ADT vs. Xfinity Home Security

The home security giant squares off against the largest cable provider in our home alarm comparison.
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ADT vs. Xfinity Home — Overall comparison
ProviderMonitoring priceContract lengthInstallation typeLearn more
ADT$27.99–$58.99/mo.36 mos.ProfessionalView plans
Xfinity$29.99*/mo.24 mos.ProfessionalView plans

*Xfinity Home’s price increases to $39.95 in the second year.

ADT has been around forever, and Xfinity Home is a relatively new player in the home security game (less than 10 years), but are they really that different? We’re going over things like the equipment and security features, pricing, and contracts between the two nationwide companies.  

We’ll come right out and say it: if you want standalone home security, go with ADT. If you’re looking to get all your home services in one fell swoop, get Xfinity Home. If you’re just starting out in the home security realm, you may want to check out our Best Home Security Providers post.

Key differences: ADT vs. Xfinity Home

ADTXfinity Home
Xfinity logo black
View PlansView Plans
  • Monitoring centers: Both ADT and Xfinity have six connected monitoring centers nationwide.
  • Equipment: You own your equipment with ADT, but you lease it with Xfinity.
  • TV control: ADT has smart device or mobile access, but it doesn’t have the TV functionality that Xfinity does.
  • Pricing: Both start at just under $30, but for advanced features and mobile control, you get more streamlined home security service at a cheaper price from ADT.
  • Contracts: Xfinity has a shorter contract at 24 months compared to ADT’s 36-month required contract, making it more ideal for renters.

Tech and equipment

ADT overview

ADT has three tiers: Traditional, Control, and Video. The traditional plan has your basic keypad, access sensors, and motion detectors. For an added fee, you can add carbon monoxide, fire, and flood sensors—what we consider basic security and environmental security.

Beyond that, if you want mobile app control and home automation, you need to pay for ADT Pulse® with the Control Plan. The Video plan, the top tier, adds streaming and recorded surveillance on top of everything else.

Xfinity Home overview

Xfinity logo black

Xfinity Home offers only one security plan, which makes it easy to decide. From there, if you want to use the Xfinity Home app to integrate security, smart home, and home automation features, it’ll depend on which other smart devices and Xfinity services you have. Video capability costs an extra $10 per month per camera, but you can save money if you buy an Xfinity indoor/outdoor camera in the same order.

Between ADT and Xfinity’s full-home service, we’d say a few things stand out to us: Xfinity’s control panel can also be handheld, which is nice for moving from room to room while controlling things. You get an extra access sensor with the entry-level Xfinity Home package (three compared to ADT’s two). ADT’s advantage is that you get to own your equipment, making it more of a long-term investment rather than a rental service full of upgrading cycles.

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Xfinity’s mobile app requires connection through the XH router, which an Xfinity technician would verify. So you can use another internet provider, but you’ll still be using Xfinity equipment.

ADT vs Xfinity Home Security plans

ADT security plans
Plan namePriceMonitoring methodDetails
ADT Basic$27.99/mo.LandlineView Plans
ADT Basic Wireless$48.99/mo.CellularView Plans
ADT Pulse$52.99/mo.CellularView Plans
ADT Pulse + Video$58.99/mo.CellularView Plans
Xfinity Home Security plans
Plan namePriceMonitoring methodDetails
Xfinity Home$29.99*/mo.CellularView Plans

Pricing as of 3/19/2018.
*Xfinity Home’s price increases to $39.95 in the second year.

ADT has a wider variety of plans to choose from, but that’s because home security is all it does. Xfinity Home’s single security plan is usually part of a combination of other Xfinity services.

Price — ADT vs Xfinity Home

When it comes to Comcast Xfinity vs. ADT’s pricing, you’ll see there isn’t much difference in the first year—but the second year, it’s a different story.

ADT pricing

  • Monitoring price: Starts at $27.99 per month
  • Installation: $99
  • Contract length: 36 months (24 months for California)

With plans starting at $27.99 per month, you’ll get the monitoring standards: 24/7 monitoring, cellular and battery backup for when you lose power, and basic home security equipment, like a digital keypad, wireless access sensors for doors and windows, and motion sensors—all of which ADT values at around $850.

ADT Pulse®’s video pricing plan is $58.99 a month, but you don’t pay extra for up to 10 cameras.With Xfinity, you’ll pay $10 more per month per camera.

Xfinity Home pricing

  • Monitoring price: $29.95 per month for first year, $39.95 after
  • Installation: $99
  • Contract length: 2 years

Xfinity also charges a $99 installation fee, but if you’re installing Comcast’s other Xfinity services for TV, internet, or home phone, it wouldn’t hurt to see if you can get that waived.

Xfinity Home’s pricing is a good deal for the first 12 months, but after that, the basic security service jumps up to $39.95 per month, and that’s without considering your camera costs. You may be paying similar prices as ADT’s Pulse® package—but with ADT Pulse®, you get up to 10 cameras for the same price.

Xfinity is a better deal only if you’re considering getting internet and TV as well. For standalone home security service, ADT’s low starting price continues for all three years of the contract, making it more budget friendly. If you’re trying to set up a network of cameras, ADT is the obvious choice.


With both ADT security and Xfinity Home security, you have to commit to a contract. If that doesn’t interest you, then you should check out our Best DIY Home Security article.

ADT vs. Xfinity Home — Overall comparison
ProviderContract lengthReturn grace periodEarly termination feesDetails
ADT36 mos.6 mos.75% of remaining contract costView Plans
Xfinity24 mos.3 mos.$1100 minus $100 for every 3 mos. of service keptView Plans

Obviously, you have one year less to commit with Xfinity. On the other hand, ADT’s 6-month guarantee gives you more time to decide if you want the full system. You may still incur charges for equipment purchases (since you’re not leasing it like you do with Xfinity), though, so keep that in mind.


  • For standalone home security, we recommend ADT.
  • For home security integrated with TV, internet, and phone, we recommend Xfinity
  • For multiple cameras, you’ll want to go with ADT to avoid paying extra for each camera.
ADTXfinity Home
Xfinity logo black
View PlansView Plans

With either ADT or Xfinity Home, you’ll be able to get full home security, from basic sensors to home automation to video. Both ADT and Xfinity Home’s monitoring prices start at about the same level—so for basic security, there’s almost no discernable difference between these services.

However, if you want a smart device or mobile features, you must upgrade to ADT Pulse. Xfinity’s mobile app requires Xfinity’s XH router (might as well get Xfinity internet), but you’ll get more features like voice control with the X1 remote if you add TV, too.

Anything we didn’t cover that you’d like to know about? Ask in the comments below.