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Ziply Fiber offers fast and reliable speeds, but it’s only available in select locations.

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Ziply Fiber
Overall Quality ⁃ 4/5
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bullet 3.5/5 - Dollar value
bullet 4.5/5 - Customer experience
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Kelly Huh
Jul 09, 2024
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Ziply Fiber is the new kid on the internet provider block,  bringing fast speeds to smaller cities in the Northwest that have previously been overlooked by other providers. Fiber-to-the-home providers usually score higher than cable providers at because of their top speeds and superior reliability, but Ziply Fiber goes a few steps further with affordable monthly prices, no hidden fees, and efforts to provide an awesome customer experience.

“The service has been fantastic,” says Dann Cutter, a Ziply Fiber customer in Corvallis, Oregon. “Fiber-to-the-home is a worthwhile investment for any homeowner. It increases usability of the service and it’s future-proof.”

Customers that talked to also say that customer service is attentive–not something you hear everyday about an internet service provider.

If you’re ready to make the switch to fiber, read on to learn more about Ziply Fiber.

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Get to know Ziply Fiber: Plans and pricing

Price after 12 months
Download speed
DSL Internet$50/mo.*N/AUp to 115 Mbps
Fiber 100/100$20/mo.*$45.00/mo.100 Mbps
Fiber 300/300$30/mo.*$65.00/mo.300 Mbps
Fiber Internet Gig$50/mo.*$85.00/mo.1000 Mbps
Fiber Internet 2 Gig$60/mo.*$90.00/mo.2000 Mbps
Fiber Internet 5 Gig$80/mo.*$120.00/mo.5000 Mbps
Fiber Internet 10 Gig$300/mo.*N/A10000 Mbps
Fiber Internet 50 Gig$900.00/mo.*N/A52119 Mbps
* For new residential customers only. No annual contract required. Prices shown are before taxes and fees and require autopay and paperless billing.

Ziply Fiber brings some of the fastest internet speeds you can get to Washington, Oregon, Idaho, and Montana. The provider offers good introductory prices for its fiber plans between 100Mbps and 5Gbps speeds, but after 12 months the plan increases by $25 or $35 more per month, according to Ziply Fiber’s website. This regular rate is typical for fiber providers, so the jump seems more drastic than it is because the promotional rates are so low.

A great feature of fiber plans are the symmetrical speeds, which means both upload and download speeds are the same. Most internet plans give you upload speeds that are much slower than download speeds, so having boosted uploads means you get much more bandwidth to support Zoom calls, 1TB hard-drive backup, exporting a video file from Final Cut Pro, and the ability to livestream seamlessly.

All plans come with unlimited data and the option to rent Ziply Fiber’s router for $12 a month. (No need to pay that fee if you bring your own router.) You can catch the latest shows or your old favorites by bundling your plan with streaming services or fiber TV network channels in select areas. You can also add home phone services to your internet plan for $20 per month.

What you see is what you get with Ziply Fiber–there are no confusing hidden fees tacked on to the service (beyond the usual government taxes and fees). There are also no credit checks required for residential plans. “We pride ourselves on offering great value for our services,” says Dan Miller, spokesperson for Ziply fiber.

Ziply Fiber fees for modem and installation

Wi-Fi router lease (optional)


Whole-Home Wi-FI

Free for a limited time with Wi-Fi router lease

Paper statements (optional)


Payment Processing (optional)

$5.00/mo. (if you sign up for autopay, it’s free)

Early contract termination


Data overage


Professional installation

Free for a limited time (worth $90.00)

DSL professional installation


Fiber 10 Gig plan installation (for Fiber 10 Gig plan only)


Fiber 50 Gig plan installation (for Fiber 50 Gig plan only)


Data as of 06/24/2024

What makes this review legit?

Our fact-based research process centers on interviews with internet customers across the country, helping us understand how internet services hold up against diverse needs and challenges.

