Hulu + Live TV Review

Hulu has a top-notch mix of live and on-demand services, but add-on prices may have you looking for another streaming service
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Overall Rating 3.5 out of 5
DVR hours:
50 or 200 hrs.

As one of the most popular streaming services, Hulu + Live TV is undeniably a service most people can get behind.

With Hulu + Live TV, you get live TV channels, tons of original on-demand content, and premium channel add-ons all in one place.

We all know we could use a little simplicity in our lives, but keep in mind, you get a limited DVR storage and a lower number of channels compared to other live TV streaming services in the industry. We think that’s a big deal.

But read on to find out if this is the next subscription service for you and your family.


  • Hulu Live has decent pricing.
  • This streaming service has lots of original content.


  • Hulu Live, unfortunately, has a pricey enhanced cloud DVR.
  • Don't expect any major sports channels, like MLB Network.

How much does Hulu + Live TV cost?

It’s the price of a few takeout meals each month.

First of all, we should mention Hulu + Live TV’s monthly price is average. You aren’t spending more for what you receive.

And an awesome bonus that other services don’t have: the option to take ads completely out of your watching experience.

You won’t have to worry about watching two minutes of cologne and exercise equipment ads before your show starts. Just get to the good stuff!

Another bonus Hulu Live has now is the option to bundle it with ESPN+ and Disney+ for about $61 (which is $6 cheaper if you were to subscribe individually).

How much is Hulu + Live TV?
PlanMonthly priceTV channel countDetails
Hulu + Live TV (limited ads)$54.99/mo.65+View Plan
Hulu + Live TV (no ads)$60.99/mo.65+View Plan

*Data effective 8/26/2020. Price and channel inclusion vary according to location.

Does Hulu + Live TV have a contract?

No contract at all! Cancel whenever you need to save some money or if you switch to another streaming or TV service.

How much does Hulu Live’s DVR and unlimited screens cost?

Hulu Live doesn’t have any fees, but some add-on options can factor into the monthly bill.

You might be interested in these add-ons if you think 50 hours of cloud DVR storage is too little and would much prefer 200 (*raises hand*). Or maybe you have a family and would like to have an unlimited number of simultaneous streams instead of just two (*raises hand higher*).

How much are Hulu + Live TV's add-ons?
Optional monthly feesMonthly price*
Enhanced DVR (200 hrs.)$9.99/mo.
Unlimited screens$9.99/mo.
Enhanced DVR + unlimited screens$14.98/mo.

*Data effective 8/26/2020.

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Which channels does Hulu + Live TV have?

The live TV channels you’ll get with your Hulu Live subscription depend on your ZIP code—especially the local channels.

Check out the channel lineup in your area, but either way, you’re guaranteed a good variety. You will be able to watch your Hannity, and your daughters will be able to watch their Raven’s Home.

Hulu + Live TV channels include the following:

  • Animal Planet
  • Cartoon Network
  • CNN
  • Discovery Channel
  • Disney Channel
  • Food Network
  • FOX News
  • FX
  • HGTV
  • Lifetime
  • National Geographic
  • TBS
  • Telemundo
  • TNT
  • USA

Scroll down for the section that really matters—the sports section.

Which premium channels and add-ons does Hulu + Live TV have?

Hulu Live has all of the premium channels you need (besides EPIX) to add to your subscription conveniently. Talk about getting everything all in one place.

And these are the typical prices for premium channels for most streaming, cable, and satellite services.

How much are Hulu + Live TV's premium channels and add-ons?
ChannelAdd-on monthly price
HBO Max$14.99/mo.
Español add-on$4.99/mo.
Entertainment add-on$7.99/mo.

*Data effective 9/22/2020.

The Español add-on lets you watch news, sports, and shows in Spanish. The channels you’ll get with this add-on are the following:

  • CNN en Español
  • Discovery en Español
  • Discovery Familia
  • ESPN Deportes
  • History Channel en Español
  • NBC Universo

And the Entertainment add-on gives you a nice variety of cooking, lifestyle, and reality TV channels. The channels you’ll get with this add-on are the following:

  • American Heroes Channel
  • CNBC World
  • Cooking Channel
  • Destination America
  • Discovery Family
  • Discovery Life
  • DIY
  • FYI
  • Lifetime Movies
  • Science

Which sports channels does Hulu + Live TV have?

So you found yourself here in the most important section. And we are here to tell you that Hulu Live has a solid sports channel lineup.

You might not get the Tennis Channel or ESPN2, but any sports fan can appreciate the live TV channels you’ll get with your Hulu Live subscription. But don’t forget to type in your ZIP code to check the sports channel lineup in your area.

Sports channels included in Hulu + Live TV are the following:

  • ACCN
  • Big Ten Network
  • CBS Sports Network
  • ESPN
  • ESPN2
  • ESPN College Extra
  • ESPNews
  • ESPN U
  • FS1
  • FS2
  • Golf Channel
  • NBC Sports Network
  • Olympic Channel
  • SEC Network

How does Hulu Live work?

Hulu Live’s homepage will be similar to Hulu’s with rows of on-demand content to choose from, and you’ll also see easy tabs at the top of your window: Live TV, My Stuff, TV Shows, and Movies.

Under the Live TV tab, you’ll find a clean guide with arrows to find what’s on tonight. Just click on a program and click the record button. We also really like the genre options at the top, such as Sports and Kids.

