Best Unlimited Data Cell Phone Plans

We looked at the most popular wireless provider’s unlimited plans to find the best options for your smartphone addiction.

Unlimited plans let you say goodbye to data overage charges and hello to all the cat videos you can handle. If you never leave home without your smartphone, always watch Netflix on your tablet, and listen to endless podcasts on your commute, then an unlimited wireless plan is an obvious choice.

But which unlimited plan should you choose? Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, and Sprint each offer unlimited wireless plans, but you get different monthly costs and levels of service with each one.

In this review, we break down the top four companies’ unlimited data plans so you can find the best option for your family—or even just for yourself.

Unlimited wireless plan comparison

Plan namePrice for 1 linePrice for 2 linesData allotment*Max. # of linesLearn more
Verizon Go Unlimited$75/mo.$130/mo.None**10See plan
Verizon Beyond Unlimited$85/mo.$160/mo.22 GB10See plan
Verizon Above Unlimited$95/mo.$180/mo.75 GB10See plan
T-Mobile ONE$70/mo.$120/mo.50 GB12See plan
T-Mobile ONE Plus$80/mo.$140/mo.50 GB12See plan
AT&T Unlimited &More$70/mo.$125/mo.None**10See plan
AT&T Unlimited &More Premium$80/mo.$150/mo.22 GB10See plan
Sprint Unlimited Freedom$60/mo.$100/mo.23 GB10See plan

* Data amount after which provider may throttle your speed. Data effective 7/30/18.
** Provider can throttle your speed at any time during high-traffic periods.

Unlimited plan pricing

If you want unlimited data for the lowest monthly cost, then Sprint or T-Mobile is your friend—as long as the service works for your needs.

In the battle of unlimited plans, Verizon’s might come out on top, but its also on top when it comes to prices. If you’re looking for the lowest plan price per month, then Sprint and T-Mobile take the prize.

Sprint has the lowest plan pricing of any of our four companies. T-Mobile costs more, but it also gives you so much high-speed data that you can get a few seasons deep in a Hulu series before it’ll even try to slow you down.

Sprint has the lowest plan pricing of any of our four companies. T-Mobile costs more, but it also gives you so much high-speed data that you can get a few seasons deep in a Hulu series before it’ll even try to slow you down.

That said, Sprint and T-Mobile don’t always have the best coverage. If you live in a more rural area, where Sprint and T-Mobile tend to have slow or unavailable service, then Verizon’s and AT&T’s stellar coverage make them worth the monthly hit to your wallet.

Verizon unlimited plan pricing

There’s no way around it: Verizon is expensive. It routinely competes with AT&T for the most expensive provider spot on our list, and its unlimited plan pricing is no different. That said, when it comes to Verizon, you get what you pay for (i.e., really good service and a lot of data).

Verizon unlimited plan pricing

Plan namePrice for 1 lineData allotment*View details
Verizon Go Unlimited$75/mo.None**See plan
Verizon Beyond Unlimited$85/mo.22 GBSee plan
Verizon Above Unlimited$95/mo.75 GBSee plan

* Data amount after which provider may throttle your speed. Data effective 7/30/18.
** Provider can throttle your speed at any time during high-traffic periods.

If you want to climb aboard the Good Ship Verizon, then we do recommend you go with the Verizon Beyond Unlimited or the Verizon Above Unlimited plan.

If you go with the lowest-priced plan (Verizon Go Unlimited), then Verizon can “deprioritize” your data whenever the network gets busy. You have no guaranteed amount of high-speed data. (AT&T does this too on its AT&T Unlimited &More plan, but that doesn’t mean we like it.)

If you skip the data finagling and choose the Verizon Beyond Unlimited or Above Unlimited plan, then you get 22 GB or 75 GB of high-speed data, respectively. The latter option gives you, to put it politely, a crap-ton of data. You can stream every single episode of Rick and Morty and still not reach that ceiling.

T-Mobile unlimited plan pricing

T-Mobile offers some serious bang for your monthly buck. Both of its unlimited plan options give you a higher data allotment than any other provider except Verizon. And even T-Mobile’s lower-priced plan won’t deprioritize your data during high-traffic times, so go ahead with the 10-minute-long Vine compilation videos on YouTube.

T-Mobile unlimited plan pricing

Plan namePrice for 1 lineData allotment*View details
T-Mobile ONE$70/mo.50 GBSee plan
T-Mobile ONE Plus$80/mo.50 GBSee plan

* Data amount after which provider may throttle your speed. Data effective 7/30/18.

