Best Cell Phone Deals 2021

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  • Best Phone Plan Deal
    Featured Deal: Visible Wireless $25 first month Unlimited Data Plan
  • Best iPhone Deal
    iPhone SE fo $5 a month with Verizon
  • Best Galaxy Deal
    Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G for $25/mo.
  • Best Deal on Other Devices
    Featured deal: Up to $500 off ﹢ $200 Mastercard with trade-in for the brand new Motorola razr from Verizon

Top Deals of the Week: January 13-January 20

Mobile deals pop up all the time, and you’re in the right place to see the latest cell phone deals. For starters, you can get a killer deal right now on an unlimited plan with Visible Wireless for $25 for your first month (and $40 a month afterwards). Or you can get an iPhone SE (2020 edition, of course) for $5 a month from Verizon.


Xfinity Mobile has tons of Black Friday and Holiday deals! Check them out here.

  • Get up to $500 in savings when you bundle Xfinity Mobile and Xfinity Internet together.
  • Get a $200 Visa® Prepaid Card when you purchase Xfinity Internet and add Xfinity Mobile during the Black Friday sale.
  • Get an iPhone SE 64GB for $0 when you switch to Xfinity Mobile.
  • Save $250 off any new purchase of an iPhone, including the new iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro, when you switch over to Xfinity Mobile.
  • Buy an eligible Samsung phone and get $300 off when you sign up for Xfinity mobile. This particular Black Friday deal lasts until December 7, 2020.
  • Get $50 when you switch to Xfinity Mobile and bring your own phone.
  • Get a the LG K51 phone for $0, or $100 off an eligible LG phone
  • Get a Moto E phone for $0, or $100 off an eligible Motorola phone

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Phone Plan Deals

Getting a one-time discount on a device is awesome. But getting a discount on your phone bill every month is even awesomer. All of the best deals right now come from Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNOs), which basically are the generic brands of the wireless industry—you get cheaper cell phone plans without the big name brands.

New customers get their first month for $25 instead of $40 on Visible

There’s no denying that Visible Wireless offers the most bang for your buck when it comes to getting a lot of high-speed data. But you’ll get an even better deal for your first month if you sign up for the company’s unlimited plan right now. Move over, Tracfone, there’s a new sheriff in prepaid-mobile-service town.

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Free speaker with your new Visible plan
You also can get a free Bang & Olufsen speaker when you sign up for Visible plan.

Reach Mobile Best Fit Feature

Reach Mobile is another MVNO wireless provider that has two really cool things going for it:

  1. Best Fit Feature makes sure you don’t pay for data you don’t use.
  2. A portion of your bill goes to charity.

As for the Best Fit Feature, let’s say you pay for a 8 GB data plan, but you only end up using 3 GB in a month. You’ll be charged for the 3 GB plan instead of the 8 GB plan. It’s the same logic for the 12 GB plan. Reach Mobile makes a lot of sense for folks who keep their data usage relatively low.

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Get $15 off per month for the first 3 months
We’ve got a deal for you that saves you $15 every month for the first three months of your Reach mobile plan.

Get $15/mo. off Reach Mobile data plans for the first three months

If you use the promo code “whistle153” when signing up for a Reach Mobile plan, you’ll save $15 a month for your first three months. Since Reach Mobile is a no-contract wireless provider, you can always just cancel after the first three months and switch providers. The promo code works on any Reach Mobile wireless plan. Check out your options.

iPhone Deals

Apple devices will deliver the highest performance—but they also come with the highest price tag. So be sure to check out these deals before you upgrade.

iPhone 11 Deals

Get an iPhone 11 for $15/mo. with a new Verizon line

If you start a new unlimited line with Verizon, you can get a new iPhone 11 for just $15 a month. Over the course of a two-year contract, you save $340 on your new phone. You can sign up to get your new iPhone 11 for $15 a month here.

iPhone X Deals

Get $300 off an iPhone XS with Verizon

If you sign up for a new Verizon unlimited plan, you can get $300 off a new iPhone XS, and *channeling voice from The Price is Right* that’s not all! Verizon is also throwing in a $150 gift card and the new Avenger’s game that came out for free to sweeten the deal.

iPhone SE Deals

Pick up a free iPhone SE 2020 (64 GB) for $5 a month with Verizon

The iPhone SE 2020 may be a “discount” phone, but don’t let that fool you. This is one of the best devices of the year, with a super-powerful processor, amazing camera, and stellar all-around performance. You can get it for $5 a month if you sign up for a new line on Verizon.

