Verizon Fios Internet Review

With fast speeds, great service, and solid reliability, Verizon Fios might be the king of ISPs.
Internet Service Provider
Our Rating
Our Rating
PlanPriceDownload speedUpload speedDetails
Fios Internet 100/100$39.99/mo.100 Mbps100 MbpsView Plan
Fios Internet 300/300$59.99/mo.300 Mbps300 MbpsView Plans
Fios Gigabit Connection$79.99/mo.Up to 940 Mbps880 MbpsView Plan
PriceDownload speedUpload speedDetails
$39.99/mo.100 Mbps100 MbpsView Plan
$59.99/mo.300 Mbps300 MbpsView Plans
$79.99/mo.Up to 940 Mbps880 MbpsView Plan


Verizon’s Fios Internet service is one of the best money can buy. It’s lightning fast, and thanks to its 100% fiber-optic infrastructure, it’s also reliable. With this in mind, it’s easy to see why we highlighted Fios in our best internet service provider and fastest internet provider reviews.

Where Fios falls short is pricing—it can be more expensive than the competition. We think it’s worth the price of admission, but if budget is your primary concern, you might want to look elsewhere.

Verizon Fios prices and plans

Streamlined package choices and no annual contract options soften the blow to your wallet.

Verizon internet plans are pretty easy to understand. There aren’t a lot of plans to choose from, but the range of speed is good. Not to mention the company has flexible contract or no-annual contract options for customers.

Verizon Fios internet plans
PlanPriceDownload speedUpload speedDetails
Fios Internet 100/100$39.99/mo.*100 Mbps100 MbpsView Plan
Fios Internet 300/300$59.99/mo.300 Mbps300 MbpsView Plans
Fios Gigabit Connection$79.99/mo.Up to 940 Mbps880 MbpsView Plan
Data effective 11/19/18. Offers and availability vary by location and are subject to change.
* With Auto Pay for 1 year plus taxes, equipment charges, & other fees.
w/ Auto Pay + taxes, equip. charges & other fees.
w/Auto Pay + taxes, & other fees.

Verizon Fios pricing and contract options

Verizon has contract options to fit the individual needs of their users. If you’re a college student or in the middle of your apartment lease, you might prefer a month-to-month plan.

Also, keep in mind that Verizon Fios availability will vary based on where you live.

Verizon Fios service charges

Good news—since Verizon no longer requires an annual contract for internet-only plans, there is no longer an early termination fee to worry about when you’re doing a month-to-month plan. You’re free to leave if you don’t like the service for any reason. And you don’t have to pay several hundred dollars to do it.

That means the only major charge to worry about is setup.

  • Setup: There is a one-time $99 standard setup charge associated with activating the service.

Verizon Fios equipment charges

The router rental charge is $10 per month. This is par for the course with ISPs and not really avoidable, unless you bring in your own compatible router.

You can also buy the router outright for $149 from Verizon if you want to avoid the monthly charge, but this will save you money only if you plan on keeping the service for more than 15 months.

‡ Availability varies. Gigabit network connection to your home. Actual speeds vary due to device limits, network, and other factors. Avg. speeds betw. 750-940 Mbps download / 750-880 Mbps upload. Limited-time offer for new Internet res. custs. Promo rates via bill credits and increase after promo period. $10/mo. router charge applies. $99 set-up & other fees, taxes, equip. charges & terms may apply. Auto Pay (ACH or bank debit card only) & paper-free billing req’d. Subj. to credit approval & may require a deposit. © 2018 Verizon

Verizon Fios Internet speed and data

If you look at the Verizon Fios plans, you’ll see names like 100/100 and 300/300. That’s meant to indicate both the download speed and upload speed are the same. Verizon tends to make a big deal about this, and honestly you should, too. It means any media sharing you do will be significantly faster than with most other providers (content creators rejoice!).