50 GB of data is really high by wireless standards. Sure, that expensive Verizon plan will give you 75 GB, but every other unlimited plan will give you 22–23 GB. T-Mobile’s 50 GB offering is a huge step up.

That said, both of T-Mobile’s unlimited plans are very similar. But if you shell out the additional $10 per month for ONE Plus, you get everything that comes with the ONE plan plus a few extras.

T-Mobile ONE vs. T-Mobile ONE Plus features

T-Mobile ONET-Mobile ONE Plus
4G LTE speedsYesYes
Netflix subscriptionYesYes
Unlimited international data and textingYesYes
HD video streamingNoYes
Mobile hotspot dataYes*Yes
In-flight Wi-FiNoYes
Voicemail transcriptionNoYes
4G LTE international data speedsNo**Yes
See planSee plan

* Limited to 3G speeds. Data effective 7/30/18.
** 5 GB of 4G LTE data available in Mexico and Canada and then speeds will be reduced.

Especially if you’re a traveler who spends hours on end sitting on cross-country or overseas flights, then we think T-Mobile ONE Plus is definitely worth it.

Megaphone icon

Extra perk

One other thing we like about T-Mobile’s unlimited plans is its flat-rate promise. T-Mobile includes taxes and fees in its plan pricing so your bill looks the same every month. Other providers charge those things separately.

AT&T unlimited plan pricing

AT&T costs almost as much as Verizon, but if you want to bundle your wireless plan with your internet and cable TV, then AT&T’s unlimited plans are actually a really good deal.

AT&T offers a slew of perks, including discounts on DIRECTV, a spectacularly long price lock on your internet plan (if you use AT&T Internet), and premium channel access.. Plus, its coverage is comparable to Verizon’s.

AT&T unlimited plan pricing

Plan namePrice for 1 lineData allotment*Learn more
AT&T Unlimited &More$70/mo.None**See plan
AT&T Unlimited &More Premium$80/mo.22 GBSee plan

* The data amount after which provider may throttle your speed. Data effective 7/30/18.
** Provider can throttle your speed at any time during high-traffic periods.

AT&T’s prices are a bit high, but its coverage is almost as good as coverage king Verizon’s. And of course, the biggest selling point for AT&T is its bundling deals on things like TV and premium channels.

If you already use DIRECTV, DIRECTV NOW, or AT&T U-verse TV, then AT&T’s Unlimited &More Premium plan can save you an extra $15 every month. That same Premium plan also includes a premium channel of your choice and even a live TV streaming app. Not bad for a cell phone plan.

AT&T Unlimited &More Premium bundling and additional deals:

  • $15/mo. off DIRECTV, DIRECTV NOW, or AT&T U-verse TV
  • Included premium channel (HBO, Starz, Cinemax, or Showtime) or music subscription (VRV, Amazon Music, Pandora Premium)
  • Included access to WatchTV app

Price lock on AT&T internet.

Money icon


We’re incredibly impressed with AT&T’s internet price lock deal. That is a long time to hold on to your internet pricing, and if you use AT&T internet, then getting that price lock by adding an AT&T wireless plan could save you a bunch of money.

Large family plan pricing

Even if you want just a wireless plan and don’t need any bundling deals, AT&T can still save you a bit of money over Verizon on large family plans. If you have five lines or more on AT&T’s Unlimited &More Premium plan, then you’ll pay a less each month for AT&T than you would for Verizon’s Beyond Unlimited plan.

  • Verizon Beyond Unlimited price, five lines: $250 per month
  • AT&T Unlimited &More Premium price, five lines: $225 per month

So if you want the best AT&T pricing, then call some cousins, round up your kids, and get everyone on a single plan.

Sprint unlimited plan pricing

Sprint has the cheapest monthly plan pricing of any provider on our list. It also has the least reliable service and speeds.

That said, Sprint’s network has gotten a lot better over the last few years—and if you live in a city, or even a large suburb, then you probably won’t notice much of a service difference between Sprint and other major companies.

Sprint unlimited plan pricing

Plan namePrice for 1 lineData allotment*Learn more
Sprint Unlimited Freedom$60/mo.23 GBSee plan

* The data amount after which provider may throttle your speed.

We like that Sprint has only one unlimited plan with one (super low) monthly price. It makes it easy to understand Sprint’s service and what you get for your money. Unlike T-Mobile, Sprint does charge fees and surcharges separately, but at least it doesn’t have separate line access fees like AT&T.

