Comcast Xfinity TV vs. YouTube TV Review

What’s in your future? Cable TV or live TV streaming?

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Chantel Buchi
May 16, 2024
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Xfinity TV is one of the best cable TV providers on the market, and YouTube TV is one of the best live TV streaming services. But they’re both very different TV providers.

Xfinity is a cable provider widely available across the US and has inexpensive TV plans with excellent channel lineups. But beware of the pricey fees.

YouTube TV streams your favorite channels wherever you’d like on almost every device, and you get an unlimited amount of DVR storage hours. But you’ll only get half the channels you could get with Xfinity.

Before we get into the details, we’ll start by saying this epic battle was a close one, but YouTube TV won this one. Let us dive in to see which is the right choice for you.

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How do Xfinity TV and YouTube TV compare in price?

Tie: Both give you the best bang for your buck

YouTube TV keeps it simple with one plan and one price—$73 per month.

Xfinity TV gives you three choices to fit your budget and your watching needs.

Comcast Xfinity has the best prices compared to our other favorite cable TV providers, but when compared to YouTube TV, the cable fees make a big difference. (Scroll down a little for more details.)

How much does Xfinity TV cost per month?
Channel count
Choice TV$20/mo.*10+
Popular TV$50/mo.125+
Ultimate TV$68.5/mo.185+
* No term contract. Broadcast TV fee extra; price subj to change. Taxes and equipment not included.
No term contract. Broadcast TV fee and regional sports fee extra; price subj to change. Taxes and equipment not included.
Xfinity TV + Internet bundle deal

Get 300Mbps internet and live TV for $75/month for 24 months, including a free Voice Remote and DVR with over 125 channels.

Xfinity TV offers more channels than YouTube TV, so you’ll get to enjoy more entertainment and variety.

YouTube TV has only 85 channels in its lineup, but if you scroll down to the channels section, you might realize that’s all you need.

How much does YouTube TV cost per month?
Monthly price
Available channels
Learn more
YouTube TV$72.99/mo.100+
Spanish Plan$34.99/mo.^30+
Compatible device and internet connection required. Offers and availability may vary by location and are subject to change.
^ No long term contract. Cancel anytime.

Does Xfinity TV or YouTube TV have a contract?

Neither Xfinity or YouTube TV require you to sign a contract. Phew.

Does Xfinity TV or YouTube TV have fees?

Xfinity TV has four fees, while YouTube TV has zero.

Here's an idea of how much you’ll need to budget for Xfinity fees:

You’ll likely need a TV box for the living room ($9/month), an additional TV box for your bedroom ($9/month), 150-hour DVR storage ($10/month), news channels ($26/month), and sports channels ($11/month).

We’re aiming high for the news and sports channels just in case, but you could be looking at paying up to $73 more per month. So we encourage you to double-check how much you’ll be paying in fees based on your location.

While Xfinity could learn a thing or two from good ol’ YouTube, these fees aren’t necessarily outrageous in the cable TV world (as we've said before, Xfinity is still one of the best cable TV providers).

Xfinity TV vs. YouTube TV fees
Xfinity TV
YouTube TV
X1 TV box$9.00/mo. N/A

DVR fee



Broadcast feeUp to $26.15/mo. N/A
Regional sports feeUp to $11.20/mo.


Data effective 1/17/2023. Offers and availability vary by location and are subject to change.

YouTube TV doesn’t have any fees, which is unique in the TV world. It’s a well-rounded service that doesn’t need a DVR or simultaneous streams added on like Sling TV or Hulu + Live TV.

And if you want to take a break without losing all of your Schitt’s Creek recordings, you can pause your YouTube TV membership for up to six months and come back to watch the sibling rivalry between David and Alexis.

Interested in bundling the internet with your Xfinity TV plan?

If you like the idea of paying one bill for your internet, TV, and phone service, Xfinity has some affordable bundles to choose from ranging from $30–$150 per month.

Which channels do Xfinity TV and YouTube TV have?