Actual speed vs. advertised speed

If you read most ISP advertisements closely, you’ll see that when they talk about speed, it’s usually preceded by an “up to.” That’s because the actual speed you experience on the network can vary quite a bit depending on network congestion, infrastructure issues, interference, and other factors. So, how does Verizon’s actual speed measure up?

Well, according to the FCC’s most recent Measuring Broadband America report, all of Verizon’s Fios plans deliver actual speeds above what is advertised.1 The average Fios connection delivered between 106% and 111% of the advertised speed. This isn’t just because of fiber optics, either—to compare, Frontier’s fiber network averaged just 87% of its advertised speed. Verizon’s network really is just that good.

Plan Recommendations

If you aren’t a heavy internet user, the Fios Internet 100/100 plan is the most economical plan offered. We think forty bucks is a reasonable price for 100/100 Mbps, and you still get the fast upload speeds Verizon is known for.

If you’re a streaming and gaming junky like us, you’ll want something a little faster than the 100/100 plan. While 100 Mbps is plenty to stream Netflix, multiple users will eat it up fast.

The Fios Internet 300/300 plan has you covered here, with plenty of bandwidth for gamers, streamers, and download junkies. In fact, we think Verizon is one of the best internet providers around for gaming and streaming.

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Verizon Fios customer service and support

How to handle Verizon’s customer service

We started with the support site and found it fairly easy to navigate. The online chat was responsive, and the representative was helpful in answering any and all questions we asked. And when we called the support line, we were met with a friendly and helpful representative.

Now, we’ve heard of a few cases in the past where Verizon support didn’t seem to keep records of customer interactions between calls, leading to problems on follow-up calls. We clearly can’t speak to how widespread that issue is since we had a different experience, but it’s something to keep in mind. If you’re worried it might happen to you, we suggest taking notes during your call with a representative. That way, you can recall details later.

Installation day

If you’re having Fios set up in your home, you’ll need to plan ahead because  installation times vary based on whether your home is pre-wired for fiber. Verizon’s helpful installation documents inform you that if your home is pre-wired for fiber connections, setup will take 2.5–4 hours. If your home isn’t wired for fiber (and it probably isn’t), it can take 4–6 hours.

Verizon also provides a checklist of things to have ready before your appointment, and we’d suggest following it to make things go as smoothly as possible.

The bottom line

With Verizon Fios, consistency is the key word.

Simply put, Verizon Fios is fast, reliable internet service. It isn’t the cheapest around, but it gives you the most value for your money.

And truth be told, we don’t mind paying a little extra if it means a better internet experience. Overall, we highly recommended Verizon Fios if you have the budget for it.

Have a question? Ask us.

Did we miss anything? Does your experience with Verizon differ from ours? Let us know in the comments below.

Have a complaint? Make it count and tell the FCC.

If you’re frustrated with your ISP, the best place to lodge a complaint is with the FCC. This is the best way to be heard and actually impact the industry.


1.    FCC, Measuring Broadband America

  • Simon

    If I’m using Roku for streaming live sports and movies with fios wifi which speed would you recommend I purchase?

    • Scott T.

      If it’s for one user, I’d go with the 50/50 Mbps plan. In theory, that should be more speed than you need, but there are other factors to consider: is your WiFi router up-to-snuff? are you watching in HD? are you sharing the internet with someone else (e.g., a high-speed online gamer)? More questions might not be helpful, but make sure you have at least 15 Mbps of speed all to yourself (the 50/50 Mbps should easily cover that). Let us know what you decide to get and how it works out.

      • Simon

        Thanks for the quickly reply Scott! In regards to the router I plan on purchasing one. Do you have a more affordable alternative recommendation than the one Verizon is offering ?
        In regards to the speed I’ll be sharing it with my girlfriend and we’ll be watching in HD. We only have one TV though for now so the most that will be happening is one watching TV and the other working on a laptop. Would you still recommend the 50/50?

        • Scott T.

