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March 14, 2022
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Cox is a cable TV provider that offers most of your favorite channels, decent on-demand content, and a decent DVR. Cox offers internet, TV, phone, and home security; however, you are only able to bundle three services together.

At checkout, you’ll have about four steps for each service, which include choosing a plan, choosing your equipment, and add-ons. Cox has really made the checkout process seamless, and we honestly haven’t seen a more customizable experience than what Cox offers.

Let’s get into the details.

  • Solid DVR options for the family
  • Local channels plan (which is rare to find)
  • Expensive TV packages
  • Limited availability in the US

How much do Cox TV's packages cost?

Cox’s pricing falls into the more expensive end of the spectrum

Although Cox gives you the opportunity for a customized home,  Cox’s plans and pricing have recently changed, and the pricing unfortunately increased.  (And keep in mind, this promotional pricing lasts for 12 months, but it’s unclear as to how much your service will cost afterward).

Cox’s Starter plan with local channels used to be half the price, but $53 for 75+ channels is cheaper than what you’d get with a live TV streaming service.

When you upgrade to Cox’s Preferred plan, you will have access to cable TV channels like ESPN, HGTV, USA, and Nickelodeon. Keep in mind that no matter which plan you choose, Cox allows you to add on more channel packs and premium channels (for an extra cost) for a more customizable package. We recommend this plan if you’d like the perfect channel variety for the family.

Upgrading to Cox's Preferred Plus plan will grant you access to premium channels such as HBO Max, STARZ, Cinemax, and SHOWTIME.

And lastly, Cox’s Ultimate plan gives you the same premium channels as the Preferred plans as well as the Sports channel pack and Epix.

How much is Cox TV?
Monthly price
Available channels
Learn more
Contour TV Starter$53.00/mo.*75+
Contour TV Preferred$98.00/mo.*140+
Contour TV Preferred Plus$118.00/mo.*170+
Contour TV Ultimate$138.00/mo.*250+
Data effective 11/11/21. Offers and availability vary by location and are subject to change.
* Pricing for 1 year

Does Cox TV have a contract?

Since you may be locked into a two-year contract with Cox, you’ll be happy to know that after promotional pricing ends, your price won’t increase by much.

Compare that to DIRECTV, where you’ll see prices more than double after the first year. Cox’s Contour TV package increases about 30% after the first year—which is still a bummer for budgeters.

Does Cox TV have extra fees?

Cox Cable TV plans come with the standard fees:

  • Broadcast Surcharge: $19.00/mo.
  • Regional Sports Surcharge: up to $12.50/mo.

But depending on which standalone live TV package you get from Cox, you’ll face different additional fees.

Set-top box fees:

  • Wired HD Contour Box: $8.50/mo. 
  • Wireless 4K Contour Box: $8.50/mo.
  • Basic Box: $6.00/mo.
  • CableCARD: $4.00/mo.

Not only do you have to pay monthly for renting the set-top box, but you'll also have to pay a monthly price for the DVR service (unfortunately, these charges are normal with most TV providers).

Cox's DVR service fees:

  • Essential DVR service: $13.50/mo. for one year (then increases by $4 per month)
  • Preferred DVR service: $20.00/mo.
  • Ultimate DVR service: $30.00/mo.

You can find more information about the set-top box and DVR services in the equipment section, but this gives you an idea of how much extra you'll need to add to your monthly bill.

Which channels does Cox TV have?

All of Cox's plans have a personality

The Starter package gives you the "local channels", Preferred is the average package with "local channels and basic cable TV channels", Preferred Plus is the above-average package with "local and cable channels, including premium channels," and you'll get "local and cable channels including premium channels and channel packs" with the Ultimate package.

With that said, let's see which personality attracts you the most.

Cox's Contour TV Starter includes the following channels in its lineup:

  • ABC
  • CBS
  • CoziTV
  • C-SPAN
  • CW
  • FOX
  • HSN
  • MeTV
  • NBC
  • PBS
  • PBS Kids
  • QVC
  • Telemundo
  • True Crime Network
  • UniMás
  • Univision

Cox's Contour TV Preferred includes all of the above and the following:

  • Cartoon Network
  • CNN
  • Discovery Channel
  • Disney Channel
  • ESPN
  • Food Network
  • Fox News
  • FS1
  • FX
  • Golf Channel
  • Hallmark Channel
  • HGTV
  • Lifetime
  • NBC Sports Network
  • PAC-12 Network
  • TBS
  • TNT
  • USA Network

Cox's Contour TV Ultimate includes all of the above and the following:

  • Actionmax
  • BBC America
  • Cinemax
  • Cooking Channel
  • Destination America
  • Discovery Family Channel
  • Disney Jr.
  • HBO
  • HBO Comedy
  • HBO Family
  • HBO Latino
  • Lifetime Movie Network
  • Moviemax
  • NFL RedZone Channel
  • OWN
  • Science Channel
  • SHOWTIME Family Zone
  • STARZ Cinema
  • STARZ Encore Family

Which premium channels and add-ons does Cox TV have?

