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Feb 08, 2024
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Are you a big fan of Paddy the Baddy or Israel Adesanya? Trying to find out how to watch the next Vadim Nemkov fight? How can you tune into a matchup involving Canelo Álvarez?

Although we can’t give you those dream ringside tickets, we can give you the answers to your combat sports-watching questions.

Read on to find a list of the services any UFC, Bellator MMA, and boxing fan needs to subscribe to so you never miss a fight again.

How can I watch the UFC PPV event?

You can watch UFC PPV fights only with ESPN+ as this streaming service is the exclusive broadcaster for these events in the U.S.

This means you cannot watch them on DAZN, with a satellite or cable TV provider, or any free MMA streaming site.

All UFC pay-per-view events are $79.99 on top of the ESPN+ membership fee. And once you order, you can live stream on any device.

Stream the fight in your living room with friends, on your smartphone while working a late shift, or on the iPad because your significant other called dibs on the TV.

ESPN+ and UFC-watching prices
ESPN+ monthly membership$10.99/mo.*
ESPN+ yearly membership$109.99/yr.*
UFC PPV event$79.99 (each event)*
* Cancel Anytime.

How can I watch UFC Fight Night?

ESPN+ is also home to UFC Fight Nights. These fights are free to watch for ESPN+ subscribers—no extra fee required for these events.

How can I watch UFC on ESPN?

You can watch UFC on ESPN fights with or without the ESPN+ service. Watch this event on the ESPN channel with your TV provider, or log in to your TV provider through the ESPN+ app to stream on the go.

If you don’t currently have the ESPN channel, here’s a list of five ways to stream it. Or any cable and satellite TV service has the channel in their lineup.

What else does ESPN+ offer for Ultimate Fighting Championship fans?

ESPN+ gives you access to an extensive archive of on-demand content, like past fights and Original programming.

Want to rewatch how Jon Jones won in two minutes and four seconds in UFC 285? You can do that. Wishing you could watch all of Amanda Nunes’ fights? ESPN+ makes that happen.

The Original programming UFC fans can enjoy includes UFC Journey, DC & RC and Detail: From the Mind of Daniel Cormier.

How can I watch Bellator MMA events?

Paramount+ with SHOWTIME® is home to Bellator MMA, and you’ll get access to 95% of the fights with just a subscription—no extra fee required. When there is a rare MMA PPV event, you can order the event with or without a subscription for about $75.

But keep this in mind for those who aren’t current subscribers and aren’t avid Bellator fans: when you order the PPV, an automatic Paramount+ with SHOWTIME® subscription is included.

So, if you want to avoid getting charged the $12 monthly payment the following month, make sure to cancel.

How to watch Bellator MMA events
Learn More
Paramount+ with SHOWTIME$11.99/mo.

What does Paramount+ with SHOWTIME® offer MMA fans?

Other than PPV Bellator events, Paramount+ with SHOWTIME® gives mixed martial arts fanatics the following:

  • Access to past fights on-demand
  • 23 seasons of All Access, an MMA that takes you inside the personal lives of the fighters and behind the scenes of fights

How can I watch boxing events?

Boxing can be tricky because the broadcasts are shared between ESPN, ESPN+, Paramount+ with SHOWTIME®, DAZN and ProBox TV.

But Paramount+ with SHOWTIME® is the service you’ll need for PPV boxing events, and you’ll want this service along with DAZN, ProBox TV, the ESPN channel, and an ESPN+ subscription for the non-PPV matchups.

Check out how you can watch the ESPN channel without cable, or most traditional TV providers have this sports channel. Most TV providers have Paramount+ with SHOWTIME®, or you can order the premium channel on its own or couple it with ESPN+, DAZN, and ProBox TV, which have their own individual subscriptions.

Again, as with the Bellator MMA PPV events, you'll automatically sign up for a monthly subscription when you order the event without a Paramount+ with SHOWTIME® subscription. Stay a subscriber if you’d like or cancel before the next monthly membership payment.

How to watch boxing events
Learn More
Paramount+ with SHOWTIME$11.99/mo.
DAZN$19.99–$ or $224.99/yr.
ProBox TV$1.99/mo. or $18.00/yr.

Which services should a UFC, MMA and Boxing devotee subscribe to?

  • ESPN+: A combat sports enthusiast will want ESPN+ for UFC PPV events, UFC Fight Night, UFC on ESPN, and select boxing events.
  • Paramount+ with SHOWTIME®: Combat sports fans can benefit from Paramount+ with SHOWTIME® as it broadcasts all Bellator MMA events, PPV boxing events, and select non-PPV boxing matchups.
  • DAZN and Probox TV: A boxing devotee might consider subscribing to DAZN and Probox TV for non-PPV boxing fights they can’t find on ESPN+, ESPN, or Paramount+ with SHOWTIME®. Fights that air on BT Sports, a UK channel, will air on Probox TV for the U.S.
How to watch combat sports
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ESPN+ monthly membership$10.99/mo.*
Paramount+ with SHOWTIME$11.99/mo.
DAZN$19.99–$ or $224.99/yr.
ProBox TV$1.99/mo. or $18.00/yr.
* Cancel Anytime.


You can watch all UFC fights on ESPN+ as it has exclusive rights to UFC live streams.

UFC fights are streamed only through ESPN+, but you can get the ESPN+, Hulu, and Disney+ bundle for only $3–$10 more per month.

Now that you know the details, here are your next steps next zip logo
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Want to learn more about what else ESPN+ offers sports fans?

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