YouTube TV has most popular channels, but Xfinity TV has more

Xfinity TV easily wins first prize when it comes to channels.

This cable TV provider nets you 125–185+ channels, so it’s a given that you’re going to find more of your favorite channels with Xfinity. 

Since YouTube TV only has 85 channels in its lineup, you won’t find channels like DIY Network or Tennis Channel (but maybe you're not a DIY or Rafael Nadal fan).

If you need more information, check out Xfinity’s and YouTube TV’s websites to see which channel lineup and price works best for you.

PS: We assure you that both TV providers have your local channels, and if you scroll down a little, you’ll see the sports channels you’ll get front row seats to.

Xfinity TV vs. YouTube TV channels
Xfinity TV
YouTube TV


Popular TV and Ultimate TV plans


Disney Channel

Popular TV and Ultimate TV plans



Popular TV and Ultimate TV plans


Food Network

Popular TV and Ultimate TV plans


Fox News

Popular TV and Ultimate TV plans


Hallmark Channel

Popular TV and Ultimate TV plans



Popular TV and Ultimate TV plans


Investigation Discovery (ID)

Popular TV and Ultimate TV plans



Popular TV and Ultimate TV plans



Ultimate TV plan



Ultimate TV plan



Ultimate TV planYes


Popular TV and Ultimate TV plans


Data effective 5/16/2024. Offers and availability vary by location and are subject to change.

We like how Xfinity’s $50 package has most of the popular channels you love and want (or need).

We do recommend upgrading to the Ultimate TV package if you’re a fan of the most popular sports (NFL Network, MLB Network, and NBA TV), your spouse loves movie channels (FX Movie Channel), and your kids love cartoons (Nick Jr.).

Xfinity TV also has your local channels (ABC, CBS, FOX, and NBC) in all of its packages, as does YouTube TV.

Which premium channels do Xfinity TV and YouTube TV have?

It’s somewhat rare for a TV service to offer all of the premium channels, yet both Xfinity TV and YouTube TV do!

Most of the prices are the same, but YouTube TV charges a little less for Paramount+ with SHOWTIME® and CINEMAX. YouTube TV also has a Max, Paramount+ with SHOWTIME®, and STARZ bundle that will save you money if you enjoy Made for Love, Billions, and Black Sails.

Xfinity TV vs. YouTube TV premium channels
Xfinity TV price
YouTube TV price




Paramount+ with SHOWTIME®












Entertainment Plus (Max, Paramount+ with SHOWTIME®, STARZ)



Data effective 5/16/2024. Offers and availability vary by location and are subject to change.

Which sports channels do Xfinity TV and YouTube TV have?

If you’re a fanatic of the NBA, NFL, MLB, and NHL, you’re going to like Xfinity's Ultimate TV plan. But the diehard NFL fans will want YouTube TV.

With YouTube TV, you get 13 sports channels among the 85 total channels and it's the only live TV streaming service that gives you NFL Network and NBA TV for the price of $73.

Also, YouTube TV is the newest home to NFL SUNDAY TICKET.

Xfinity’s Popular plan gives you only nine sports channels, but if you upgrade to Ultimate, you'll get 22! You'll get channels YouTube TV doesn't have, like the Tennis Channel, MLB Network, NHL Network, and PAC-12 Network.

Xfinity TV’s Popular TV plan has the following sports channels:

  • AT&T SportsNet
  • FOX Sports (FS1), FS2
  • Golf Channel
  • PAC-12 Network
  • Local Sports
  • Tennis Channel

Xfinity TV’s Ultimate TV plan has all of the sports channels above and the following:

  • ACC Network (ACCN)
  • CBS Sports Network
  • ESPNews
  • MLB Network
  • NBA TV
  • NFL Network
  • NHL Network
  • Outdoor Channel
  • SEC Network
  • Sportsman Channel
  • TUDN
  • Zona Fútbol

YouTube TV has the following sports channels:

  • ACC Network (ACCN)
  • Big Ten Network (BTN)
  • CBS Sports Network
  • ESPNews
  • FS1, FS2
  • Golf Channel
  • NBA TV
  • NFL Network
  • SEC Network
  • TUDN

Does Xfinity TV or YouTube TV have a better DVR?

