Best Cell Phone Deals for May 2024

Here are the very best cell phone deals of the month, all in one place.

Xfinity Mobile
Xfinity Mobile
(Xfinity Internet required)
  • pro
    Multi-line discounts
  • pro
    Data Cap: 1GB–Unlimited
  • Fire Emoji
    Best Deal: Buy one line of Unlimited and get one Unlimited Intro line free for a year
AT&T Wireless
Starts at
  • pro
    Price Range: $50–$85.99
  • pro
    Data Cap: 4GB–Unlimited
  • Fire Emoji
    Best Deal: New and existing customers get Samsung Galaxy S24+ and S24 Ultra with trade-in
T Mobile
Starts at
  • pro
    Price Range: $50–$100/mo
  • pro
    Data Cap: Unlimited
  • Fire Emoji
    Get four free iPhone 15s when you switch four lines with eligible trade-ins
Verizon Wireless
Starts at
  • pro
    Price Range: $30–$90/mo
  • pro
    Data Cap: Unlimited
  • Fire Emoji
    Free iPhone 15 Newphoria with a new line or select Unlimited plans (online only, no trade-in required)
Mint Mobile
Mint Mobile
Starts at
  • pro
    Price Range: $15–$30/mo
  • pro
    Data Cap: Unlimited
  • Fire Emoji
    Get any three-month plan for $15/mo
Boost Mobile
Boost Mobile
Starts at
  • pro
    Price Range: $15–$60/mo
  • pro
    Data Cap: 2GB–Unlimited
  • Fire Emoji
    Get the Galaxy A25 5G for $99.99 with the $25 Unlimited Plan
Brenna Elieson
May 29, 2024
Icon Time To Read7 min read

A new cell phone, especially from major brands like Apple or Samsung, can cost upwards of four digits. In this economy? No, thank you. The good news is you can almost always find deals on plans, phones, and bundles if you know where to look. We’ve rounded up this month’s best cheap phones and cell phone plans, plus other common perks to look out for.

AT&T, Verizon, and T-Mobile currently offer great deals on the newest iPhone, Google Pixel, and Samsung Galaxy, with some sweet add-ons for new customers. Smaller carriers like Xfinity Mobile, Mint Mobile, and Visible Wireless are offering deals on new devices as well as a free trial of wireless service.

Best Cell Phone Deals of May 2024
Best deals
Xfinity Mobile
    Xfinity Internet customers can get two lines of Unlimited for $30/line per month

    Save up to $830 on iPhone 15 Pro, Motorola razr, Google Pixel 8, or Pixel 8 Pro with trade-in

    Free Unlimited Intro Line
    for a year when you buy one line of Unlimited or a 400 Mbps interent package

    Free iPhone 15 128GB with trade-in

    Bring your phone to Xfinity Mobile and get $100 back in bill credits
    AT&T Wireless users can save $20/month on AT&T Fiber

    Free Google Pixel 8 Pro with a Pixel trade-in

    Free iPhone 15 Pro with eligible trade-in

    Free Samsung Galaxy S24+ and S24 Ultra with eligible trade-ins

    Up to $1,000 off the iPhone 15 Pro Max

    Free Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5 with eligible trade-in and unlimited plan
T Mobile
    Free iPhone 15 when you get port in your qualifying number and add a new line on a Go5G Next rate plan

    Get four free iPhone 15s plus four new lines for $25/line

    Up to $1,000 off the Galaxy Z Flip5 or Galaxy Z Fold5 with new line on Go5G Plus or Go5G Next plans

    Free RAZR or RAZR+ with qualifying new line and eligible trade-in

    Free Netflix, Hulu, and Apple TV+ subscription with qualifying Go5G plan

    Get third line free for new customers

    Switch to T-Mobile and get up to $800 to help pay off your phone
    Get four free iPhone 14s when you open four new lines on Unlimited Welcome plans (no trade-in required, online only)

    Free Google Pixel 7a with a new line on myPlan

    Free Samsung Galaxy S24+ with eligible trade-in

    Get up to $540 when you bring your phone

    Verizon Wireless customers can get Verizon Home Internet for $25/month
Mint Mobile
    Six months of free services when you buy a new phone and a six-month plan

    Get any plan for $15/month

    $180 off Google Pixel 8

    $100 off Samsung Galaxy S24+
Boost Mobile
    Get at least $100+ for your old phone with trade-in

    Try Visible free for 15 days—no card info necessary

    Use code GOOGLE to save $240 on select Google phones

    Get $20 for you and every friend you bring
    Get a free Unlimited Mobile line for 12 months when you bundle with Spectrum Internet

    $275 price drop on Google Pixel 8 plus additional $100 with trade-in

    $200 price drop on Samsung Galaxy S24 Series with trade-in

Xfinity Mobile deals

Get an Unlimited Intro line free for a year

Xfinity Mobile has a few great deals going on right now for new customers. (Reminder that Xfinity Mobile is available only to existing Xfinity home internet subscribers.)