Hulu Live guide

And lastly, we like the My Stuff tab. This is where you’ll find your recordings, but the best part is one for those who love organization or simplicity … your recordings are separated into categories.

Easily find what you want to watch in your recordings as they’re separated by TV Shows, Movies, Kids, Sports, and Teams.

But your recordings can be affected by the storage space of Hulu Live’s DVR. This is where Hulu Live lacks.

The DVR is subpar and you’ll want to upgrade

Get 50 hours for free or 200 hours for $10 per month.

Hulu Live’s cloud DVR comes with 50 hours of storage. That’s about 25 episodes of Brain Games and 12 movies.

This might seem like a lot of hours, but if you want to store TV shows or movies to watch months down the road, that 50 hours will fill up fast.

You’re likely going to want more hours on your DVR, so you’ll have to add $10 to your monthly bill for 200-hour DVR storage. That leaves your bill at $65–$71, whereas YouTube TV is $65 per month and includes an unlimited DVR space.

If you can live with limited DVR space because Hulu Live’s on-demand content is more important in your life, then don’t let us hold you back!

Screenshot of Hulu homepage on laptop

Which devices are compatible with Hulu + Live TV?

Well, of course, you need to watch your Hulu on-the-go or at home on a smart TV. So which devices and smart TVs can you use to watch the PGA Championship with the guys or a Lifetime movie with the gals?

Here are a few to choose from:

  • iPhones and iPads
  • Android smartphones and tables
  • Apple TV (fourth generation and up)
  • Amazon Fire TV and Amazon Fire TV Stick
  • Amazon Fire tablets
  • Xbox One and Xbox 360
  • Roku and Roku Stick
  • Google Chromecast and Google Chromecast Ultra
  • Safari and Chrome web browsers
  • Samsung and LG Smart TVs
  • Nintendo Switch

We should also mention that Hulu + Live TV suggests you have at least an 8 Mbps internet connection while using the app. (Not sure what internet speed you have? Test it out with our tool.)

Recap: Is Hulu + Live TV worth it?

Of course, it’s worth the hours of daily entertainment.

For $55 per month, you get over 60 live TV channels, on-demand content, and an included 50-hour cloud DVR storage. And how convenient is it that you have the option to cut out all disruption of ads for just $6 more?

We know we like that option.

But if you’re looking for a cheaper live TV streaming service, we recommend Sling TV.

If you don’t care too much for the on-demand content and would rather have an unlimited DVR storage, check out YouTube TV.

How much is Hulu + Live TV?
PlanMonthly priceTV channel countDetails
Hulu + Live TV (limited ads)$54.99/mo.65+View Plan
Hulu + Live TV (no ads)$60.99/mo.65+View Plan

*Data effective 8/26/2020. Price and channel inclusion vary according to location.

What do you think?

Do you have Hulu + Live TV? What’s your experience with it been? Or do you like a different streaming service better? Drop us a comment below!

  • L_Space

    Hulu DVR starts about 20 seconds before the show and records exactly 30 or 60 minutes, meaning you miss the last crucial 20 seconds on about half the shows; no option to extend that, even though they’ve been promising to do so for over a year. Shows also have glitches where the show locks up and you have to skip the next 10 seconds to continue (3 times in Young Sheldon this evening); consistently stops at the exact same point repeatedly, so it’s not a bandwidth or WiFi problem on my end. The guide shows live TV and what’s next, but you can’t scroll into the future like Satellite guides. DirecTV is far superior in all aspects, though more expensive. Looking to switch to a streaming service with higher quality, if it exists.

  • Spam dirontech

    I recently started my paid subscription to Hulu with Live TV. So far it has been great is you like to miss the beginning and end of sporting events. It also won’t let you start viewing a program from the start once it has started recording. This doesn’t look like it going to work out.

  • Manly Man

    Can we get a menu after clicking the video title instead of instantly playing the film.

    “Live” is too expensive NOT COOL.

    LGBTQ and black stories but no white history or straight section wth?

    I need a section with always sunny, 007, hateful eight, tombstone, half baked, django etc. And randomly add other badass movies

    Almost every show goes dramatic now I cant stand it.
    Also some of your shows could be cool but personally I dont wanna watch dudes make out.
    Leaves me with always sunny, the mick, and last man on earth.
    Although 2 of those are cancelled.

    Only super hero that’s not too dramatic doesnt have a tv show. And when deadpool get a tv show please god dont let it go dramatic

    When I rewatch always sunny I have to restart every episode. Instead it should have a button to reset the list to the beginning.

    P.S. Its Always Sunny in Philidelphia is #1

  • Bob Cull

    When you encounter a problem don’t expect any support! Yesterday they suddenly blocked the feed to my Firetv stick “because I’m “not connected to my home network. I am! It will play on my tablet connected to the same network!

    My pleas for help have been ignored. Not even an acknowledgment that they have received my MULTIPLE complaints!

    I have little doubt that if I do by some stroke of luck make contact with an actual human being I will be told to just watch on my tablet and that’s not going to happen! I’m not watching a 10 inch screen when my Firetv plays through a projector on a 10 foot screen!

    I’ve been a Hulu subscriber for a long time but I am seriously considering dropping it in favor of ANYONE who responds to a request for assistance! Disney is just another Fascist Industry run by robber barons who the robber barons of the late 19th century would admire greatly!