With Cox TV, you'll get the option to add five premium channels and five channel packs.

When you order any TV plan, you'll get the option to add HBO Max, SHOWTIME, STARZ, or Cinemax to your plan for 12 months. When you upgrade to Ultimate, you can get all five premium channels and every channel pack.

How much do Cox's premium channels and add-ons cost?
Premium channel
Monthly price









Sports and Info Pack


Sports Pack 2


Movie Pack


Variety Pack


Bonus Pack


Latino Pack


*Data effective 3/14/2022.

The channel packs are only available if you order the Contour TV Preferred package or above, so here's a little break down:

  • Sports and Info Pack: This pack gives you about 23 sports channels, including NFL Network, ESPNU, ACCN, and Big Ten Network.
  • Sports Pack 2: Get about 20 more sports channels, including the NFL RedZone Channel, MLB Strike Zone, NBA TV, and Longhorn Network. (Keep in mind, you can't order this pack unless you order the Sports and Info Pack.)
  • Movie Pack: Spruce up your TV service with 20 movie channels from EPIX, FX, and STARZ.
  • Variety Pack: This pack is for everyone in the family. The 32 channels in this pack include Nicktoons, Disney Jr., BBC America, The Cooking Channel, and Boomerang.
  • Bonus Pack: This pack only has six channels, but it will cost nothing if you order another pack alongside it. You'll get the Science Channel, MLB Network, and Discovery Life.
  • Latino Pack: Good news for you and your abuelita: you'll get 34 Spanish-language channels with this pack. Enjoy Galavisión, NBC Universo, FOX Deportes, Cine Latino, Univision Telnovelas, and CNN en Español.

Cox's equipment and features

Your set-top box will require two fees: the monthly fee for renting the actual box and a DVR service fee (which, unfortunately, is normal with TV providers).

A Contour HD box is included with every TV plan, and this set-top box gives you access to on-demand content and streaming apps. Not only is it convenient to have everything in one place, but you'll also get a voice remote to make your TV experience smoother.

The Basic Box can save you $6 a month if you want a simple setup and don't care for premium channels, on-demand content, or pay-per-view.

How much is Cox's set-top box and DVR service?
Set-top box
Monthly price

Wired HD Contour Box

First box included, $8.50/mo. for each additional

Wireless 4K Contour Box


Basic box


Essential DVR service

$10.00/mo. (for year one)

Preferred DVR service


Ultimate DVR service


Now, for the DVR service. This is where you'll have to predict how often you and the family will be recording live games, daily or weekly TV shows, and movies.

The Essential and Preferred DVR service gives you 250 hours of DVR storage space. But Essential lets you record two shows at once while Preferred lets you record six.

We're not really sure which household would record 24 shows or movies at once, but Cox makes it possible. The Ultimate DVR service will also give you 1,000 hours of DVR storage.

Cox TV on-the-go

Download the Contour TV app in Google Play or the Apple Store to watch all of your on-demand content! We know we like to use streaming apps to distract our kids while we're busy on the phone, or to distract ourselves when we're waiting in a super long line.

Recap: Is Cox TV worth it?

The personalization this cable TV provider brings is unique in the industry
How much is Cox TV?
Monthly price
Available channels
Learn more
Contour TV Starter$53.00/mo.*75+
Contour TV Preferred$98.00/mo.*140+
Contour TV Preferred Plus$118.00/mo.*170+
Contour TV Ultimate$138.00/mo.*250+
Data effective 11/11/21. Offers and availability vary by location and are subject to change.
* Pricing for 1 year

Cox TV has a checkout experience that gives you a service that's tailored to you. 

We recommend Cox TV's Preferred plan because it has a great variety to make everyone in the family happy. You can also get a set-top box for everyone in the family and 1,000 hours of DVR storage space to share.

Although Cox has TV packages to suit everyone, Cox is considered the priciest cable TV provider in the industry. It's worth the price if you live in one of the 19 areas of the US Cox offers its services and if you'd like the simplicity of bundling four services in one.

If you'd like to compare other TV providers, check out Best Cable TV Providers of 2021 or Cheapest Cable TV Providers.

Enter your ZIP code to find which cable TV providers are in your area!
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