To put together this review, we spoke with customers via Facebook and a dozen others on Reddit. We also spoke with a Ziply Fiber spokesperson on the provider’s 50 gigabit home internet speeds and the Executive Director of a local chamber of commerce on the provider’s contributions to the city. We also looked over all the details of Ziply Fiber’s pricing and speed offerings, checked data from our speed test, examined public surveys and customer-satisfaction reports, and contacted customer service to understand plan prices.

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The rundown: Ziply Fiber by our criteria

For all our internet reviews, we give a rating based on three main criteria—speed and reliability, dollar value, and customer experience—which we then average to make an overall score.

Want to know how Ziply Fiber stacks up? See our full take below.

Overall score: 4/5

Speed and reliability

internet speed


Ziply Fiber offers fast speeds that work for every kind of household, whether you’re living solo or in a mansion with 12 other TikTok influencers. The 100Mbps plan is solid for a small household and 300Mbps is great for most people who have more multi-tasking going on. Or if you really need some bandwidth firepower, you can go for the 1 Gig plan. Read our guide to figure out how much speed you need.

Ziply Fiber gets good reviews for its reliability and consistency too. “I just need solid, reliable internet service and Ziply has fit the bill,” says Grand-Battle8009, a Reddit user and Ziply Fiber customer.

Another customer, Ty Ballard, previously experienced outages on a weekly basis with Spectrum while working from home in Richland, Washington. “We’re getting a higher quality and more consistent service,” he says. Ballard shares his 2Gbps plan with his household of four. Speed fluctuates on occasion, but it’s always incredibly fast, never dropping below 1Gbps.

Speed and reliability are only dependable if you’re on the fiber plan. Some locations offer Ziply Fiber DSL, which can go up to only 115Mbps download speed. This sounds decent enough, but actually getting 100Mbps on a DSL connection is a stretch. DSL infrastructure is older and less reliable, plus there is less investment in keeping it well maintained, so DSL plans can get more expensive too. The connection over copper wiring deteriorates in quality the farther you get away from a provider's network hub, so it gets especially slow the farther you live away from wherever that hub is.

Dollar value

dollar value


You get a decent deal with Ziply Fiber, especially in the first year of service with discounted promotional rates.

While Ziply Fiber’s website indicates there are no price hikes, your bills switch to the standard rate after one year. This is still reasonable for unlimited data and high speed fiber connectivity.

“[We] do not raise our prices annually like most of our cable competitors,” says Dan Miller, spokesperson for Ziply Fiber. However, don’t expect prices to stay the same forever after the first price increase. According to Ziply Fiber’s website, prices can be amended from time to time. “For transparency, we have had one price increase for fiber internet plans since our founding four years ago,” says Miller.

In terms of extra fees, Ziply Fiber has a monthly router rental fee, so we recommend buying your own. You might also have to pay for certain repair service calls resulting from “issues with your inside wire on the customer side of the network interface device, your misuse of Ziply Equipment, or for issues caused by Customer Equipment or other equipment not supplied by Ziply.” This is a common charge, but other providers like Spectrum, CenturyLink, and Xfinity have protection plans for this scenario.

Customer experience

customer experience


Ziply Fiber’s website has a simple interface with clear plan details. Other than price increases, Ziply Fiber does a great job in clearly laying out all their plan prices, so you’re not going to get fees you didn’t know about until after you get your first bill. “It’s the best deal that we’ve had,” says Ballard, who is happy with the prices and service.

You can schedule a window of time for a technician to come to your home through the online application process. “The sign-up process was actually remarkably simple,” says Dann Cutter, a Ziply Fiber customer who lives in Corvallis, Oregon. “Once they verified my address had service, I was surprised how little information it took them to commit to an installation.”

In addition to the usual customer service phone and chat support, Ziply Fiber also has an active Reddit community, which they moderate. Customers use the community to share complaints, praises, and technical issues. In return, they get prompt replies from Ziply Fiber staff who address concerns and answer questions.

“I was able to post here, and u/jwvo was able to get some diagnostic info from me and get it fixed,” says one user, Ynint, who wrote in a thread that started. Ynint received assistance on an issue within a day of posting.

