Best Cell Phone Deals for December 2019

  • Best Sprint Deals
    Lease one iPhone 11 and get the second one free
    Galaxy S10﹢ for $15/mo.
  • Best Verizon Deals
    BOGO deal for iPhone 11
    BOGO deal for Galaxy S10﹢

Top Deals of the Week: December 8–15

If you’re stressing about that last-minute Christmas shopping for your gadget-loving family member, this should make things a bit easier. This week there are great deals from both Sprint and Verizon on the newest Apple and Samsung phones. Check it out.

Sprint Deals

Free iPhone 11

Sign up for Sprint and purchase one Apple iPhone 11 with Sprint Flex Lease and you can get a second one for free. Yes, you read that right, it’s a free iPhone 11. This deal also includes a year of Apple TV+. Wow. Such deal. Much Apple.

Here are all of the details.

Cheap Galaxy S10+

You can snatch up a Galaxy S10+ from Sprint for $15 a month. That’s more than 50% off the normal monthly cost. Take a look.

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What’s the catch with these deals?
Typically, you need to sign a contract for a new unlimited plan with a new wireless carrier. In some cases, you can add a line to an existing family plan and take advantage of these limited-time plans that way.

Verizon Deals

Free iPhone 11

Yep, Verizon also has a BOGO offer on iPhone 11s right now. But instead of offering you a free lease like Sprint, Verizon’s deal works when you actually purchase a new device. Just make sure to read the fine print (you basically get a refund through your monthly bill).

Free Galaxy S10+

If you’re more of an Android person than an Apple person, don’t worry. When you sign up for an unlimited plan with Verizon and buy one Samsung Galaxy S10+, you can get a second one free. Here’s the nitty-gritty on the deal.

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