Xfinity Mobile customers can get a free Unlimited Intro line for a year with the purchase of any Unlimited line. That’s two unlimited data phone lines for the price of one for 12 months.

New Xfinity Internet customers who choose a Fast plan or above can also get a free Unlimited Intro line (or an equivalent monthly mobile credit) for two years. Just remember to activate the Unlimited Intro line within 90 days of ordering internet service.

Xfinity Mobile: How does it stack up?

Xfinity Mobile is a unique carrier, offering bundle-only options with its internet service. For Xfinity Internet users, Xfinity Mobile offers decently priced unlimited and by-the-gig plans, earning a spot in our best cell phone plans review. Plus, Xfinity Mobile operates on Verizon’s network, one of the fastest networks in the country.

Xfinity Internet offers competitive prices and is available across the majority of the United States. It even offers one of the largest Wi-Fi hotspot networks. We wish its promotional prices lasted longer and that its unlimited data plan was priced more competitively, but the service is worth checking out if you’re interested in saving on bundles or family plans.

AT&T Wireless deals

Get a free Google Pixel 8 Pro with eligible trade-in

AT&T’s best cell phone deal includes a free Google Pixel 8 Pro with trade-in, and the cell phone discounts don’t stop there. Check out all the cell phone deals AT&T has to offer below:

  • Free iPhone 15 Pro with eligible trade-in
  • Free Google Pixel 8 Pro
  • Free Samsung Galaxy S24+ and S24 Ultra with eligible trade-ins
  • Free Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5 with unlimited plan and eligible trade-in
  • Up to $1,000 off iPhone 15 Pro Max

For customers content with their current phone, AT&T Wireless offers $250 in bill credits when you switch with your own phone.

AT&T internet bundle deal: Save $20/month on AT&T Fiber

Bundle your wireless and internet service with an AT&T fiber 300Mbps plan or higher, and save $20 a month on your internet and cell phone bill.

AT&T appreciation deals

AT&T is offering 25% per month off its services for the following users and their families:

  • Active military and veterans
  • First responders
  • Nurses, physicians, and PA-Cs

Plus, union and AARP members can save $10/month per line and get discounts on wireless accessories.

AT&T: How does it stack up?

AT&T is a very reliable provider with powerful plans. You get super-fast speeds, good coverage, and incredibly high data caps. For example, the Unlimited Premium PL plan doesn’t even have a data cap, so you can never run out of high-speed data.

That being said, AT&T’s wireless plans are expensive, reaching almost $90 a month for a single line but less than $50 a month for five lines. So we recommend AT&T for those looking for a powerful phone plan or users who can get a family plan discount.

T-Mobile deals

Get four free iPhone 15s when you switch four lines

Interested in switching the whole fam over to T-Mobile? Now’s the time to pull the trigger. T-Mobile will give you four new iPhone 15s plus four lines at $25/line when you switch. To qualify, all lines must be new and include four eligible trade-ins.

T-Mobile Go5G cell phone deals

Get one of T-Mobile’s Go5G plans and enjoy a brand new iPhone or Samsung device for free. Check it out below:

Go5G Plus or Go5G Next deals

  • Free Samsung Galaxy S24 (no trade-in required)
  • Free Samsung Galaxy S23 when you add a line or with eligible trade-in
  • Up to $1,000 off the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra
  • Free Galaxy Z Flip5 when you add a line or with eligible trade-in
  • Free Galaxy Z Fold5 when you add a line or with eligible trade-in

Get free streaming subscriptions with Go5G

You can get the following free streaming subscriptions with T-Mobile's Go5G rate plans:

  • Netflix Basic (1 screen)
  • Apple TV+
  • Hulu (with Ads)
  • Vix Premium for one year
  • SiriusXM Streaming Platinum for six months
  • Pandora Premium for four months

With T-Mobile’s Go5G cell phone plans, save at least $25/month and enjoy some of our favorite streaming services at no extra cost.

T-Mobile: How does it stack up?

With T-Mobile, you get fast download speeds, high data caps, lots of hotspot data, and a generous amount of perks. T-Mobile also offers the most perks compared to AT&T or Verizon, offering free streaming subscriptions plus weekly deals with its T-Mobile Tuesdays program.

But its plans are expensive, especially for one line, with its most expensive plan reaching $100 a month for a single line. We recommend T-Mobile if you’re interested in a strong cell phone plan, especially if you have friends or family to join your account for a family-plan discount.

Verizon Wireless deals

Get four iPhone 14s for free when you open four lines on Unlimited Welcome

Verizon’s four-free-iPhones deal gets you—that’s right—four new iPhone 14s at no extra cost when you add four Unlimited Welcome lines. The best part is there are no trade-ins required. Andhis is an online-only offer, so you’ll need to go the virtual route to get it.

This deal is similar to T-Mobile’s four iPhone 15s deal; however, you won’t be required to have eligible trade-ins with Verizon’s four iPhone 14s deal. Your phone will be a generation behind, but who really cares when it’s free?