          You can find a more affordable modem on (you can even find Verizon’s modem on Amazon for less), but I would call a Verizon rep and ask if it’s compatible BEFORE you buy. In fact, I would recommend calling and just asking what modem a representative would recommend instead of Verizon’s. It sounds odd, but I’ve done it with other ISPs and a representative has never pushed their modem on me (if they do, call back and speak with someone else). That being said, Verizon’s quantum gateway is actually pretty good, so it’s hard to go wrong with either choice.

          As for sharing, the 50/50 plan should be enough for you and one other person. Also, you do have 30 days with Verizon to change or even cancel your service. So as soon as the internet is set up, turn on a live game (in HD) and have your girlfriend turn on Netflix or Youtube and see if there are any issues. (You can also do an internet speed test to see what speeds you’re getting.) I’d check internet speeds during prime-time hours—for example, during Monday Night Football. If the 50/50 plan is not enough, but you still like Verizon’s service, you can upgrade to the 100/100 plan within the first 30 days at no charge. If Verizon’s service isn’t what you thought it would be, then you can just cancel it all.

          Hope that helps. Let us know if you have other questions, and we’d love to hear how it goes when it’s set up.

  • Jerome Prince

    Well my advise is to stay as far away from Verizon fios. We’ve had them for several years and about 15 months ago, soon after upgrading to 50/50 ,we started experiencing lagging from the service in some areas of the house. Their solution was to install a WiFi extender which kinda solved the problem. Now the lagging started again and Verizon wants us to purchase a new extender for $100,because the tech thinks that’s the problem. Why, if I take 5 steps in any direction away from the router the 50/50 suddenly drops in half? That seems to be the router’so problem. Needless to say we’re looking at other providers.

    • Scott T.

      Hmm…that’s weird. Hope you find a better service.

      • Jerome Prince

        I’m working on it.

  • Wang_amexobc

    I totally agree with Jerome Prince. Stay away from Verizon fios and you do not hope to have bad experience with them. Here is my story. Two Verizon people knocked my door last year and asked my to switch my internet service to theirs. They offered me 49.99/ month for 50/50. I told them I was moving in around one year and did not want to switch. They said you could terminate your service any time with no fees. However, this year, the price goes up $10 a month. I called them and asked why. I was redirected by the reps to my emails and bills. The information that this $10 discount expires in 1 year is hidden in a lot of places, such as your previous bills, your welcome emails, etc. Especially the information in your welcome emails, you have to read it very carefully and then you can get that the next year price will be $10 up. Another thing is that they do charge termination fee because the contract is signed for 2 years, not like I was told by technicians that I can cancel at any time. I feel I was totally cheated. The even worse thing is that the internet speed never ever reached 50/50. It is always around 10-20, which is the same as COX I used previously, but the latter is much cheaper. I used ATT, COX, and other internet services. Verizon is the worst ever. Please stay away from it.

  • Laura

    Hey Scott
    Do you still reccomend FiOS with Verizon? I have seen almost all bad reviews.
    But, if satellite is my only other choice, I’m pretty sure this is my best bet.You?

    • Scott T.

      If your only choice is Verizon FIOS or satellite internet, go with FIOS. There’s absolutely no reason to choose satellite internet over cable (or fiber) internet. Really. Verizon will have better pricing, equipment, and no data caps.

  • Facely

    I had the same problem as the customer Moha described. They removed my chance to change and I am stuck paying for internet service that all of a sudden is not that great as it was last year. There is only myself and my boyfriend in the house and we don’t have a lot of gadgets. I have to have the internet for school so we are stuck paying this until we can get out of this contract. Needless to say, don’t get pulled into their flashy deals. Read ALL of their plans, buy only what you need, and compare plans with other providers. Verizon will not be getting my business in the future.

  • Js

    I have not had problems with Verizon in general. I switched from their 75/75 service to the gigabit and now regret it. The installation went fine and the service is fine. The problem is the connection keeps going down and up like dribbling a basketball. After trying to troubleshoot the connection with me, Verizon gave up and sent me a new router to try that, and that isn’t helping the problem either.

    This product is not ready for prime time.

