Best Live TV Streaming Service Providers Review

If you’re cutting the cord, streaming can save you big money. Just don’t go overboard with add-ons.
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Last year, we picked DIRECTV NOW as the best live TV streaming service for most people. Now the service is called AT&T TV NOW, and if you want the look and feel of a big cable provider without the one- or two-year contracts (and all those nasty fees), it’s your best bet.

At this point, AT&T TV NOW is still our top pick, despite a few package changes to channel count and price—every provider got a little more expensive this year, but most packages are a little better, too.

Our other picks are tailored for value shoppers (Sling TV), life-long learners and enthusiasts (YouTube TV), binge-watchers (Hulu + Live TV), and those who want the best user experience (PlayStation Vue). We also added some new honorable mentions for Live TV service.

If you’re not sure what live TV streaming is, you should jump below.

Streaming services prices, plans, and features
AT&T TV NOWSling TVHulu with Live TVYouTube TVPlayStation Vue
Best forBest for mostBest valueBest for TV binge-watchersBest DVRBest streaming quality
DVR priceIncluded$5/mo.Included or $9.99/mo.IncludedIncluded
DVR hours20 hrs.50 hrs.50 hrs. or 200 hrs.Unlimited (9 mos.)Unlimited (28 days)
Max streams available*342 or unlimited**35
DetailsView PlansView PlansView PlansView PlansView Plans

*At premium level of service
**Requires $14.99 per month upgrade

AT&T TV NOW doesn’t make you upgrade to get the majority of popular channels (including HBO), making it an easy pick for people switching from cable or satellite TV service. While Sling TV’s pricing beats out the other providers, you gotta make sure that price includes the channels you want.

YouTube TV stands out with its great price per channel, meaning your money goes a long way. Hulu’s pricing is very reasonable—but you’ll pay for the DVR upgrade and unlimited streams.

And PlayStation Vue may be expensive, but it does have great streaming quality, DVR storage, and the most simultaneous streams.

AT&T TV NOW: Best for most

The closest you can get to traditional TV without the long-term commitment.

AT&T TV NOW may help you transition to streaming TV better than other services. It’s a really good bang for the buck—not only in terms of high channel counts, but channels we actually care about, like ESPN, HGTV, and AMC.

Compared to Sling TV, Philo, and fuboTV, AT&T TV NOW’s higher channel count and local channel inclusions warrant the price. Plus, you don’t have to pay extra for DVR use (although that could use some improvement).

AT&T TV NOW packages

AT&T TV NOW’s offering a lot more packages these days, and each tier gained channels, but the prices went up a little since last year. Regardless, the channel lineups can keep everyone in the house entertained. It’s an especially good deal for the PLUS and MAX plans with premium channels included.

AT&T TV NOW prices and plans
Package namePriceChannelsDetails
PLUS with HBO$50/mo.45+View Plans
MAX with HBO and CINEMAX$70/mo.60+View Plans
Entertainment$93/mo.65+View Plans
Choice$110/mo.85+View Plans
Xtra$124/mo.105+View Plans
Ultimate$135/mo.125+View Plans
Optimo Más$86/mo.90+View Plans

AT&T TV NOW has higher channel counts than either Sling TV or PlayStation Vue. It’s not all about the numbers, though, and AT&T TV NOW knows that. The service gives you the goods even in its most basic packages.

Premium channels included on some packages

Last year, AT&T TV NOW (DIRECTV NOW) had really great pricing for premium channel add-ons, but now they’ve reverted to industry standard prices for premium add-ons. However, the company makes up for that by including HBO on the PLUS and MAX packages, as well as CINEMAX for the MAX packages.

AT&T TV NOW’s DVR isn’t exactly impressive

You get 20 hours of DVR storage included with your AT&T TV NOW subscription, and that’s it. You cannot upgrade it.

This is the lowest amount of storage for DVR out of any streaming service we reviewed. For some people, this may be plenty, but if you want to watch Top Gear all day while you clean, relax with reruns of Seinfeld, and then invite some friends over to binge-watch a whole season of Vikings, then you may want to look elsewhere.