Another user, flyingvwap, is also impressed with the high quality customer support from Reddit. “It's not just some faceless Ziply account offering to help, but employees and leaders who want to engage and make it right,” they say in the thread.

The provider also does well in’s Customer Satisfaction Survey, scoring above average compared to other internet service providers. It also gets 4.19/5 stars in Better Business Bureau’s reviews submitted by customers.

How long it took to get a real human on the phone: 45 seconds.

How the chat service is: Friendly and helpful.

Overall quality

overall quality


Ziply Fiber is a great choice for Northwesterners looking to upgrade to fiber internet.

Even though the discounted promotional prices only last for the first 12 months, the standard price is reasonable for a plan that offers high speed and reliability. Ziply Fiber also clearly understands why people are frustrated with internet providers and makes an effort to be transparent and helpful to its customers. Having fewer fees and a swift set-up process makes the customer experience simple and easy.

Overall, you get a good deal out of Ziply Fiber, and it’s worth switching from cable or satellite, which can’t offer you the seamless streaming, gaming, and video calling experience typical of fiber plans. However, if you’re only able to get Ziply Fiber’s DSL plans, you’re better off with cable which is more reliable.

Ziply Fiber: What deals and promotions can you get?

You can get a $50 referral credit for both you and your friend within 30 days of new internet installation at the referee’s location. There is no limit on the number of referrals you can make.

deals badge
Refer a friend and you both get a $50 credit.

Ziply Fiber add-ons and perks

Free Whole-Home Wi-Fi

For customers who rent Ziply Fiber’s router

Free professional installation (worth $90)

Sign up for the fiber 100Mbps, 300Mbps, 1Gbps, or 2Gbps plans.

First month of service free

For customers who sign up for the fiber 1Gbps, 2Gbps, or 5Gbps plans

Free Ziply Lifeline Wi-Fi router

For customers who qualify for the Ziply Lifeline Program

Get $50 referral credit for you and your friend

You and your friend receive a $50 credit within 30 days of new internet installation at the referee’s location. There is no limit on the number of referrals you can make.

Home Phone Unlimited for $20.00/mo.

Unlimited local and nationwide calling

20+ calling features (Caller ID, voicemail, more). Requires Ziply Fiber internet service and router rental.

What do customers think of Ziply Fiber?

Many customers in the Northwest have eagerly anticipated the arrival of fiber internet on their blocks. This is especially true for Dann Cutter, a city manager who signed up for 2Gbps service as soon as it became available in his neighborhood near Oregon State University.

“The area around campus was somewhat of an internet dead zone up until Ziply offered fiber service,” Cutter says. “You basically only had one option, Xfinity, which due to the density of students would often slow to a crawl during any major streaming event, like a football game or soccer match.” Even though his Xfinity cable plan performed relatively well with fast download speeds, he wanted higher upload speeds for backing up data online, syncing his photo library, and keeping his home security cameras online.

Now with Ziply Fiber, Cutter is happy to have symmetrical speeds. “There’s rarely anything I can do that is going to create a bottleneck on the download or on the upload,” he says.

“There’s rarely anything I can do that is going to create a bottleneck on the download or on the upload,” - Dann Cutter, Ziply Fiber customer in Corvallis, Oregon.

While multi-gig speeds aren’t necessary for most households, it is impressive that the actual experienced speeds match the advertised speeds. “It’s an extremely fast and reliable fiber service. All my friends are extremely jealous of my [5Gbps] connection,” says Reddit user amiralisaeedi, who lives in Bellevue, Washington.

Issues with slow-downs and customer service

On the other hand, some customers may find that they compete for bandwidth with their neighbors. “It does tend to slow down sometimes,” says Flynn Thurston, whose kids also notice slower internet when they’re playing Roblox or Elden Ring. “​​There are times it works just fine, but other times it’s particularly laggy, usually later in the evening.”

Thurston has also noticed that he has also experienced slower internet when he’s streaming live sports on Hulu. “We watch a lot of golf right now, and it cuts out alot.”