  • Danika

    Online it says their internet only plans have no annual contract..

  • Meg

    I am a customer with Verizon Fios for 2 years. And just FED up with their service. I never had the connection problems with Time Warner Cable that I do with Verizon Fios. For the $80 a month I spend with them. It sure is a rip off and waste of my money. The service sucks, I can barely watch videos on my phone as the connection is horrible. Not to mention I have Verizon Wireless as well that sucks too! In October when my wireless is up I do plan to switch out of Verizon Wireless and very shortly plan to leave their internet service as well. I think people hype them up to be something that they are not. When I tried to call customer service about my connection problems. All they do is want you to spend more money with them on either upgrading (which I fell for before and essentially am paying more money for even more crappy service) or pay for another device. They don’t wanna do anything to help the existing paying customer. All they want is their money every month and their help is suggesting to spend even more money with them. I honestly would not recommend them to anyone. It’s been painful to have their service! Both Fios and wireless customer service is horrible and their regular services that you pay for every month is horrible! I’m not one to write reviews on any site, however, I am that disappointed with where my money is going to every month! Too much money for crappy crappy service! PLEASE PEOPLE TALE YOUR HARD EARNED MONEY AND GO ELSE WHERE. If not you’ll eventually see why most of these comments are bad ones.

  • Faraz Naqvi

    HORRIBLE service and rip off’s you cant take away service without cancellation fees!!! Beware!!!!! these guys are a complete rip off. I am still kicking myself in the ass. I was put in a contract without my knowledge, and the promotions last for a short time (six months) which i was also not notified about. Donot got with Frontier unless you want to get ripped off like me.

  • DB

    Verizon is so frustrating! I pay hundreds of dollars a month and can only get service in 3 of my 4 bedrooms without having to purchase an extra extender! The customer service reps are generally polite but they have zero authority to keep their customers happy. Sad that they won’t do more to keep customers happy.

    • No Quarter

      You need to remove your hard earned money from their coffers instead of lamenting the lack of service. QUIT THEM

  • K T Gaming

    They suck very much👎🏼

  • Peter

    Horrible service and nobody to complain. Had a service for two month, was promised $35/month but receive a bill for $145. Tried to call customer service that was extremely rude and told me that I have to pay regardless of what I have been told. Supervisor Liz was absolutely rude and obnoxious

  • Kevin Goldstein

    God Awful.. customer service is a joke, so is their equipment.. I call once a week to get my internet service fixed, and most of the reps just try to pass the buck by sending out a tech. Cant wait till my contract is up so i can return to Comcast

  • Andrew

    Very disappointed in all my interactions with customer service. Took 5 months for them to remove the router I returned (finally got a rep that knew what they were doing). Was also told I would get a pro-rated bill when I cancelled service for internet, but was later told they don’t do pro-rated bills for stand alone internet service. It wasn’t a lot of money, but how don’t they know their own policies.

  • Ali Moshet

    Service is great and reliable. This is my 3rd year with FIOS. Speed 50/50.

  • Ali Moshet

    Reliable and excellent service. Fios 50/50. My third year.

  • Lilly

    Fios sucks !! Every other month I have a new fee to pay! They turned off my service over $80, that I told the representative I would be paying in two days. Payed the $80, Told the representatives that I had to make an arrangement days ago, she told me well you called on a Saturday so it doesn’t count! Then to get my next bill of $200 because of restored services!! Mind you I only have internet and cable, No phone !! They also renewed my 2 year contract without me knowing . HORRIBLE , I wouldn’t recommend Verizon if my life depended on it. Ready to switch to Cox and talk to the damn remote!

  • Jasoturner

    XFinity jacked my price from roughly $180/month to $255/month recently. Called and they said that was the best they could do.

    Fios gets installed tomorrow. Goodbye XFinity, you greedy pigs. I’ll be saving over a grand a year.

    • trish damico

      Don’t worry Fios will be doing the same as soon as your contract expires!!

