Visible Wireless vs. Xfinity Mobile Cell Phone Plans Review

Visible is the better deal for most, but Xfinity Mobile makes sense for Xfinity internet customers.

Best value for most
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    Price: $25.00-$45.00/mo
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    Affordable unlimited data
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    Verizon coverage
  • con
    No family plan discounts
Best for Xfinity internet customers
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    Price: Call 1-888-936-4968
  • pro
    Discounts for Xfinity internet customers
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    Family plan discounts
  • con
    Pricier individual plans
Tyler Abbott
May 29, 2024
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Visible and Xfinity Mobile are both mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) carriers, which means that they use the cellular networks of a major carrier but offer simplified phone plans at a much cheaper price.

Both Visible and Xfinity Mobile offer affordable unlimited plans, but Visible’s high-speed data offerings easily beat out Xfinity Mobile.

Xfinity Mobile only makes sense for folks who already have Xfinity internet, since it gives you a discount on your internet service, but Visible is an awesome deal for just about anybody.

Visible vs. Xfinity Mobile: How do we compare them?

The most important factors to weigh when comparing cell phone plans are price, data caps, and coverage. We took a hard look at both carriers and found that Visible outperforms in two of the categories, but both are tied for coverage.

Price: Visible is cheap right away, but Xfinity Mobile comes with bundle discounts

Both Visible and Xfinity Mobile charge less than the major carriers for unlimited plans, but Visible goes above and beyond when it comes to price. It gives you unlimited data for as cheap as $25 a month, whereas Xfinity Mobile cell phone plans start at almost double that price.

Xfinity Mobile is only available to current Xfinity internet customers. If you meet that criteria, you get a monthly discount on your internet bill—helping bring down the total cost of your internet and phone, making it more even with Visible. You save up to $20 a month for 12 months when you add Xfinity Mobile to your Xfinity internet bill.

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Visible gives you more high-speed data for a lower price

Visible’s $25 plan doesn’t have a data cap. In theory, you can use your wireless data to your heart’s content with one major catch: deprioritization. Instead of having a designated amount of high-speed data, the basic Visible plan reserves the right to throttle your data speeds whenever the network gets congested. If you want to avoid deprioritization, opt for the $45 Visible plan, which gives you a 50GB monthly data cap.

Xfinity Mobile’s equivalent plan comes with a 20GB data cap, which equates to about 20 hours of streaming or TikTok scrolling. Some people never come close to 20 hours of streaming without a Wi-Fi connection, but other people (me) can easily run through 20 hours within a few weeks. If you want the highest data cap possible of 50GB with Xfinity Mobile, you need to pay for the Unlimited Premium plan. At that point, you might as well pay $45 a month for the Visible+ plan, get the same 50GB data cap, and save $20 every month.

Both Visible and Xfinity offer coverage over Verizon

Neither Visible nor Xfinity Mobile own a wireless network—instead they rent space from Verizon. As it stands in 2024, Verizon offers the most reliable coverage in the country.

In select urban areas and stadiums, you can get gigabit or near-gigabit speeds via Verizon’s Ultra Wideband 5G network, which is available on both Visible and Xfinity Mobile. Verizon is also solid for rural areas, since the network reaches remote parts of the country where T-Mobile or AT&T may fall short.

Xfinity Mobile vs. Visible: Plans and prices

Visible’s basic unlimited plan costs $25 less than Xfinity Mobile’s basic internet plan, which should pretty much end the debate between the two carriers for most folks. The main difference between the two providers' cheapest plans are the data caps. The Visible+ plan gives you a lot more high-speed data for a lower price compared to Xfinity’s Unlimited Premium plan.

That said, if you’re a new Xfinity internet customer, you still save big. New customers can get $10 or $20 off their internet (depending on the plan they get) when they sign up for Xfinity Mobile. next zip logo
Find out if you can bundle Xfinity internet with an Xfinity Mobile plan. Enter your ZIP code below:

Bundling Xfinity Mobile and Xfinity internet

If you already have Xfinity internet and add Xfinity Mobile, you can save $40 a month on your bill for an entire year. In an interview with, Xfinity customer Braeden Carter told us about his experience bundling Xfinity internet and mobile. “It was a pretty easy decision to ditch my old carrier and switch to Xfinity Mobile,” Carter told “Since I was already paying for Xfinity internet, I ended up saving about $20 a month compared to what I was paying with my old cell phone plan.”

Xfinity Mobile vs. Visible: Coverage

Both providers use the same network

Both Xfinity Mobile and Visible use Verizon’s excellent network for coverage, so you will have a pretty similar experience with either carrier. The good news is that Verizon’s network covers about 99.2% of the United States, so you should get reliable coverage just about anywhere with Xfinity Mobile or Visible. But just to make sure, enter your address in the coverage map below to see what the coverage experience will be like in your neck of the woods.

Visible vs. Xfinity Mobile: Cell phone deals

No new phone deals here

One of the few downsides of going with an MVNO carrier like Visible or Xfinity Mobile is that you don’t get sweet discounts on a new iPhone or Android. Major cell phone carriers have the ability to give you a “free” phone if you lock yourself into a two-year contract. MVNOs are generally prepaid carriers, so they don’t force customers into contracts—and thus you can’t get the same kind of deals.

However, you can easily transfer your current phone to a Visible or Xfinity Mobile phone plan by inserting a new SIM chip. If you want a new phone and don’t mind paying full price, you can buy a phone directly from Visible or Xfinity. Here are the top phones that folks are buying for Visible and Xfinity Mobile plans.

Recap: Visible vs. Xfinity Mobile

Both Visible and Xfinity Mobile offer affordable unlimited plans, but Visible easily beats out Xfinity Mobile when it comes to stand-alone price and high-speed data offerings. Xfinity Mobile only makes sense for folks who already have Xfinity internet, considering the internet discount you get with it. On its own, Xfinity Mobile costs almost double what Visible costs for an unlimited plan, but the discount on the internet makes things much more even between the two carriers.

Tyler Abbott
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Tyler Abbott
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