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Make sure you read the fine print
We only display legitimately great deals on this page. But great deals still come with fine print. Sometimes “free” means that the cost of the phone will be discounted from your monthly bill over 24 months. And you usually have to sign up for a new, unlimited plan to qualify for any of these deals. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

Galaxy Phone Deals

If you prefer the Android operating system—or just want a bigger screen display—then the Samsung Galaxy is the phone lineup for you. Here’s a look at all of the best deals from top providers on Galaxy phones. 

Galaxy S20

Galaxy S20 Verizon deals

Verizon has dropped its deals on the Samsung Galaxy S20+ and the S20 Ultra. Here are the details:

Get $150 credit on the Samsung Galaxy S20+ 5G plus up to $1000 off a second device with Verizon

Okay, so you have to do two things to qualify for this killer deal:

  • Trade-in your old device
  • Start a new unlimited plan with Verizon (or add a line to an existing plan)

When you do this you’ll get the $150 off and then another $150 in the form of a prepaid Mastercard. When you buy a second device on top of your S20 you’ll get a $1000 promo credit! That’s basically a BOGO deal.

Get $200 off a Samsung Note20 5G/Note 20 Ultra with Verizon

You can get $200 off a new Samsung Note20 5G and a $300 Verizon gift card when you pay for device installments on a new unlimited plan.

Galaxy S10 Deals

Get $150 off the Samsung Galaxy S10 or S10e with Republic Wireless

If you want a new Galaxy S10 device for a nice discount, Republic Wireless is currently knocking $150 off their normal price.

You can have a Samsung Galaxy S10 from Verizon for just $10 a month from Verizon

Sign up for a new unlimited data line on Verizon. Get a Samsung Galaxy S10. Pay $10 a month. Be stoked because that’s a great deal. Nice.

Deals on Other Phones

OnePlus deals

Get up to $550 off when you trade-in for a new OnePlus 8 5G phone from Verizon!

Ready to make the leap to 5G? Why not make the leap with the brand new OnePlus 8? If you haven’t heard of OnePlus, it’s probably because the company has only recently begun to make major inroads in the US market. But these phones can give iPhones and Galaxies a run for their money, and cost a good deal less.

This deal is only good when you’re signing up or porting in to select Verizon unlimited data plans.

Google Pixel Deals

Google Pixel 4a for $10/mo. with Verizon

You can save $140 on a new Google Pixel 4a by taking advantage of this deal. Basically, you sign up for a 24-month contract where you pay $10 a month and you get a new Google Pixel 4a.

LG Phone Deals

Get up to $500 off an LG G8 ThinQ with trade in from Verizon

The LG G8 ThinQ may not be many people’s radar, but you can’t argue with getting $500 off of anything. You can trade in your old phone to Verizon and get a huge discount on a new LG device.

Motorola Phone Deals

Receive up to $500 in trade-in credit and a $200 Mastercard when you pre-order the new Motorola razr from Verizon.

Remember that old Motorola flip phone you had in high school? Well, the razr is back, and it’s looking to score more than just nostalgia points. Seriously, if you haven’t heard about this phone, check it out. It’s either going to revolutionize the smart phone industry, or land with a thud. We’re betting on the former.

Motorola razr

Image source: Motorola

But at more than $1,500, this phone is more expensive than most iPhones. So you might want to take advantage of this early-bird deal that Verizon is offering when you sign up for a new, unlimited plan.

Get a Motorola Moto Z4 for $5 a month from Verizon when you sign up for a new line with Verizon

If you’re just looking for a cheap, simple, but functional device, then the Moto Z4 is a great option. It might not have all of the bells of whistles of an iPhone or Galaxy device, but it will get the job done. Plus, you can get one for just $5 a month when you sign up for monthly payments on a new line with Verizon.

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