  • Aaron Smith

    Can someone post the total monthly cost on a triple play starter promotional deal which is currently $79.99/month. I mean what are the fees etc.. and what do you really pay at the end of the month?

    • Tomas S

      Mine came to about $167 a month I have the triple play with custom tv package with the DVR four set top boxes hope that helps 😉

  • No Quarter

    Hi Sean, How long have you been at verizon? lol

  • Bri

    My bundle went from $201 a month to $298 a month when my contract was up. Now that its time to renew the only option they give is $278 with all their wonderful fees…rip off!

  • Akshat Gupta

    Fios should change the name to Fraud!! Persistent liars !! Time for a class action Law suit to bring justice to all customers who were promised rebates and gadgets at time of enrollment and Fios never fulfilled any of them !! Again!

  • Scott Pietroski

    I just got a ‘bait and switch’ from Verizon. I have been a customer for 11 years and now have no contract. I have had wireless router issues for a while so I called support to fix the router. They said they couldn’t send a new router because I didn’t have a contract. They then quoted me a price for a contract and confirmed 3 times that the new router would be arriving in 3-5 business days. So we signed. Well – the new router never arrived and now when I call them back they say that the new contract never included a new router! Even though they said one was on its way three times! Watch out for them. They will screw you if they can. Buyer beware!

  • eddybreen

    I have heard that you must have your land line disconnected if you have FIOS. Is it possible to keep your land line and phone number from Verizon and have a fios internet only connection as well. I am trying to cut the cord have internet fios only with out having to sacrifice my land line and phone number which are now with verizon.

    • Mj

      No, they didn’t a lot obj the fiber network and want t make their money back. Get Spectrum if you can.

  • Sandra Sanchez

    If they would allow the Discovery Go apps, then I would stay with Verizon. I am tired of waiting (2 years +).Time to switch back to Comcast.

  • Himagain

    Since we moved into our house in 1990
    we have had phone service via 2 copper landlines (i.e. 2 phone numbers) with Verizon.
    One main reason we have kept them is because when the power goes out,
    even for extended periods, the phone lines almost always continue working.
    On the afternoon of Friday Jan 19, 2018, a salesperson representing Verizon knocked on our door.
    He was pitching FIOS, but I told him we were keeping our copper landlines, and wished him luck.
    He kept trying to talk to me as re-entered my house and closed the door.

    THE VERY NEXT MORNING, our primary phone line no longer had dial tone.
    Our second line worked fine.
    Unfortunately, no one at Verizon was answering a request for repair call on Saturday,
    So I had to wait until Monday to request repair service.
    When I finally, after over 20 minutes waiting, got a person to request repair,
    I was told that they refused to repair my copper service,
    and I must change over to FIOS to keep my phone service.

    Our home is now Verizon-free.
    Order# D6LJ60203

    • Frank Smith

      Switch to Vonage.
      As long as you have an internet connection, all you need do is plug in their box.

      It “finds its own way home”.

  • J Cobery

    What kind of security does Fios provide?

  • Elleon35

    I found the Verizon modem brand new on Amazon for $89.99 and the reason why I’m leaving Comcast is because 7 yrs ago I had the double play package and when XFinity came out the sales rep. informed me my double play package would go up in price but if making the switch to triple play would save money for 2 yrs. I told the rep I have a cell phone with unlimited call and text and she said even if you don’t use the phone our triple play package will still save you money and the promotion is good for 2 yrs. After one year of service can say I had no issues but on year 2 my bill skyrocketed and when I called informing them I had one year left on my promotion was told that was never a guaranteed and my bill was now $160 a month and when I asked to get rid of the phone was told my bill would remain the same regardless. Being on a limited income had to use a credit card to pay the bill but later I noticed every month my bill was increasing by $3 and when called asked what’s going on and the rep claimed it’s taxes so I told her to reduce my internet speed and and change my viewing channels but keep Bravo, Own, Life and Animal Planet and was told no problem. The next day I noticed all my favorite channels were gone and replaced with 5 home shopping network channels and 4 HBO which by the plays reruns constantly but my bill went down to $105 and was told as long as my package remains intact my bill would never go up “LIES”. Last night I logged into my account and was told promotion period ended and my bill is now $150 a month. I’m sick and tired of the lies and felt as though I was being held hostage because they knew no other provider was in my area except for them but when Fios attempted to come into the area the Christi administration denied permit and come to find out Comcast was paying his administration to keep out all other service providers but Christi is gone and there’s a new Gov. in town so Fios is coming and unlike Comcast I have a 2 yr contract and the promotion is good until 2021 and my bill with tax will be $98 a month and I’m going to get back all the channels I lost as well so on Feb. 20 I’m going to tell Comcast to go screw themselves and when they see customers leaving maybe then they’ll stop treating loyal customers like trash.

