Xfinity Home Security Review

I have a bit of a love hate relationship with Comcast Xfinity. I love my consistent business class internet but I sure hate my bill. I, for one, divorced Comcast TV a few years ago, but so many of my friends prefer the convenience of one bill for internet, phone, and TV. Comcast Xfinity is counting on the convenience of a single bill to help sell Xfinity Home contracts. Are there enough users that see value in this that they would be willing to give Xfinity a try? Time will tell.

How Much is Xfinity Home?

I originally called Comcast two years ago to get the details on their home security offer, but over the years, things have changed. Since then, I’ve secret shopped Comcast several times based upon comments below or news of changes with Xfinity Home. I have found that their offer has evolved and continues to expand as more people adopt Comcast as their home security provider.

In my original and most recent call with Comcast, they offered me their base Xfinity Home security package for $29.95 for the first 12 months followed by $39.95 for the remaining 13-24 months. This initial discount requires that you have another Comcast service, like TV or internet. In fact, my sales rep told me that the initial discount requires a subscription to Xfinity Starter Triple Play. Other users have commented that they’ve received the same offer for bundling one service, like internet. If you do not have another Comcast service, you will start out paying $39.95 per month.

What is included with Xfinity Home Packages?

Xfinity Home Secure

Xfinity’s base package is called Home Secure. As mentioned above, the price is $39.95 per month under a 24 month contract. The shorter contract term is a welcome change compared to the 36 month contracts they initially offered. For $39.95 per month, Xfinity provides 24/7 security monitoring using multiple UL-listed monitoring centers and home control via cell phone app. Xfinity quotes their average alarm response time as 45 seconds. This is the amount of time it takes the monitoring center to reach out to a homeowner in the event an alarm is triggered.

All customers are required to pay the $99 installation fee. This fee covers the cost of in-home installation and a quick tutorial of the equipment included. The Home Secure comes with one touchscreen controller, three door/window sensors, one motion sensor, and one wireless keypad. The panel communicates back to the monitoring center through a secure network and uses a battery backup system for added redundancy. Access to their cell phone app is included and will allow you both text and email alerts related to events.

You Can Buy More Equipment For Xfinity Home

Each package starts with specific equipment, but you can add more equipment for an additional fee. For example, you can add additional video equipment to receive video clips based upon events like “front door open”. And all of their packages can expand to limited home automation with the purchase of the right equipment. With the purchase of additional equipment, you can remote control lights, lock, and the temperature in your house.

  • Thermostat $129.95
  • Outlet Controller $49.94
  • Motion Sensor $49.95
  • Touch screen controller
  • Camera $129.95
  • Wireless keypad $99.95
  • Glass break sensor $99.95
  • Powerline device $59.95
  • Smoke detector $99.95
  • Remote siren $99.95

They also sell their door/window sensors.

  • 3 door | window pack $129.95
  • 5 door | window pack $199.95
  • 1 door | window sensor $49.95

Now Be Honest

Have you ever considered dropping Comcast for DirectTV, DISH, or streaming TV? Well allow me to let you in on a little secret….this security system is just one more hook and you are the fish. While I think that Comcast is a fine option, I do think there are better options for home security that don’t involve long contracts, will provide superior protection, and save you money in the long run.

Where to BuyView Plans
BBB ReputationB
Price per Month$49.95
Professional InstallationIncluded
Min. Contact Length24 Months
UL Listed 24/7 Security Monitoring
Fire and Carbon Monitoring
Video Surveillance
Cell Phone App with Control
Text and Email Alerts
Battery Backup
Touchscreen Controller
Door/Window Sensors4
Motion Sensor1
Cameras Included2
Thermostat Controller1
Estimated Above Equipment Cost$698.80
Smoke and Heat Sensor
Wireless Light Control
Home Automation: Light Control
Home Automation: Locks
Home Automation: Temperature
ExtrasEcoSaver Energy Management
Home Automation LanguageZigbee

A Little More About Mobile Apps

Xfinity has a couple apps for customers with the right security package. They have an Android app on Google Play which is rated 4.3 stars. They also have an app on iTunes for iOS which is currently rated 2.5 stars.

If smartphones aren’t your thing, Xfinity has one more option for monitoring your home security equipment – your TV. Now you can download an app to your TV that will allow you to stream live video footage and check-in on things without running around the house, finding your phone, unlocking your phone, and opening the Xfinity Home app. When you’re at home, using your TV to check-in on things is an awesome option. Keep in mind that the Xfinity Home app on your TV requires an X1 subscription. Through the service you can also turn lights on and off, adjust the thermostat, and more.

A Summary of Things to Think About

  • Xfinity offers a comprehensive online help site, help forums, and even live chat services.
  • You can bundle security, cable, and internet packages to save even more money for the first year.
  • Xfinity is only available in areas that offer Comcast service.
  • Online reviews scream of customer service issues. Have you heard the recording of the AOL exec trying to cancel his Comcast service?
  • Comcast offers a 30 day return period. If you go beyond the return period they require you to pay an early termination fee.
  • You will retain ownership of the equipment after the 24 month contract expires.
  • Introductory ploys will end before your contract ends.
  • Installing your system could take up to 6 hours and they require a 4 hour installation window.


I’ve had a couple people ask about the $200 Visa gift card offered by Comcast. Basically I was told that if I stayed and paid for 90 days I would then get the gift card. After maintaining my account for 90 days they promised to mail the prepaid card within 18 weeks.

The early termination fee also deserves more detail. If you have preferred service, the early termination fee appears to be $1100. However, you can subtract $100 for every 3 full calendar months you maintained service. If you have basic service, the early termination fee is $770. However, you can subtract $70 for each three full calendar months you maintained service. There is more to the story which you should explore in the details of your contract with Comcast but this is an outline of the general terms.