Seniors discounts on mobile plans: Are they even worth it?

There aren’t many options for seniors discounts on mobile plans and what’s available isn’t necessarily your best option.
Seniors Mobile Plans and Discounts Australia

There are plenty of benefits to signing up for a seniors card. In NSW alone, there are hundreds of services and retailers that offer deals and discounts for seniors card holders but in the tight-fisted world of telecommunications, there is only one provider officially affiliated with the seniors discount program: Pennytel.

There are more seniors discounts available from providers like Telstra and Vodafone but the options are slim and not always the best value, despite the discounted price.

Let’s take a look at the seniors discounts available for mobile plans in Australia and your next best (and more affordable) options.

If you’re looking for home phone and internet discounts, head over to our guide on Seniors discounts on phone and internet plans.

What you need to know about seniors mobile plans

If you’re on the hunt for a seniors discount on your mobile plan, there are a few things you need to know and a few questions you need to ask first. Firstly, how much mobile data do you need? If you don’t need much at all and you’re more interested in saving money, you can start at the very top of the list below with the seniors discount on the 1GB plan from Pennytel, which comes down to $9.89 per month with the discount applied. However, for roughly, the same price, Tangerine will offer you 1GB per month for $9.90 per month with or without a seniors card.

If you’re after a lot of data, you can get a 10% discount off any Vodafone Infinite plan, including the 40GB plan which comes down to $36 per month. With that said, there are other providers that offer even better value on high-data plans without a seniors discount. For example, Circles.Life offers 50GB for $28 per month (plus $10 off per month for the first 12 months).

At the very bottom of the list, you’ll see Telstra’s Mobile Value Offer plan, which is a discounted plan for Health Care cardholders. The Telstra Mobile Value Offer might be discounted by $15 per month but it still offers some of the worst value on the entire market, even when compared to full price plans.  We recommend avoiding this plan and opting for a cheaper Telstra MVNO if the leading network coverage is important to you.

Here’s a short list of five plans on the Telstra and Telstra wholesale network that are cheaper than Telstra’s Mobile Value Offer while offering more monthly data.

Mobile plans: Seniors discounts vs regular pricing
ProviderNetworkPlanDiscount eligibilityPlan price (per month)Monthly dataData per dollar value (lower is better)
PennytelPart of the Telstra 4G network1GB dataSeniors Card (10% off)$9.891GB$9.89 per GB
TangerinePart of the Telstra 4G network1GB Mobile SIMNo discount$9.901GB$9.90 per GB
Southern PhoneOptus 4G networkSmall SIM Only planNo discount$10.002.5GB$4 per GB
Moose MobileOptus 4G networkMoose 9.80 SIM PromoNo discount$15.806GB$2.60 per GB
PennytelPart of the Telstra 4G network8GB dataSeniors Card (10% off)$17.998GB$2.24 per GB
iiNetVodafone 4G networkMobile 8GB PlanNo discount$19.998GB$2.49 per GB
SpintelOptus 4G network$20 Mobile PlanNo discount$2017GB$1.17 per GB
PennytelPart of the Telstra 4G network18GB dataSeniors Card (10% off)$22.4918GB$1.24 per GB
TelstraTelstra 4G networkValue Mobile OfferHealth Care Card holders ($15 off)$302GB$15 per GB
VodafoneVodafone 4G network40GB InfiniteSeniors Card (10% off)$3640GB$0.90 per GB
VodafoneVodafone 4G network80GB InfiniteSeniors Card (10% off)$40.5080GB$0.50 per GB
VodafoneVodafone 4G network150GB InfiniteSeniors Card (10% off)$49.50150GB$0.33 per GB
VodafoneVodafone 4G network300GB InfiniteSeniors Card (10% off)$58.50300GB$0.19 per GB
VodafoneVodafone 4G network500GB InfiniteSeniors Card (10% off)$67.50500GB$0.13 per GB

Pennytel’s discounted phone plan for Seniors Card holders

Pennytel offers a once-off credit ($10 off the first month) and an ongoing 10% discount for Seniors Card holders on three of its mobile plans.

Here are Pennytel’s seniors mobile plans:

  • 1GB per month with unlimited calls and text to standard Australian numbers: $9.89 per month ($0 for first month) – usually $10.99 per month
  • 8GB per month with unlimited calls and text to standard Australian numbers: $17.99 per month ($7.99 for first month) – usually $19.99 per month
  • 18GB per month with unlimited calls and text to standard Australian numbers and international calls to 15 countries: $22.49 per month ($12.49 for first month) – usually $24.99 per month

Pennytel is a Telstra MVNO (Mobile Virtual Network Operator), which means you can expect almost as much coverage as a Telstra customer. Telstra MVNOs like Pennytel lease part of the Telstra network (known as the Telstra wholesale network) to provide their customers with mobile coverage. For more information, head over to our guide to Australian MVNOs.

Poor value: Telstra’s discounted mobile phone plan for seniors

Next up, Telstra offers a Value Mobile Offer to anyone who holds a valid Health Care Card.

The Value Mobile Offer includes a recurring $15 per month discount on the $45 Extra Small Plan. For $30 per month, that gets you 2GB of data per month and unlimited calls and text to Australian numbers. But don’t let the deal’s name fool you, great value it is not.

Whichever way you look at it, 2GB for $45 or $30 is terrible value. For comparison, the next plan in Telstra’s range is the 40GB Upfront Plan for $55 per month. On Telstra’s Value Offer plan, you’re paying $15 per GB, whereas you’re paying roughly $1.30 per GB on the Small Upfront plan.

If you’re a seniors card holder who wants or needs a mobile service on the Telstra network, there are much cheaper MVNOs available. Tangerine, for example, offers 3GB of monthly data for $14.90 per month. Here’s a list of plans from Telstra network providers sorted by monthly price:

Vodafone: 10% off for seniors card holders

Vodafone’s seniors discount is a little more straightforward. If you’re a seniors card holder, you can get 10% off your monthly fees on any Vodafone Infinite plan if you sign up before the 26th of August 2021. The same 10% discount can be applied to Modem plans above $20 per month and Tablet plans above $30 per month.

So the $40 for 40GB plan becomes $36 for 40GB, the $45 for 80GB plan becomes $40.50 for 80GB and so on. Here’s the list of Vodafone Infinite plans seniors card holders can get a monthly 10% on:

Note: The prices below do not have the 10% discount applied.

Are there Optus plans for seniors?

Neither Optus or Optus MVNOs offer any official seniors discount on mobile plans but that doesn’t mean you can’t find a great deal. In fact, some Optus MVNOs offer better value on mobile plans than most of the seniors discounts listed above.

Below you will find a short list of the most popular plans and deals available on the Optus network at the time of writing.