How to Stream NFL Games 2020–2021

Stream all of the NFL games every Thursday, Sunday, and Monday
  • YouTube TV
  • fuboTV
  • Hulu + Live TV
  • NFL Game Pass

We’ve got a few streaming service suggestions for when you need to stream your favorite NFL team’s games while you’re at work, your daughter’s basketball game, or church. We get it.

You’ll only find the full broadcasts of NFL games on Paramount+, ESPN, FOX, NBC, and NFL Network. So we’re going to let you know which streaming services have these channels, plus we’ll highlight the services that have the best channel on earth: the NFL RedZone Channel.

So, we’ll go over live TV streaming services, like YouTube TV and fuboTV, and we’ll also go over network apps like the Fox Sports Go and standalone services like NFL Game Pass.

Whether you’re a committed Cleveland Browns fan or a new Tampa Bay Bucs fan because Tom Brady is your idol, this one’s for you.

Which live TV streaming services are best for NFL games?

We have three suggestions for streaming all NFL games that are broadcast on television. And trust us, all three services are worth it if you don’t want to miss every snap of your favorite team.

If you want all five channels that air NFL games, the NFL RedZone Channel, and access to watch all games on your smart TV, smartphone, and tablet, then you’ll want one of the live TV streaming services.

A quick comparison for live TV streaming services for NFL games
ProviderMonthly priceAvailable channelsLearn more
YouTube TV$64.99*85View Plan
Fubo$33$79.99*158View Plans
Hulu + Live TV$64.99$70.99*65View Plans
AT&T TV NOW$55$139.99*140View Plans
Data as of 10/28/20. Offers and availability vary by location and are subject to change.
* Data as of 10/28/20. Offers and availability vary by location and are subject to change.

YouTube TV is the best option for streaming NFL games

YouTube TV is going to be the best live TV streaming service for NFL fans. YouTube TV is the only streaming service with all of the channels that broadcast NFL games: CBS, ESPN, FOX, NBC, and NFL Network.

And it gets better. YouTube TV also lets you add the NFL RedZone Channel to your lineup for the season for $11 per month. If you don’t know what the NFL RedZone Channel is, boy, you’re in for a treat.

You’ll get to watch the exciting red zone moments of every game during the Sunday morning and afternoon games. The NFL Red Zone Channel will jump to whichever team is inside the 20-yard line ready to score, and you’ll also get to see replays of crazy great plays, like pick-6s, one-handed grabs, and Hail Marys.

You’re going to want to find out more about the NFL RedZone Channel in our review and find out more about YouTube TV’s DVR with unlimited storage space. You’ll be able to record all (and I mean all) of the games.

fuboTV is best for sports coverage, but not necessarily complete for NFL

fuboTV makes it to our second pick for streaming NFL games for two reasons: it has three of the five channels you need, but fuboTV offers the NFL RedZone Channel.

fuboTV has ESPN, FOX, and NFL Network, but it doesn’t have your local CBS or NBC. So you won’t get to watch the Sunday Night Football games on NBC, but you could get Paramount+ for $6 per month for all of the games airing on CBS (more on that later).

fuboTV offers the NFL RedZone Channel in its Sports Plus add-on for $11 per month, the same price as YouTube TV.

Check out our detailed review on fuboTV or find out why we named fuboTV the best streaming service for sports.

Hulu + Live TV has four of the five channels NFL fans want

Hulu Live has CBS, ESPN, FOX, and NBC, but it doesn’t have NFL Network, nor does it offer the NFL RedZone Channel.

We’d say Hulu Live is excellent for fans of NFL and lots of on-demand content. You’re going to get access to most of the broadcast games, and you’ll get a library full of Hulu’s great originals, TV shows, and movies.

Find out more about Hulu + Live TV’s user interface, DVR, and plans in our full review.


Similar to Hulu Live, AT&T TV NOW has the CBS, ESPN, NBC, and FOX channels, but not NFL Network. And even though AT&T TV NOW has seven different packages, you get all four channels with the entry-level plan.

We should highlight that the PLUS package ($55/month) is the same price as Hulu + Live TV … but PLUS will give you 20 fewer channels than Hulu Live does.

There are some perks with getting AT&T TV NOW instead of Hulu Live, like getting a sufficient DVR storage space. AT&T TV NOW has a DVR storage space of 500 hours while Hulu Live gives you only 50 (sheesh). Take a look at our AT&T TV NOW review to see if it’s the right service for you.

Megaphone icon
Which are the best internet providers?
If you need a new, faster internet provider for seamless streaming so your game doesn’t freeze in the middle of a Hail Mary, you’re going to want to check out our top internet providers.

Which non-live TV streaming services are best for streaming NFL games?

If you don’t want a live TV streaming service, we have some standalone streaming services and network app suggestions.

Although we’ll give you network app options that require a cable or satellite TV subscription, we’ll also give you a couple of options that don’t require the traditional TV commitment.

Unlike the live TV streaming services, these services aren’t ranked. They’re just additional options for streaming that may be more convenient or less expensive for your wallet.

A quick comparison for streaming services for NFL games
Paramount+TypeMonthly priceDetails
Paramount+Streaming service$5.99-$9.99/mo.View Plans
NFL Game PassStreaming service$99.99/mo.View Plans
Amazon Prime VideoStreaming service$8.99-$12.99/mo.View Plans
Fox Sports GoNetwork appN/AView App
NBC SportsNetwork appN/AView App
WatchESPNNetwork appN/AView App
NFL MobileNetwork appN/AView App

*Data effective 12/21/2020.

