Cox Homelife Review

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Overall Rating 2 out of 5
Simple plan choices
Easy bundling
Limited availability and information

Comcast did it with Xfinity, DIRECTV with LifeShield, and now Cox has Homelife. Trip Play providers are placing bets that you want the convenience of one bill but there are pros and cons to using a cable company for home security.

Cox Homelife Security Monitoring

Cox TouchscreenCox offers a competitive entry price for Homelife. Packages start at just $29.99 per month assuming that you have other Cox services and assuming that you sign a 3-year agreement. Their $29.99 per month package includes access to their basic equipment package. In addition to the basic package, Cox Homelife has a preferred package. Both packages include two window/door sensors, 1 motion detector, a wireless router, a yard sign and window decals. Also, both packages require that you have a touchscreen. If you don’t have one you can rent one from Cox for $3/month. However, it is just a rental and you will need to return it at the end of your contract to avoid additional fees.

Beyond the included equipment, Cox offers other optional sensors to expand the capabilities of the system. You can purchase key fobs, smoke/heat sensors, video cameras, thermostat controllers, light controllers, glass break sensors, motion sensors, and a wireless siren. Even though a feature may be possible in your package it is important to remember that sometimes you need the right equipment to make the magic happen. For example, preferred does include video monitoring but you need to buy a camera in order for this to happen.

Purchase Price$29.99$39.99
TouchscreenRequired w/
Optional Rental
for $3/Month
Required w/
Optional Rental
for $3/Month
Cellular and
Battery Backup
24/7 Professional
Access via web,
and tablet
Text and
Email Alerts
Alarms via
text; events
via email
Smoke/Heat Detection
Carbon Monoxide
Secure Live
Video Reviewing
or Recording
Control Lights
Small Appliances
Adjust Thermostats
Lock Automation
Two-Way Voice
BBB ScoreA+A+

Unanswered questions

We are left wondering many things about Cox Homelife. For example, how will tech support be delivered? Will they drill holes in my wall? How is the app going to perform? What is the return period if you don’t like the system? Is the price locked in for three years or can they jack it up on me?

We tried to get these questions answered on chat but the rep told us we had to call in to get answers.

What we do know is that Cox is limited geographically. Cox Home Security is available to residential customers in select Cox markets: AR, AZ, CA, CT, IA, KS, NE, NV, OH, OK, RI, VA and we also know that it is too soon to tell if Cox is a win or not. If you are looking for proven home security my recommendation check out our Best Home Security Systems.

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  • Kevin Turnage

    Cox is the worst ever HORRIFIC Customer service if you can call it that

  • Dee Cears

    We have the cox system and it works as a deterrent I guess but I’m not certain it’s worth the money. We had an unfortunate real life test where we left the alarm on accidentally and the housekeeper set it off. We were out of cell service and the monitoring center couldn’t reach us to verify. They reset the alarm after 15 min and that was that. A guard showed up at the house over 2 hours later to “check out the scene”. I’ve never been a criminal but I suspect most home invasions happen more quickly. I know criminals can’t count on nobody answering the phone and this was an anomaly but it’s a serious f aw in their coverage. We are considering switching services to a company that does what it says it does

  • Robert Becton

    Not happy right now…Trying to get this product & their customer service sux…3 times Ive had conversations with reps, depending on who you talk to, you get a different version. Nobody is familiar with equipment , special offers listed or what the other hand is doing. I’ve asked for a consultation before install, 2 assured me not needed…tech shows up, can’t do the with rep again..consultation set up…between 3 & 5 pm…no show…no phone call..I drove 40 miles each way…called again. .now rep says they don’t do that…seriously about to pull plug on this clown show…if I ran a business like this, there would be no business