X1’s voice remote work?

Say your command into the voice remote, and voila! You get what you asked for within seconds.

Just say “ESPN” or “Watch Paw Patrol.” You can also ask questions like “When is the next Chiefs game?” or “What’s on tonight at seven o’clock?”

Another convenient feature we like on the remote that we had to mention: when you click the Last button, a pop-up at the bottom of the screen lets you see the last eight or so channels or recordings you recently watched.

So you can just quickly jump to your favorite channel you watch every day or to the This Is Us recording you didn’t finish.

What extra features can I expect on my X1?

First of all, you can stream NBC Peacock, Netflix, Hulu, Prime Video, YouTube, Amazon Music, Pandora, iHeartRadio, and NPR One.

And the X1 has some cool built-in features, such as sports stats, weather, and news. So if you’re looking to consolidate your daily activities from the couch, these features are convenient.

While you’re cleaning the living room or kitchen, you can throw on Pandora and listen to your favorite jams.

If you pause your movie because your spouse has to use the restroom for the third time, the X1 will keep you entertained with rotating images. There will be beautiful pictures of animals and landscapes while recent news headlines pop up on the bottom left corner.

Recap: Is Xfinity’s X1 worth it?

The X1 isn’t applauded for nothing

Xfinity’s X1 is worth it if you fall into the following categories:

  • You don’t have a DVR (record those MLB games or cooking shows)
  • You have Xfinity’s TV and internet service
  • You like the idea of a Cloud DVR so you can watch your recordings on any of your devices anytime
  • You want to record six shows at once (perfect for families)
  • You want to set up a recording from your smartphone

If one of these categories made you raise your hand, the X1 would be worth it for you and your family.

If not, you can save money by not paying those pesky fees (and use it toward movie snacks).

Check out our Xfinity TV Review to find out more about channel lineups, bundles, and compatible devices.

What do you think?

Do you have Xfinity’s X1 DVR? What’s your experience with it been? Or do you like a different DVR better? Drop us a comment below!

  • smb

    Its not exactly what they promise- there are only a ridiculous subset of channels available when not on your home server- like almost useless. The DVR quality is mediocre to horrible- by no means is it ever HD or even Tivo quality by a long, long shot. Their own people seem to have no clue what it does and doesn’t do so I have been told diametrically opposed things/lies by salespeople and techs. It is still Comcast so prepare for horrendous customer service. I switched from a legacy/Tivo combo which worked way better all around and I am considering switching back

  • prisoner223

    Those are all features that are part of X1, and have been for quite some time. Not exactly sure what you’re suggesting we need to catch up on. The X1 platform is by far the most connected and integrated platform of any TV/phone/internet provider in the world. Nothing else even comes close.

    • rudeboyrg

      “The X1 platform is by far the most connected and integrated platform of any TV/phone/internet provider in the world. Nothing else even comes close.” You didn’t really say this with a straight face did you? PS VUE as a streaming service destroys the DVR functionality. Dish satellite kills it and even Uverse tops this system. X1 is considered by many as by far the worst when it comes to integration, and DVR capabilities. It loses in virtually all areas.

    • Terrill Johnson

      Too bad none of those features work when the internet is down. You are stuck watching one channel even though you’re paying for hundreds.

      • Rafael Swinney

        Not true you can still watch tv if the internet is not working

        • Terrill Johnson

          Yes, the tv still works but you can’t change channels with the remote, in fact you can’t do ANYTHING with the remote. (X1)

  • Squidly 🇺🇸

    Because we’re the greatest country this planet has ever known. Now zip it or we’ll invade and occupy your stupid country because of your back talking big mouth! Lol.

  • Thoughtfully Yours

    So Delores…have you ever lived in another country? Lived there and not just visited? I actually don’t care, but you sound rather naïve about international affairs. A statement like “no countries are SUPERIOR….only DIFFERENT” appears to be the kind of nonsense spouted by a person who doesn’t understand the United States of America and our role in a very real, very wonderful, and yet, very dangerous world.
    At it’s most basic level, America (USA) is internationally accepted as a “super power”. We did not make that up. It’s a simple fact like gravity, and for good reasons. We are superior economically, academically, politically, technologically, socially, intellectually, etc. Yes, I am proud of this country. Not so much because of our superior attributes but how we came by them.
    The key to understanding the USA is in knowing the value we place on freedom. Freedom is the heart and soul of the USA. Because of this, this American will always support (even fight for) your right to say whatever you want without fear of retaliation, prosecution, or humiliation even when we disagree. Our freedom is what makes us different in the world. It is our freedom and our success in promoting and defending it is what makes us superior and different in the world.
    I bid you peace.