“It does tend to slow down sometimes.” —Flynn Thurston, Ziply Fiber customer in Kennewick, Washington

Thurston’s wife, Meghan, thought it was unusual that she had to create a new account and pay the installation fee when she was switching ownership of her family’s account to her name after the account holder moved out.

“They told me that they had to do an entirely new set up,” she says, even though she already had Ziply Fiber installed at her house, and her family had been using it for several years. “I asked customer service, ‘Can’t you just start it back up? It’s all already here,’ But they said no.” Ziply Fiber wasn’t able to have a technician come out for a week, so the family went without internet for a week. “It was a little frustrating,” she says, “but it worked out.”

Need to contact Ziply Fiber customer service or tech support?

Digging deeper: Is Ziply Fiber’s 50Gbps plan worth it?

Ziply Fiber offers a ridiculous 50Gbps plan that takes the title of “America’s fastest home internet.” Yes, you read that right—it delivers 50 gigabits per second download and upload speeds.

All addresses that can get the other fiber plans are eligible for the 50Gbps plan. “It’s truly available anywhere we offer fiber, just not in areas of our footprint where we have yet to convert to fiber,” says Dan Miller, spokesperson for Ziply Fiber.

However, the majority of regular households that stream, play games, work from home, and even upload YouTube videos don’t need speeds beyond 1Gbps. Even Ziply’s spokesperson agrees that this plan is a bit over the top. “While many people may not need 50 Gig today, this speed tier is also a nod to the future,” says Miller. “Our investments in fiber deployments are helping ensure this infrastructure can serve communities for generations to come.”

Even if the plan isn’t necessary for the average customer, Ziply Fiber just wants you to know what’s possible. “We build the pathways to enable the creativity and capability for [customers] to do what they want,” Miller says.

Where is Ziply Fiber available?

Ziply Fiber is headquartered in Kirkland and Everett, Washington. The provider originally started when it took over the Northwest operations of Frontier Communications. Now, Ziply Fiber services Washington, Oregon, Idaho, and Montana. Enter your zip code below to check if it’s available in your area. next zip logo
Type in your zip code to check if Ziply Fiber is available.

Ziply Fiber vs. the competition

Ziply Fiber selects rural and underserved areas to build out their fiber networks, so you can most likely find that there are only cable, 5G, or DSL providers as alternatives.

Spectrum and Xfinity are some of the top cable providers available in the Northwest where Ziply Fiber is also available. You get a good range of speeds that are compatible with most regular household usage, but they won’t have the same reliability as Ziply Fiber.

5G home internet is also an option–T-Mobile 5G Home Internet Unlimited is a home internet plan that works off of 5G mobile networks. It’s widely available across the U.S., and has a simple set-up process with no professional installation needed. It does however have fluctuating download speeds between 72–245 Mbps.

Compare internet providers and prices

Download speeds
SpectrumSpectrum Internet®$49.99/mo. for 12 mos.*Up to 300Mbps
XFINITYFast$55.00/mo. for 12 mos.**400Mbps
T-Mobile Home InternetT-Mobile 5G Home Internet Unlimited$50.00/mo.***72-245Mbps
CenturyLinkSimply Unlimited$55.00/mo.^Up to 100Mbps
ViasatViasat Unleashed$99.99/mo.°Up to 150Mbps
Data as of 04/05/2023. Offers and availability vary by location and are subject to change.
Pricing for some packages are for the first 12 months. Some packages require a 1- or 2-year contract.
w/ Auto Pay. Regulatory fees included in monthly price for qualified accounts. See full terms.
^ Speed may not be available in your area. Paperless billing or prepay required. Additional taxes, fees, and surcharges apply.
° Offer available to new qualifying customers. One-time standard installation fee may be due at checkout. Minimum 24-month service term required. Equipment lease fee is $12.99/mo. Taxes apply. Service is not available in all areas. Offer may be changed or withdrawn at any time.

Want Ziply Fiber? Find it in your area

Ziply Fiber is likely to be the only fiber provider in your area, if available. Check if it’s in your neighborhood in our zipchecker below. next zip logo
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