    • Chortlton Wheelie

      You’ll likely face the same issues in 2 years, once your discounted Fios price promise ends. Both Verizon and Comcast attract new customers with big discount 12 or 24 month agreements (some 2 year deals have slightly less discount in months 13-24, so watch out for that) but rarely will them come close to the new customer discounts for existing customers once the agreement is up. I’m at the end of my current discount period with Verizon Fios and they told me they can’t extend the pricing…the best they can do is a $20 discount from their standard rate if I sign up for 2 years. This still means $207.98 compared to my current deal of $162.98. Last year (May 2017) I did get one year of the discounts being extended (making a total of 3 years) and I thought maybe they’d introduced a more enlightened retention policy for existing loyal customers…but no, they’re not offering any more extensions this year. So I’m back to the ‘switch’ every two years. As a ‘new’ Xfinity customer I will get the comparable bundle for $160.99; similar channel line up (at least the ones that matter) and faster internet download speeds (although I expect upload on Xfinity won’t match Fios), and the same (now) pointless landline included. I’ve switched between the two enough times over the last 10 years to know the service, regardless of these pro-Fios review websites, is equally good and (for me) works 99.9% of the time. I think they’re both overpriced but cutting the cord creates a lot more hassle and once you get close to the same channels/services (that matter to me) through streaming, cutting the cord doesn’t actually save much (at least compared to the 2 year new customer deals I have to switch to every few years).

  • Elleon35

    I’ve a Comcast customer for 7 yrs and their so called prices is constantly increasing but paycheck remains the same and cable is considered a luxury not a must have. For 7 yrs I dealt with one lie after another and I offered to buy my own modem so my bill could go down and the rep. told they don’t do that mind you I have two TV’s left one in the box and rented one set box and Internet and the rep told me if I were to get a 2nd box I would be looking at roughly $200 a month for basic service.

  • Frank Smith

    Feb 2018.
    They just ran FIOS into my neighborhood in NJ.
    This article is stale and needs to be updated.
    They are now offering free install in my area and speeds of almost 1 Gb up and down.

  • Dash

    Man 2-5 years ago Verizon was the best but now you guys are trash WiFi is horrible pay for more still trash plus 50$ add to my bill old used materials and you only love the new customer. Pay bout 460 a month smh we gotta do better

  • Martin Baldessari

    Here’s a disqualifier for Fios over Xfiniity: Fios does not transmit Turner Classic Movies in HD.

  • Jackie Miller

    Decided to contact Optimum (my current TV provider) and Verizon (my landlineInternet provider) to unify all series to one provider. Customer service which I think was Sales with both companies seems professional even though information. on pricing was obtuse. Today a Verizon FIOS tech was scheduled for 10-12. At 12 I called and was told that my no tech was scheduled and that my installation was considered a “self-installed”. I don’t know who can install FIOS but I am not one of them. After wasting a half day, my decision is to stay with current providers for the services they provide. My experience with Optimum has been excellent for years. However, I will wait for the bugs to be worked out before I migrate to Altice. At that time I’ll look into adding my landline and Internet to OptimumAltice and cutting off Verizon entirely. It has become clear that Verizon is no longer committed to their copper wire customers preferring to push FIOS. I WILL NOT BE BULLIED INTO PAYING FOR A SO-SO SERVICE.