YouTube TV wins in the DVR department as it has the most storage space with unlimited.

Record every NBA game this season, every episode of Storage Wars, and every Anderson Cooper 360 episode if you'd like. And if you do, you’ll still have plenty of room to spare.

With any cable TV provider, you have to expect to pay DVR service fees.

Xfinity TV charges $7.50 per month for each set-top box and $0–$20 per month for the DVR service depending on how much storage you'd like.

Although Xfinity’s X1 DVR only holds 150 HD hours, one upside to Xfinity’s DVR is that it stores your recordings indefinitely. Unlike with YouTube TV, you won’t have to worry about your recordings erasing after nine months.

Xfinity TV vs. YouTube TV DVR
Xfinity TV
YouTube TV

DVR hours and storage

150 HD/300 SD hours, saves indefinitely

Unlimited hours, saves for nine months

Set-top box price$8.50/mo. eachN/A

DVR fee



*Data effective 5/16/2024.

On which devices can you stream Xfinity TV and YouTube TV?

You probably want to watch Murder Chose Me to kill time (pun intended) waiting in line at the drive-through car wash. Or maybe you’ll find yourself needing to distract the little ones with Bluey while you’re grocery shopping.

Either way, you’ll need to know which devices are compatible with the Xfinity Stream and YouTube TV apps.

You can stream Xfinity TV on these streaming devices:

  • Amazon Fire TVs
  • Roku TVs
  • Roku Ultra, Roku Express, Roku Premiere
  • Roku 2, 3, and 4
  • Roku Smart Soundbar
  • Samsung smart TVs
  • LG smart TVs

Stream YouTube TV all day long on these streaming devices:

  • iPhone, iPad
  • Android smartphone, Android tablet
  • Apple TV
  • Android TV
  • Roku TVs, Roku smart soundbar
  • Roku Ultra, Roku Streaming Stick, Roku Express, Roku Premiere
  • Fire TV Stick, Fire TV Cubes
  • Vizio SmartCast TVs
  • Samsung & LG smart TVs
  • HiSense TVs
  • Chrome, Safari

You can stream on five separate devices at once with Xfinity TV, and you can stream on three different devices simultaneously with YouTube TV.

Recap: YouTube TV is the winner

Xfinity TV has more channels, but YouTube TV charges zero fees and has unlimited DVR storage space
  • Pricing: YouTube TV has one straightforward price at $73 per month. Xfinity TV has three plans to choose from— Choice TV for your local channels at $20 per month (or $10 a month in central areas), Popular TV is $50 per month for 125 channels, and Ultimate TV costs $68.50 per month for 185.
  • Contracts and fees: A contract and fees are non-existent with YouTube TV and Xfinity TV. As for fees, Xfinity has four of them. You could potentially spend $73 per month on these extra costs, but it depends on your location. We strongly recommend that you double-check during your checkout process or chat with an Xfinity Advisor.
  • Channels: This one is a tie because this will depend on what your personal preferences are. Xfinity TV has channel lineups complete with most of the popular channels in its total of 125–185. So if you want the most channels, Xfinity is for you. If you’re looking for a consistent price, want a good amount of popular channels in a $73 per month plan, and you like what you see in YouTube TV’s channel lineup, YouTube TV will be a great choice.
  • DVR: YouTube TV’s DVR has unlimited storage space that saves your recordings for nine months. Xfinity TV’s X1 DVR gives you 150 HD/300 SD storage hours and keeps your recordings indefinitely. You’ll just have to budget for those extra DVR service fees with cable TV providers.

Check out our full reviews on Xfinity TV and YouTube TV if you're still on the fence. We go more in-depth on which Xfinity TV plan or bundle is best for you, and we’ll explain why we like YouTube TV’s user interface.

Now that you know about Xfinity and YouTube TV, here are your next steps. next zip logo
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Want to explore more options. Check out the best TV providers.

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