Xfinity TV Service Pricing and Deals

You might have heard of Comcast Xfinity or Xfinity from Comcast—and to make it clear, Comcast owns Xfinity. By this point, either brand name is basically synonymous with “TV service” (usually combined with internet). But for today, we’re talking TV, and more specifically: pricing.

Xfinity TV  prices range from $70.99 to $104.99, not including taxes and fees, putting it in the middle of the road for costs.

For those prices, you’ll get anywhere from 140+ to 260+ channels and tons of on-demand shows and movies, and we’ve enjoyed watching back seasons of Adventure Time and King of the Hill as much as we had keeping up with Game of Thrones and Chernobyl. Premium channels are priced on-par with other providers, but HBO and SHOWTIME are included in top-tier packages.

Comcast Xfinity TV service has reasonable first-year pricing, with some packages having an option for no-contract terms. This usually costs $10 or so more a month.

The Xfinity X1 Cloud DVR includes a voice remote and costs $20 per month. Since it’s cloud based, you can access your recordings anywhere with your phone, laptop or tablet. You can also stream live TV and on-demand content from the free Xfinity Stream app using most devices, but you’ll have to pay for Xfinity internet too to access the service.

Xfinity by Comcast channel packages prices
PlanPriceTV channel countDetails

Comcast channel package prices can be a good deal for single users, but for homes with big families or roommates, prices can add up quickly.

Each set-top box will cost an additional $10 per month, and DVRs are $20 per month. Compared to DISH’s $10 per month DVR option and $5 per month additional receivers, Xfinity’s fees pile up over the term of your contract.

However, if you don’t want satellite TV from DISH or DIRECTV, then Xfinity offers the best option for most people. Some Xfinity TV plans include a month-to-month billing option or no-contract terms, which means you can avoid early termination fees if you decide to cancel your service.

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Comcast Xfinity tacks on extra fees to your advertised price, which is common for the TV and internet industries. Here are a few additional fees to watch out for:

  • Set-top box rental: Included
  • DVR rental: $19.95
  • DVR service: $9.95
  • Additional receivers: $9.95/mo. (each)
  • HD technology fee: $10/mo.
  • Broadcast fees: $10/mo.
  • Regional sports fees: Up to $8.25/mo.
  • Self-installation kit: Up to $29.95
  • Professional installation: Up to $60
  • Early termination fees: Up to $240

Be sure to read the fine print for your area’s Xfinity offers, as well as double-check your monthly bills. And be aware that come installation time, you may find out you need additional outlets or other modifications.

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What does single outlet service mean?
Xfinity typically uses a single outlet (where your cable enters the house) to install your service. If you end up needing additional outlets for other set-top boxes or modems, you’ll be charged an extra fee of $9.95 per month.

However, if you use your own device like a Roku or TiVo, you’ll get a $2.50 credit to your account, making the monthly charge $7.45 per month (prices vary).

Paperless billing and autopay

We recommend signing up for paperless billing and autopay to make your life easier and the planet a little greener. But just know that Xfinity doesn’t require it, and doing it doesn’t make your service cheaper.

That’s unusual. Other companies, especially mobile phone providers, make you sign up for autopay and paperless options to receive the advertised price (usually a $5, maybe $10 discount per month from regular price).

Need phone, home security, and internet service?

You can get Xfinity Double Play, Xfinity Triple Play, or Xfinity Quad Play packages too. Your TV works as a hub for all of these services, and you usually can lower your total price by bundling these services together.

You can combine these services however you want, but the most popular option is the Triple Play package with TV, internet, and phone service.

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