Budget benefits

All things considered, Sprint is a pretty good value. It gives you one more gigabyte of data per month than AT&T before it starts throttling your speeds. Plus, Sprint offers unlimited international text and data, similar to T-Mobile.

Sprint also includes HD video streaming and 10 GB of mobile hotspot data with its Unlimited Freedom plan, which is more than you’ll get with the lower-tier unlimited plans from any of the other three major providers.

Heads Up icon

Heads up

Sprint service does not let you use data while simultaneously on a call. So you can’t check Facebook or look up the capital of Azerbaijan while also on a call with your best friend. (It’s Baku, by the way.)

One last thing to keep in mind: Sprint’s service can be spotty, so just make sure Sprint has reliable coverage in your area before you sign on. If you live in a city, or a city-esque suburb, you’ll probably be fine. Cabin in the woods? Not so much.

Coverage and speeds

If you want reliable service and speedy data across the country, Verizon is an easy pick.

Verizon sweeps the board when it comes to coverage and data speeds across the country (although there is one study1 that disagrees and puts T-Mobile first for speed). Basically, if you want to wander off into the wilderness and still have full bars, Verizon is your best bet.

That said, AT&T has similar coverage and T-Mobile is pretty up there for speed, so depending on your needs, Verizon isn’t your only good option on the market.

Verizon coverage and speed

Verizon excels at both coverage2 and speed3, with coverage being its big selling point. Those red-covered maps on Verizon commercials aren’t just marketing—Verizon really does cover most of the country, and definitely better than Sprint or T-Mobile.

verizon coverage map


T-Mobile coverage and speed

T-Mobile generally comes in third for coverage4, although its speeds are really good5. Its network has also gotten better over the last few years, and you shouldn’t have too much trouble with T-Mobile’s coverage in cities and suburbs.

It still can’t match Verizon or AT&T for reliability, but T-Mobile beats out Sprint for nationwide service.

t-mobile coverage map


AT&T coverage and speed

Coverage6 is definitely a huge selling point for AT&T. Its service across the country is almost as reliable as Verizon’s, and it has decent speeds as well. We’d still recommend Verizon if you want only a wireless plan with good coverage, but AT&T wins the day if you already use AT&T internet and DIRECTV and want to bundle the three.

AT&T data coverage map


Sprint coverage and speed

Sprint might have the best prices, but it comes in dead last for service and reliability7. Studies basically always rank Sprint fourth for coverage and speed8 (and everything else), so keep in mind, you get what you pay for.

sprint coverage map


Phones and devices

You can snag most of the latest smartphones at Verizon, T-Mobile, AT&T, and Sprint.

The only real difference is that Verizon sells Google Pixel phones in stores. If you want a Pixel with a different provider, you’ll have to buy one from Google and bring your own.

Which top phones do Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, and Sprint sell?*

iPhone XYesYesYesYes
iPhone 8/8 PlusYesYesYesYes
iPhone 7/7 PlusYesYesYesYes
Samsung Galaxy S9/S9+YesYesYesYes
Samsung Galaxy S8/S8+YesYesYesYes
Samsung Galaxy Note8YesYesYesYes
Google Pixel 2/2 XLYesNoNoNo
See phonesSee phonesSee phonesSee phones

* Not a complete list.


Best OverallBest PerksBest BundlesBest Price
t-mobile logoATT Logosprint logo
View PlansView PlansView PlansView Plans

Unlimited wireless plans are a great way to stop paying data overages and still watch all the Hulu you want on your smartphone. Which provider should you choose? It just comes down to your needs.

If you want the highest data allotment on the market, then Verizon outdoes every other provider with its 75 GB Above Unlimited plan. But you can also get a high data limit (50 GB) from T-Mobile for much less money per month.

If you want ultra-reliable service and nationwide coverage to go along with your endless data, then we recommend Verizon again. But if you want to bundle your unlimited plan with things like DIRECTV and internet, plus get music and premium channel perks, then AT&T is your friend.

Which unlimited plan should I choose?

  • Choose Verizon for the highest available amount of unthrottled data, plus top coverage and reliability across the US.
  • Choose T-Mobile for a high data allotment, transparent pricing, and benefits like free international coverage and in-flight Wi-Fi.
  • Choose AT&T if you want excellent bundling deals, like DIRECTV and premium channel add-ons, plus an unbelievably long price lock on your internet bill.
  • Choose Sprint if you want a budget unlimited plan that still offers HD streaming and mobile hotspot data.

Do you already have an unlimited wireless plan? Which provider did you choose and why? Tell us about your experience in the comments!