Don’t worry—you can still get a free iPhone 15 Newphoria from Verizon. The offer is valid for online orders on a new Unlimited Plus or Unlimited Ultimate line.

Verizon Wireless: How does it stack up?

Verizon Wireless is the king of coverage, offering fast speeds and reliable performance. Its plans are pretty standard compared to AT&T and T-Mobile, if not a tiny bit cheaper. Verizon offers fewer free perks, especially compared to T-Mobile. But it has basic, powerful plans that suit most users’ data and coverage needs. And the plans are pretty affordable if you can add a few members to your account for a family plan discount.

Mint Mobile deals

Get six months free when you buy a new phone and a six-month plan

With Mint Mobile (a prepaid carrier), users pay in three, six, or 12-month installments. And right now, new customers who buy an eligible phone with Mint get a 50% discount on a 12-month plan. This means you can get an entire year of unlimited cell phone service for only $180, which is as expensive as two months on an unlimited plan from a bigger provider like Verizon or AT&T.

Mint Mobile also offers discounts on phones, like $300 off the Google Pixel 8 and $279 off the Google Pixel 8 Pro.

Mint Mobile: How does it stack up?

Mint Mobile offers the cheapest unlimited data plan we’ve seen. In fact, we think Mint Mobile offers the most value compared to any other cell phone carrier. Operating on T-Mobile’s network, this prepaid carrier’s plans cap out at $30 a month for unlimited data and 10GB of hotspot data. At a third of the price of major wireless carriers, Mint Mobile is a great choice for anyone trying to save money without sacrificing data or coverage.

Tips and tricks for finding the best cell phone deals

Here’s the golden rule of buying a new phone: Never pay full price. There’s almost always a way to get the device you want with a discount, a BOGO deal, or some other promotional offer. Here’s what to look for when you’re shopping.

  • See if your carrier offers the latest phones for existing customers. Last year AT&T announced that it would start giving its existing customers some of the very same phone deals that it offers to new customers. Since then the other two major carriers—T-Mobile and Verizon—have followed suit.
  • Look for refer-a-friend programs. You like your friends (most of the time) and you like saving money (all of the time), so why not put the two together? Many carriers—like Mint, Visible, and AT&T—will give you an account credit when you refer a friend.
  • Look for trade-in programs. Verizon is usually running some kind of incredible trade-in deal that will give you $700+ off your new device when you give up your old one. While not every carrier offers that kind of cash, most do have some sort of trade-in policy.
  • Consider switching carriers to get the new customer treatment. Some carriers offer deals to existing customers, but this is the exception to the rule. In most cases, switching to a new carrier opens up a whole new world of phone deals. Companies often save their best deals—like iPhone BOGO offers—for those who sign up for an unlimited data plan.
  • Factor free streaming subscriptions and other perks into the total savings. Cell phone companies like to throw in perks to get you to sign up for their plans. We’ve seen mobile plans with free subscriptions to streaming services like Max, Netflix, Disney+, and Hulu. These may not be directly related to your phone purchase, but they sweeten the deal for sure.

What makes this guide legit?

At, we follow a rigorous process to review, rank, and recommend cell phone providers based on objective analysis. Here is a detailed breakdown of our process.

  1. Conduct comprehensive research: Our research team scours the internet to find the latest and most accurate information on cell phone providers and plans. We use a variety of sources, including industry reports, customer reviews, and comparison websites like
  2. Analyze coverage data: To evaluate network coverage, we analyze data from sources like RootMetrics, OpenSignal, and Ookla. We look at coverage maps to determine which providers offer the most coverage in a given area. We also use proprietary data from over 100,000 users to evaluate data speeds and overall performance.
  3. Evaluate pricing: We compare the pricing of different cell phone plans to determine which providers offer the best overall value. Value is based on cost, data allotments, additional perks, coverage, and data speeds. We also consider any hidden fees or charges that might impact the total cost of the plan.
  4. Assess perks and features: To decide the best cell phone plans, we also factor in all the additional features outside of the usual talk, text, and data. We look at things like data rollover, international roaming, and mobile hotspot capabilities. We also evaluate the quality of the provider’s app and customer portal to determine if they offer a good user experience.
  5. Make recommendations: Based on our analysis, we compile a list of the best cell phone providers and plans for different types of users. We provide detailed information on each provider, including their coverage, pricing, features, and customer service. We also provide recommendations based on usage needs, such as the best plans for frequent travelers or the best plans for families.

Our research process is designed to provide our readers with accurate and trustworthy information on cell phone providers and plans. By conducting comprehensive research and analysis, we are able to make recommendations that are based on objective data and user feedback. We take great care to ensure that our recommendations are always unbiased and free from any outside influence.

Brenna Elieson
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Brenna Elieson
After graduating from Utah Valley University with an English and literary studies degree, Brenna transitioned from sales recruiting to the world of tech writing at She loves horror movies, her two cats, and arguing with strangers on Letterboxd.

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