Get AT&T TV NOW if you want . . .

  1. High channel counts
  2. A wide variety of news, sports, and entertainment channels
  3. A traditional TV provider feel without the long-term contracts
  4. Two streams included (upgrade to three streams for $5 per month)

Start your free 7-day trial with AT&T TV NOW or read our full AT&T TV NOW review for more details.

Sling TV: Best value

Balance inexpensive packages with customized add-ons to get the best bang for your buck.

Sling TV is a balance between cheap and customizable.

You’ll get channels like ESPN, HGTV, CNN, and Food Network for a pretty cheap price. And even with an add-on pack or two (HBO, anyone?), you’re still getting away for cheaper than most cable TV packages, especially when you take equipment and other fees into account.

Sling might be the best deal out there, especially if you’re not picky about missing certain channels, like Fox News. The only other thing we’d caution you about is you get only one stream per account with the Orange package. The Blue and Orange + Blue packages give you three and four streams, respectively.

Sling TV packages

While it’s unclear what “Orange” and “Blue” could possibly mean, we recognize that by going with either one, you may have to trade a favorite channel or two. We’d prefer something more organized by categories like “Entertainment” or “Sports,” but both packages have a little bit of everything, for better or worse.

Sling TV plans and prices
Package namePriceChannelsDetails
Sling Orange$25/mo.33View Plan
Sling Blue$25/mo.45View Plan
Sling Orange + Blue$40/mo.50+View Plan

If we had to get Sling, we’d probably get the Sling Orange + Blue package to cover our bases and then add the $5 per month for DVR use. However, at that price, you’re paying as much as other streaming providers like AT&T TV NOW, but getting fewer channels and a lower streaming quality.

Money icon
Limited promotional offer
Get Sling for 40% off your first month (effectively making each package $15 for the first month, or $25 for both). This offer is going on from now ‘til whenever they decide to change it. Might as well jump on it with a free trial.

Sling’s price can grow pretty high if you’re not careful with choosing your add-on packages, so show some self-restraint.

Mixed feelings for mixed packages

We have mixed feelings about Sling TV’s packages, to the point where we compared both Orange and Blue in another article.

The overlap of what you do and don’t get is strange. You have to get the combination Orange + Blue package to get a really broad overview of channels. And at $40 per month, AT&T TV NOW and YouTube TV have more channels.

However, for a basic package, Sling is one of the cheapest live TV streaming options out there (along with Philo, which we’ll talk about later).

No love for the locals

Out of all of our services, Sling TV has the worst local channel offering. That means no CBS (unless you add CBS All Access) and limited viewing of ABC, FOX, and NBC. You can always get an antenna, but if you don’t want to fuss between input menus, you’ll probably want to look to YouTube TV or Hulu + Live TV.

Get Sling TV if you want . . .

  1. A broad range of channels
  2. An inexpensive alternative to cable
  3. To customize your channels with add-ons
  4. International channels

Start your free 7-day trial with Sling TV, or read our full Sling TV review for more details.

Hulu + Live TV: Best for binge-watchers

Look no further to get your fix of the latest and greatest shows, but you’ll have to pay more to see them commercial-free.

Hulu is a binge-watcher’s best friend, especially if you want to keep up with current shows instead of re-runs from yesteryear. Hulu gets most new shows added as on-demand content either right after they air or the next day, which is better than the month- or year-long wait times from other streaming services.

Hulu has some of the best on-demand content out there, especially when you consider its original content like The Handmaid’s Tale.

Hulu with Live TV packages

There’s only one package, but you can still rack up your monthly price with add-ons from Hulu.

Hulu TV plans and prices
Package namePriceChannelsDetails
Hulu Limited Commercials + Live TV$44.99/mo.60+View Plans
Hulu + Live TV, Commercial-Free$50.99/mo.60+View Plans

You won’t gain any additional channels for upgrading your Hulu Live TV plan, but you won’t have to watch commercials—which, for some of us, is one of the purest joys that comes with Live TV streaming and on-demand content.

