Telstra doesn’t have the cheapest 5G plan on its own network anymore

Telstra MVNO MATE has launched its first 5G mobile plan, and has steeply undercut the competition

Cheapest Telstra 5G
  • pro
    60GB data
  • Fire Emoji
    Free Tidal subscription
Cheapest Vodafone 5G
  • pro
    40GB data
  • Fire Emoji
    10GB data + 30GB bonus data
Cheapest Optus 5G
  • pro
    80GB data
  • Fire Emoji
    $10 discount for first 6 months
Alex Choros
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August 15, 2022
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Telstra MVNO MATE has launched its first 5G mobile plan, and has steeply undercut the competition. As an introductory offer, the MATE is offering 60GB for $40 per month. Customers who sign-up during the introductory period will keep this pricing for life, and MATE has yet to confirm when the offer will end.

As a Telstra MVNO, MATE's 5G speeds are however limited to 250Mbps. Telstra's own 5G plans can hit speeds of over 1Gbps, for comparison.

In addition to next-generation connectivity, the plan includes unlimited international calls to 15 countries, up to 500GB of data banking, and a free subscription to music streaming service Tidal.

If you're looking to bundle, you can save a further $10 per month by adding in a MATE NBN plan.

Looking more broadly, MATE's plan still stacks up pretty well to the competition:

SpinTel also has a $40 per month plan with 5G, but this pricing only lasts for the first six months. You'll pay $50 per month thereafter.

Vodafone also has a $40 per month plan, but with a smaller download allowance than MATE - you're only looking at 40GB per month. Vodafone's plan does have uncapped 5G speeds, however.

The cheapest 5G plan on the Telstra network comes from ALDI Mobile where you'll pay $55 for a 30-day recharge with a 60GB allowance.

Telstra's cheapest 5G plan is $58 per month with a 40GB allowance. It's also capped to speeds of 250Mbps. To get uncapped speeds on Telstra Upfront mobile plans, you need to speed at least $68 per month.

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