Paramount+ gives you access to AFC games

This streaming service gives you access to all of the games aired on CBS and this season’s Super Bowl LV (for $6 per month!).

You’ll get to watch about three to six regular-season games per weekend, the Houston and Detroit Thanksgiving game, AFC Wild Card and divisional AFC Playoffs, and the AFC Championship Game. (There will also be a few NFC games in the mix.)

And if you haven’t already heard, there are going to be more playoff games this season! There will be three Wild Card games per conference instead of two (we know you’re as excited as we are). So more football for your buck!

Check out our Paramount+ Review review to find out if your streaming devices are compatible with this streaming service.

NFL Game Pass gives you on-demand full and condensed games

NFL Game Pass is a service for those who don’t mind watching the full or 45-minute condensed game after it’s aired.

So you can watch all of your Green Bay Packers games even if you live in Washington and can’t get the game on your local broadcast channels.

Not only does this standalone streaming service give you complete regular-season game replays (as well as previous season’s games), but NFL Game Pass also has one feature you can’t find anywhere else. You’re going to get access to all-22 angle coaches film to break down film like the pros. (Now, that’s fun.)

Amazon Prime Video lets you watch every TNF game

If you want to watch the Thursday Night Football game and you have an Amazon Prime Video membership, then you have the keys in your hands.

You’ll get every TNF game with Amazon Prime, along with free shopping, for the price of one takeout meal. Take our money.

Find out more about Amazon Prime Video in our review to see if it’s perfect for you (especially during the holiday season).

Use the Fox Sports Go app to watch FOX games on-the-go

If you want to watch an NFL game aired on FOX while you’re sitting in the long grocery store line, get the Fox Sports Go app and sign in with your cable or satellite TV provider.

Sign in, and then you can open up the app to watch the current game, which could be your Dallas Cowboys or New York Giants (and hopefully not disappointing you like the first few weeks of the season).

Watch all SNF games with the NBC Sports app

NBC often gets the best matchups for their primetime slots. Watch the Baltimore Ravens and Pittsburgh Steelers game on Thanksgiving Day through the NBC Sports app, as well as all Sunday Night Football games.

Sign in with your cable or satellite TV provider, and watch the game on your smartphone under the table during Thanksgiving dinner (we won’t tell).

Get MNF games with the WatchESPN app

Stream all 2020 Monday Night Football games on the WatchESPN app by signing in with your TV provider. You’ll also be able to stream up to 10 ESPN channels.

You’re not going to want to miss the battle of the birds in Week 12 when Seattle Seahawks take on the Philadelphia Eagles.

The NFL Mobile app is the one you need for the SB

Sign in with your TV provider on the NFL Mobile app and get local market games, some primetime games, playoff games, and the Super Bowl.

Keep in mind, you won’t be able to stream Sunday afternoon out-of-market games with the NFL Mobile app, but you’ll be able to watch national games, like when the New England Patriots play the Los Angeles Rams in Week 14 on TNF.

Recap: What is the best way to stream NFL games?

We found the best streaming options for you, whether you want to cut the cord and subscribe to a live TV streaming service or want to stream through your cable or satellite TV provider. (I mean, maybe this opens up the option to grab your parents’ sign-in details for Xfinity or DISH.)

Overall, we can say this about each of the streaming picks for watching NFL games this 2020 season:

  • YouTube TV: YouTube TV is the best live TV streaming option for all NFL football fans at $65 per month. You’ll get CBS, ESPN, FOX, NBC, and NFL Network. Not only will you get all of the channels for the full broadcasts, but YouTube TV also offers the NFL RedZone Channel in its Sports Plus add-on for $11 per month.
  • fuboTV: fuboTV has ESPN, FOX, NFL Network, and offers the NFL RedZone Channel. fuboTV ($65-$80/month) is also the best pick for sports because it has the most sports channels in the industry.
  • Hulu + Live TV: Both Hulu Live and AT&T TV NOW have CBS, ESPN, FOX, and NBC, but Hulu Live has 20 more total channels than AT&T TV NOW. Hulu also has lots of on-demand content, and you can choose to get the limited ads plan for $65 per month or no ads for $71 per month.
  • AT&T TV NOW: Although AT&T TV NOW only has about 45 channels, AT&T TV NOW is $5-$10 cheaper than Hulu Live, and AT&T TV NOW has 500 hours of DVR storage space instead of a measly 50.
  • Paramount+: Get access to all of the games aired on CBS, as well as AFC Wild Card, playoff, and Championship games for $6-$10 per month. Oh, and we didn’t forget … you can also stream the 2020 Super Bowl with Paramount+.
  • NFL Game Pass: For $100 for the season, get NFL Game Pass for full or condensed games after they’ve aired. You’ll also get access to all-22 angle coaches film.
  • Amazon Prime Video: When you subscribe as an Amazon Prime member, you can watch the full broadcast of all TNF games.
  • Fox Sports Go app: Watch all games aired on FOX on-the-go with this app when you sign in with your TV provider.
  • NBC Sports app: Sign in with your cable or satellite TV provider to watch the evening Thanksgiving NFL game, as well as all 2020 Sunday Night Football games.
  • WatchESPN app: You can watch all of the Monday Night Football games and 10 ESPN channels with this app when you sign in with your TV provider.
  • NFL Mobile app: This is the app you’ll want if you want to stream Super Bowl LV. Sign in with your TV provider and get local games, some primetime games, and playoff games on your smartphone.

What do you think?

Which streaming service do you think is the best for NFL games? Let us know what you think in the comments.