Loads of locals and on-demand content

Out of all the services we reviewed, Hulu Live TV had the most local stations available. That means catching the most popular shows on ABC, CBS, NBC, and FOX without the need for an antenna.

You’ll also get a big library of on-demand content, which means you can watch more shows on your own schedule. Even if you mostly watch live TV, wouldn’t it be nice to have the option to pull up your favorite shows?

Good perks, but they’ll add to your bill

To make Hulu + Live TV as great as it can be, you’ll have to add a lot to your monthly bill. For a commercial-free experience, add an extra $6 per month (no big deal for most of us).

However, for DVR use, you’re looking to add an extra $9.99 per month—which costs just as much as cable, but it’s the most expensive DVR option among streaming services.

And if you want more than three simultaneous streams, you’ll have to dish out another $10 per month for unlimited streams—at least Hulu dropped this price down by $5 per month. That’ll help bigger families share while staying within budget.

Hulu offers a bundle for Enhanced Cloud DVR + Unlimited Screens that makes them $15 together—$15 cheaper than it used to be, which helps with a slightly higher package price. Good job, Hulu + Live TV, we’re very proud of you.

Get Hulu + Live TV if you want . . .

  1. Tons of up-to-date on-demand content
  2. A great channel selection
  3. Original Hulu content (like The Handmaid’s Tale or Castle Rock)

Try out Hulu + Live TV’s free 7-day trial. For more info, read our full Hulu review.

YouTube TV: Best DVR

YouTube TV has a great DVR. Oh, and its got a solid selection of local channels too.

YouTube TV gives you a great selection of channels, perhaps the best DVR experience, and all the local channels.

Not only that, but YouTube also integrates its huge user-uploaded library—making it perfect for hobbyists, enthusiasts, and other life-long learners to gain insight from the comfort of their couches.

The major caveat with YouTube TV is that it might not be available in your area. It’s still rolling out, but it has most major metro areas covered.

You also get the content from YouTube Red included with your subscription. However, you don’t get the commercial-free benefit, which is disappointing because that’s our favorite YouTube Red feature. We don’t like ads getting in the way of our Adventure Time.

YouTube TV packages

YouTube makes it simple with just one package—which is great if it has what you need, but kind of a bummer if you want more sports or niche interest channels.

YouTube TV prices and plans
Package namePriceChannelsDetails
YouTube TV$49.99/mo.70+View Plan

YouTube TV’s only plan gives you over 70 channels for $50 per month, which is a pretty good bang for your buck. On top of that, YouTube TV will also search regular YouTube’s library for related content—but if you’re looking for something specific, we suggest switching to the original YouTube app because YouTube TV’s app is hit or miss sometimes.

Unlimited DVR storage for nine months

YouTube’s DVR is more like an on-demand library, but you can choose which shows you automatically “record” and have pop up in your feed. You don’t have any storage restrictions, but the recordings get erased after nine months. Which, to be fair, means you have plenty of time to get your binge-watching act together.

Good, but not the highest, channel counts

While you may find the endless stream from YouTube’s library stimulating, when it comes to actual live TV channel counts, it lags behind other providers like DIRECTV NOW, Sling TV (with add-ons), and PlayStation Vue. If you like what it offers, great, but if you’re an endless channel surfer, you might want to catch a different wave.

Get YouTube TV if you want . . .

  1. Unlimited DVR storage (9 months)
  2. Great price per channel
  3. YouTube Red originals (with commercials, unless you upgrade)

If you want, you can check out YouTube TV free for 7 days, but for just a bit more detail, read our full YouTube TV review.

PlayStation Vue: Best streaming quality

We applaud PlayStation Vue for its user-friendly and stylish interface, but it comes at a heavier price than other streaming services.

We think Sony did a great job with PlayStation Vue by keeping the user in mind. Every button is clear, and the interface really makes it an enjoyable experience. We were just a little disappointed to see that the price is so high.

Aside from that, PlayStation Vue lets you explore while watching your show, has unlimited DVR storage for 28 days, and comes with up to 90+ channels.