    • Jordan Ketterer

      Have you ever noticed that Canada is just a free, and lets be honest, more free in many ways. and to say that the usa is superior “economically, academically, politically, technologically, socially, intellectually, etc” is just naive.
      American citizens are the most in debt persons on the planet, and the country as a whole is not much different.
      Academically things are only superior because you don;t allow any others standards have meaning in your countries. countries all over the world have higher rates of academic success. see in other countries you don’t need to give an arm and a leg and the first two children to go to school, and the standards are actually higher because everyone is working together to accomplish something rather then against each other.
      politically? well you kind of have to understand that this would be very subjective. By this i mean you will think that your politics are the best if you think that you are the best. Americans are so afraid of socialism that they are breaking the capitalism just to stay away from it.
      Technology, ha ha this is laughable, maybe just if your talking about military tech. Look at some other counties, like japan, and many European countries. Here in Canada, we have used and trusted chip and pin tech for years and tap(nfc payments) for just about as long. Look at the cellular systems in place around the world (and interestingly how the usa’s 4 company monopoly and locked phones make the whole statement of “Freedom is the heart and soul of the USA” kind of funny. you have so many monopolies and allow corporations to take away your “FREEDOM”.
      As for socially, I don’t really know if you mean you have social get together and parties or you mean socialism and working together for a common good.
      Intellectually you do have an edge in some things, but remember you also have some of the most nonintellectual people also. and i don’t know why you wanted to mention academic and intellectually.

    • Johnny Walker

      If we live in a free country in the USA then why can’t we choose our president instead of having some archaic system called the Electoral College. Unless you have served as an elector, you have never voted for president in your whole life! You only vote for some electors who then choose for you. Do you think that is the land of the “free”. At least in Canada and the UK they get to vote for their prime minister.

  • ufoclub1977

    Just got of the chat with Xfinity support, and they are telling me to take my new x1 boxes and trade them in for standard x1 boxes. The reason? The newest x1 boxes have a type of digital noise reduction or skin smoothing effect built in that you cannot turn off! It makes skin and faces and other areas of the image lose detail. Erases blemishes and pores… that you should be seeing in 1080 HD! There’s an example right on their own message board if your scroll down:

    I noticed it immediately watching these last episodes of Game of Thrones on HBO… thought I was losing my sight! I think Xfinity is aware of this. They took away all the detailed menu options for customers to turn off stuff like this on the new boxes. 🙁

  • Ron Turner

    I have X1 and used to be able to download a program from my DVR to my mobile device, then watch it on my TV. I can no longer do this, any idea why they took is feature away?

    • Jerilyn Johnson

      Maybe you were watching it on demand on the tv while it was still on the mobile device. On demand comes up as an option for “Ways to watch”.

  • William Holmes

    My X1 will not record some HD stations. defaults to non-HD.

  • mnedes

    the xfinity dvr boxes are huge honking piles of feces. A joke in this day and age for the box to be so big.

  • Sarah Gopher-Stevens

    Xfinity is getting worse. Contrary to your write up, you now CANNOT set a recording from anywhere. This is new. Xfinity just made the service less appealing. You CANNOT set a recording from your computer, your tablet, your phone. You can only do it from your TV at your home. TERRIBLE!!!!

  • barbzilla

    I also worked for Comcast for a few years (though I worked in internet and wifi) and while I do not agree with numerous corporate policies and decisions, I can agree with you that for the service they offer is typically far better than the majority of other companies, the main issues plaging them on the network and tv sides are the local stores sending antiquated and often untested machines that often have not had any of the requisite updates and maintence performed.

    I would often receive callers with issues that directly link to being given hardware that was already supposed to have been pulled and decomissioned. Sometimes this was because the cx had the device for an excessive amount of time, but most of the time it had just been installed by one of or techs. Thankfully the SIK’s were generally the new model device, but few customers want to do their own installs.

