The best Click Frenzy tech deals include the usual suspects with a few fun surprises

We've sorted through all the boring bargains to find some truly delicious discounts. 

Georgia Dixon
Nov 09, 2021
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Once an exciting Australian bi-annual sales event, Click Frenzy has grown stale over the years. There are some decent tech deals to be found, it’s just that they almost always come from the same handful of retailers. You can bet your bottom dollar that Dyson will show up, that at least one VPN provider will make an appearance and sure as the setting sun, that Circles.Life will offer a discount on its 100GB plan. This year, however, there are a few fun surprises for techies and gamers with some cash burning a hole in their pocket.

Here are just a few of the best tech and gaming deals in the November 2021 Click Frenzy ‘Main Event’ sale.

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Image of Classic Arcade Cabinet from Arcade Gamer

It might not be the biggest discount but this deal from Arcade Gamer is easily the most tempting of the bunch. If you’ve long fantasised about owning your own retro arcade gaming cabinet, Arcade Gamer is helping to make that dream a reality by offering $100 off its Legacy Series of 12-in-1 Arcade cabinets. There are two options available: Street Fighter II and Mortal Kombat II. While the cabinet art of each model recreates one of those two classics, both machines come stocked with an additional 11 Capcom and Midway arcade classics to play.

The Street Fighter II Capcom cabinet includes Street Fighter (1987), Street Fighter II: The World Warrior (1991), Street Fighter: Champion Edition (1992), Street Fighter II: Turbo (1994), Super Street Fighter II: The New Challengers (1993), Super Street Fighter II: Turbo (1994), Darkstalkers (1994), Strider (1989), Commando (1985), Final Fight (1989), Ghosts ‘n Goblins (1985), 1944: The Loop Master (2000) and Assembly required!.

The Mortal Kombat II Midway cabinet includes

Mortal Kombat (1992), Mortal Kombat 2 (1993), Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 (1995), Joust (1982), Defender (1981), Rampage (1986), Gauntlet (1985), Paperboy (1984), Rootbeer Tapper (1983), Bubbles (1982), Wizard of War and Toobin (no relation to Jeffrey).

Image of Bose QuietComfort Earbuds Click Frenzy deal

Bose barely needs any introduction but audiophiles know that the audio manufacturer is making some of the best consumer headphones and true wireless earbuds in the business right now. While Sony has dominated the noise-cancelling conversation over the last few years, we think the Bose QuietComfort Earbuds are up there with the best you can buy. For Click Frenzy, Bose has knocked $80 off the price of those premium buds, bringing them down to $319.95. Those buds are our pick but there are plenty more bigger discounts available on the range of Bose headphones, soundbars and portable speakers (up to 50% off).

Image of PureVPN graphic

They say you can’t put a price on privacy. Well they’re wrong. You totally can and it’s roughly $10.95 per month. That’s how much you would normally pay if you signed up for a month-to-month plan of PureVPN. As part of this year’s Click Frenzy, PureVPN will give you a whopping 81% off if you commit to a two-year plan. You’ll pay $49.12 upfront for a 24-month subscription, which works out at roughly $2.04 per month. 24 months is a huge commitment but PureVPN also offers a 31-day money back guarantee if you decide the service just isn’t right for you.

Image of Ecovac T8 AIVI robot vacuum Click Frenzy deal

It’s common knowledge that we’re on the brink of the robopocalypse and the first pawns being sent forward to claim our kingdom is the seemingly harmless domestic droid, the robot vacuum cleaner. Now, thanks to Godfreys, you can do your bit for the robot revolution at an absolute steal. For this year’s Click Frenzy, Godfreys has knocked $200 off the Deebot OZMO T8 AIVI, bringing this premium partner-in-cleaning down to a tidy $899.

Image of JBL speaker Click Frenzy deal

Audio heavy hitters like Sony and Bose have entered the portable Bluetooth speaker market, JBL was one of the first and is still one of the best. A regular Click Frenzy affiliate, JBL has cranked the volume up on its limited-time deal this year, offering 30% off a huge range of over 60 products, including portable speakers, over-ear headphones and true wireless earbuds.

Image off Swann Security Click Frenzy deal

Are you looking to beef up your home security? Or do you simply want to spend hundreds of dollars on a security camera so you can say “Stop looking at me, Swann” every time you arrive home? Well, Swann Security has the deal for you this Click Frenzy with up to 30% off its intense range of security products. Swann’s range of cameras are serious business intended for large households and businesses, so they don’t come cheap but that also means its discounts can go a long way, scoring you up to $480 off products like the $1,599.95 Master Series 8 Camera system.

Image of Lenovo PC Click Frenzy deal

This Click Frenzy, HP will hook you up with a decent gaming laptop with discounts up to $980 off but the big ticket savings are to be found with Lenovo. Using the promo code FRENZY21, customers can score huge discounts on laptops like the phenomenal Yoga 9i ($850 off) and the groundbreaking ThinkPad X1 Fold, the world’s first foldable PC which has been discounted by a whopping $1,867.05.

Image of Samsung QLED 4K Smart TV Click Frenzy deal

Decent deals on brand-name smart TVs are hard to come by in these seasonal sales events but this year, old mate John Cootes has really come through with a bargain on select 4K and QLED Smart TVs. The big man himself has some massive Click Frenzy deals with up to to $535.93 off a small range of 43 and 50-inch 4K TVs and up to $314 off a range of 55, 65 and 85-inch QLED 4K Smart TVs.

What is Click Frenzy?

Launched in 2012 as Australia’s answer to Cyber Monday in the US, Click Frenzy is an annual online shopping event bringing together retailers from across the country (and all over the world) to offer customers big discounts in the leadup to Christmas.

While most deals are standard percentage-off sales, Click Frenzy also has a limited number of ‘Go Wild’ deals, which offer 99% off popular products. This year, you can score a pair of Apple Airpods Pro for $4, a Samsung TV for $9 and an iPhone for $12. It’s a real battle to actually secure one of these deals, so by all means give it a go but don’t hold your breath.

How do I take part in Click Frenzy?

Participating in Click Frenzy is simple. From 7:00 pm on Tuesday 10 November, simply head to the Click Frenzy website to see what stores are offering which deals. From there, you can navigate to each retailer’s website without having to sign up.

If you’re keen on getting in on the massive Go Wild deals, there’s one catch - you’ll need to sign up for a membership. Thankfully, it’s free to do so, and you’ll also get early access to all the other Click Frenzy deals (30 minutes before the rest of Oz).

Georgia Dixon
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Georgia Dixon
Georgia Dixon has over seven years' experience writing about all things tech, entertainment and lifestyle, with bylines in TechLife magazine, 7NEWS and In her spare time, you'll find her playing games and daydreaming about good food, wine, and dogs.

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