Reminder: PlayStation Vue does not require a PlayStation console to work. You can use about every streaming device option out there.

PlayStation Vue packages

PlayStation’s packages are decent, but not as comprehensive channel-wise as we’d like.

PlayStation Vue plans and prices
Package namePriceChannelsDetails
Access$49.99/mo.45+View Plans
Core$54.99/mo.60+View Plans
Elite$64.99/mo.90+View Plans
Ultra$84.99/mo.90+View Plans

PlayStation Vue does a great job of giving you the major networks, but it may be missing some big players like A&E or Nickelodeon. That being said, we found plenty we liked even in the Access package. While PlayStation isn’t the cheapest service, you’re getting the good stuff.

The Ultra package gives you SHOWTIME and HBO Now on top of your Elite channel lineup. That makes each package $10 per month, as opposed to a standard rate of $15 per month each.

The most simultaneous streams

For bigger families, or to spread the streaming wealth among your roommates, PlayStation Vue is a great bang for your buck.

The only other provider that can give you that kind of streaming power is Hulu with Live TV, for a price—it’s an extra $9.99 per month for unlimited streams with Hulu. Yeesh. PlayStation gives you up to five streams at every package level.

Unlimited DVR use for 28 days

PlayStation’s DVR isn’t quite as impressive as YouTube’s, but it’s enough to record all your favorite shows that you can watch within just another month. At 28 days, PlayStation has the February of unlimited DVRs, which is still better than AT&T TV NOW’s 20 hours for 30 days.

Get PlayStation Vue if you want . . .

  1. A solid selection of channels
  2. One of the best DVRs out there
  3. Great streaming quality

PlayStation Vue has a shorter free trial, but you can still get a great idea of it within five days. If you need to know a bit more, the full PlayStation Vue review will get you up to speed.

Honorable mentions

These services didn’t make our top five, but they’re still worth checking out.

If you’re not sold on our picks, you may want to consider these options, which are a little more niche.


Philo changed its plans and now it only has a single package of 58 channels for $20, compared to having a $16 option with 37. That’s a pretty nice channel boost for only $4 more a month.

Philo offers a great variety of entertainment and lifestyle options, but it lacks sports and local channels. It also has a 30-day DVR so you don’t have to miss your daughter’s ice skating practice to catch the latest episode of Chopped (would’ve been a hard decision, we know).

If you’re a fan of HGTV, Discovery Channel, AMC, TLC, IFC, and a lot more, this inexpensive option may be the best way to go.



We really like fuboTV, but it’s a little niche for most TV watchers. If you’re a fan of international sports (think fútbol/soccer, competitive cycling, etc.), then it may be the perfect answer for you.

To see if fuboTV has the right channels for you, check out our channel lineup comparison of AT&T TV Now (formerly DIRECTV NOW) vs. SlingTV vs. fuboTV.

CBS All Access


Paying six bucks for some of the most popular TV shows like Love Island, along with news, and sports isn’t a bad deal at all. Plus, you may need it if your streaming service doesn’t include local CBS channels. An added bonus of getting CBS All Access is getting exclusive shows like Star Trek: Discovery.

On the other hand, you may already be covered for most of your shows by your streaming service, or you could always opt for an antenna.

CBS is a better deal than it was last year, at least if you sign up for a full year. You can now get a 15% off with an annual plan.

We’re also glad to see CBS All Access now includes a commercial-free option. It bumps up the price to $10 per month—and that’s more than we think they should charge, but we hate ads, so we’re willing to throw money at CBS to get them to leave us alone.

AT&T Watch

at&t watch tv logo

We think of AT&T Watch less like a rival standalone service and more like a cool perk for AT&T mobile customers. It’s got a solid channel lineup, a decent price, and a 72-hour rewind feature, but as a whole, it doesn’t stand out in the crowd. It doesn’t help that you can only stream WatchTV on one device at a time.

AT&T Watch is free for AT&T Unlimited &More or AT&T Unlimited &More Premium plans. And If you have an AT&T mobile plan that includes AT&T Watch, streaming won’t count against your data allowance.