    As for the X1 itself, it is going in the right direction, but hasnt quite gotten there yet. This is very typical of new tech, and i still see it as a sign that they are trying to be more foward thinking (though honestly the old single def boxes were the best DVRs in the world without being a DVR at all. The on demand content was fully time controllable so there was no question if a comercial could be FF through or not. The X1 did away with this and while Comcast will flat out tell you that is just how their OnDemand content works now, it is a blatent lie. All they did was keep the old OD system and charge us more money to be able to access 60 shows of our choosing at any given time from that OD service or be forced to have to watch comercials period (even if you just accidentally rewound too far when you got distracted by the fact the New OnDemand system is about to make you rewatch that same 2-6 minute comercial break because the ir sensor sucks on the mini extention boxes.

    the service has great potential, but the dirty corporat dealings ensuring most customers have zero other options in their area giving them the financial foundation they need to push their services and their hardware closer to the top in hopes of being allowed to do business in cities that have denied them because of shady practices or bannend them from access there at all.

    enough ranting from me, i just wanted ti say hello and have a great day

  • Terrill Johnson

    When was the above article written? It states the X1 DVR can record 6 channels at once and an external hard drive will expand storage. My X1 “anyroom” DVR costs an extra $10.00/month, records 4 channels and will not accept an external hard drive.
    Also, when the internet is down the tv is locked on to one channel, can’t change channels or access the dvr.

  • Richard Wall

    I have talked with customer service rep, chatted on line with Xfinity and searched google. I have been unable to get a straight answer to this question. I currently have only TV service, not and do not want internet. If I upgrade to X1 will it work with the DVR and other features that I have with my existing equipment. Can anyone provide a yes or no answer that isn’t a maybe or a guess?

  • Gary Ruth Saxon

    Xfinity/Comcast is the worst TV service around. I am being charged for digital but getting analogy, they do not even have digital here but they sure charge for digital and laugh at you if you complain. STAY AWAY FROM THEM.

  • Ricky Pye

    This is an absolutely TERRIBLE system. I have had it for almsot two years now and it is one buggy mess. The modem/router is the biggest pile of garbage on the market. It has terrible range and it constantly kicks you off the internet. Plus dont let two people use the Wifi at the same time because that is when you really start to have problems.

  • Tim Max

    Not true! You CANNOT EXPAND the space on a X1 DVR with a external HD

  • GN

    All Comcast equipment is trash. The box in my house is completely unreliable.

    • Adrian Boslooper

      Agreed, and where is all the HD programming , not to receive BEIN Sport in HD is ludicrous
      36 premium movie channels and only 6 are in HD , a SD picture on a HD TV is useless

    • Ed

      I’m on my 4th set-top box in less than a month, only 2nd new modem

  • Maria Millett

    Hey There – we didn’t delete your comment. As you can see on all of our pages, we let people comment positive and negative reviews of the company. We manually approve comments and your comment came in when we weren’t in the office.

  • Stephen Aragon

    From experience, if you plan on using your own router to avoid paying the rental fee for the Comcast Gateway, be forewarned. It will not work with the wireless cable boxes, nor will it work with Xfinity Home security without them having to add an additional comcast router behind your own personal router. I had the TG3482G Gateway that Comcast provided but the wifi range would not reach my Ring Floodlight or Ring Doorbell. Comcast suggested I purchase their mesh devices to strengthen the signal, but why would I want to pay extra for something that worked with my previous AT&T router? I decided to go with a compatible router (ASUS CM-32) from their own website, only to find out that it can’t run the wireless cable boxes or home security. Had I known this prior, it would have saved me a ton of money in purchasing the ASUS. I just want to warn those of you shopping for Xfinity service, and if you want to use your own modem to save money, you will have issues. Make sure when the install is done, you have them connect your own modem because you will be charged another install fee if you decide to install your own modem afterwards. All of this could have been avoided if the TG3482G gateway they provided (which is their newest gateway to date) had an adequate wifi signal to begin with.

  • Ray Harrell

    Yes they do. Some titles aren’t available and won’t come up, but it does work.

  • Ray McGee

    The main Problem is that you CAN NOT turn off the New Set-Top box with your remote You have to turn it off manually. This could be a problem if your set-top box is out of site.

  • Ray McGee

    The “B” is for browsing. The video stream is condensed into a scaled window that hovers in front of the browser so you can keep watching and/or listening as you scroll and search.(This is No longer true as Comcast has disabled this feature.)

  • BB

    If I have had double play for about 5 years or so, how much would it cost to switch my old box and remote with a x1 box and remote?