  • O Kay

    WORST experience ever! First they sent their representatives to my door with a ‘one-time-offer’. Next few months they kept sending promo mails saying FIOS is finally available in our building. After I finally called them, I got a HARD INQUIRY on my credit report. I asked if it would be a hard inquiry before agreeing, and the answer was ‘I don’t know’. The guy on the phone was rude and never sounded professional. They sent the equipment, and the technicians came on the agreed date and time but they said they needed to drill the wall and for that I had to get permission from the landlord. Really? After months of receiving mails, a hard inquiry and knocking on my door you say that you can’t provide me with your internet???? I asked them to contact my landlord because it was their job to sell their product, not mine. They never did. I did and my landlord did not give me permission to drill the walls. Why would he – I’m just a tenant, not a big company like Verizon offering internet connection. After hours of talking on the phone it became obvious they would never take responsibility. I asked them to come and pick up the equipment. They said I had to spend my time and drop it off myself. And if I didn’t, I would be charged $100 within next 3 weeks or so. Now tell me how you consider yourselves professional and how excellent your customer service is. To this day they keep sending their mails…

  • SCarroll

    I was Paying my Fios Bill today. I saw an adder to Expand Wi-FI reach in home, And get fastest and most powerful router for large Home. My first thought was I should get this, the coverage in my House is bad since switching from Comcast (I did save money). My family has complained endlessly to me about using data while at home. What they heck, yes i should pay them more to have Coverage in my house. Then it hit me. When i signed up i was sold on how great the Wi-Fi was. No mention about not having it everywhere in the house. Why are they asking me to pay extra? Be aware

  • Cin

    I have to say the same about comcast, the on demand does the same thing. Could there be a third provider out there?
    It all sucks

  • RedRaider

    Sounds like all of y’all who are complaining will soon be dumped just like Verizon did to Texas and will be 100% a wireless cellular company. It sounds like Verizon is now worse than Frontier who Verizon sold Fios to in Texas.

  • Neb

    I usually don’t wright reviews but after 5 attempts in the past 2 month to resolve installation issue, I fell that consumer should be aware of what I went through. Extremely frustrated. I signed up for Verizon Fios approx 2 month ago. They ran service wires across the street and across my front lawn and driveway on the first day of installation, they had noted the wires would be buried underground the next day. Two month later wires are still running across my street, front yard and driveway. It is currently a safety hazard for my family and neighbors. 2 people have tripped over the wire already. After 5 attempts trying to get Verizon to come out to do the insulation properly, I give up. They have repeatedly promised and wasted countless hours on the phone and waiting for appointments for the installation to be done. Huge FAIL and bad business. Will never deal with verizon again. Already scheduled Comcast to set up service install hopefully they can deliver. Now they want to charge $300 early termination fee…haha good luck getting that out me.

  • Artez Mage

    I can’t with fios, i used time warner cable and had no problems however Fios is just becoming a pain, the internet slows down, the apps arw horrible, the internet keeps losing connection despite everything being fine with the routers, the tv loses it’s connection to the cable box almost everytime, I rather just get an internet box and watch everything on netflix then waste time any further with this.

  • BrianMc

    Buyer Beware: I canceled my Verizon service due to poor service and expense after having been a customer for many years paying over $2,400 annually. I was told my balance was zero and even received a refund check for just under $40.00. Today received a new invoice for $96.00 and called to find out what it was for since there was no description on the invoice. 1.) A $50.00 cancelation fee for a contract I never authorized. 2.) Prorated charges for internet service beginning after I canceled my service through a month after I canceled my service. Verizons defense is that it says I owe the money in their system and are unwilling to correct it. The supervisor (Mr. Parker) also provided no contact information for me to pass this to legal to resolve. I have also since requested a copy of the contract and asked what legal jurisdiction the contract is under and was sent to the website where this information is not easily available leaving me to believe this is business practice rather than an error.