However, the picture quality is limited to standard definition (SD) for the regular AT&T Unlimited &More plan, and may be limited to SD at times with the &More Premium plan.

Also, AT&T has higher-than-normal pricing for premium channels. We’re not sure why anyone would pay $17.99 per month for HBO when the HBO NOW standalone service is $15. Yeah, you can access it in the same menu as your AT&T Watch shows, but saving that $36 over a year is worth switching between apps.

Amazon Prime Video

Prime Video Logo

Amazon Prime Video has plenty in the way of original shows and content. Having a Prime Membership opens up a lot of different benefits, too, like cheaper, faster shipping, and access to Amazon Music.

And Amazon Channels is a Prime Member benefit that gives you access to 100 channels, but not everyone has a Watch TV Live. We really enjoy Amazon Prime as a streaming service, but because of the limited live element, we didn’t feel like it was a proper top pick for this list.

HBO MAX (available in 2020)

hbo max logo

We don’t quite know how HBO MAX will pan out because its release is set for 2020. In general, it seems like a play by WarnerMedia to offer original content alongside live news, sports, and shows.

There will be a live TV element, but up front, it’ll be more like Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon Prime. The biggest shows featured will be Friends, Dune: The Sisterhood, and a Gremlins animated prequel series. We’re curious, but we’re not expecting to be blown away.

Recap: Which streaming service is best?

Finding the stream of your dreams is easy when you can try them all for free.

  • AT&T TV NOW’s high channel counts, wide variety of networks, and price make it our recommendation for most people.
  • If you want a less expensive option and local channels aren’t a big deal, then Sling TV offers the best value at a low price.
  • For the binge-watchers out there, Hulu + Live TV has the latest episodes and multiple full seasons of popular shows.
  • YouTube TV is great because it integrates live TV streaming with YouTube’s huge on-demand library.
  • PlayStation Vue is a great option with one of our favorite interfaces and DVRs, but it’s not exactly the cheapest streaming service we’ve come across.

How has your experience been with live TV streaming from online services? Tell us about your favorite experiences with the service, or if you’ve had any major horror stories—we wanna know!


Q: What is streaming TV?

Any service that provides a way to watch TV shows online can be considered streaming. However, in this article, we focused specifically on live TV streaming rather than the on-demand content of services like Netflix.

In other words, live TV streaming services give you a way to watch what’s on TV just like you would with cable, plus most of them have the benefit of time-shifted viewing, which means on-demand content and DVR (digital video recorder) capabilities.

Q: What do I need to watch streaming services?

How to stream live TV:

  1. Buy and install a streaming device (you may already have one).
  2. Try out a streaming service.
  3. Watch on the screen of your choice.

Get a livestreaming device

Most of the time, we use our laptops, cell phones, and Rokus to connect to our TVs, but there’s a wide array of options out there.

If you want to know how to stream live TV, here’s a list of the most popular streaming devices that work with your internet connection to deliver a signal to your screen—whether that’s your laptop, big screen TV, cell phone, or tablet.

Streaming service and device compatibility comparison
ServiceRokuAmazon Fire TVGoogle ChromecastApple TVDetails
AT&T TV NOW✔ Yes✔ Yes✔ Yes✔ YesView Plans
Sling TV✔ Yes✔ Yes✔ Yes✔ YesView Plans
Hulu + Live TV✔ Yes✔ Yes✔ Yes✔ YesView Plans
YouTube TV✔ Yes☓ No✔ Yes✔ YesView Plans
Playstation Vue✔ Yes✔ Yes✔ Yes✔ YesView Plans

As you can see, the only major exception is that YouTube TV isn’t currently compatible with Amazon Fire TV. Seems strange, but it has to do with a minor turf war between Amazon and Google (which owns YouTube).

Get an internet connection

Most of our providers don’t require a lot when it comes to download speeds, but here are some ways you can track down an internet provider if you don’t have one already.

Get a screen to watch on

  1. Cell phones (View on Amazon)
  2. Tablets (View on Amazon)
  3. Smart televisions (View on Amazon)

Any other questions? Let us know in the comments below.

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