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Smaller MVNO Pennytel operates on a part of the Telstra 4G and 3G network and competes with other smaller, low-cost providers looking to get a bigger cut of the pie. But does it hold up against the increasingly tough competition?


Currently, Pennytel has five SIM-only plans available in Australia. Read on to learn more about the budget MVNO’s range of plans and whether they suit your phone usage habits, budget and lifestyle. 

Pennytel Mobile Plans

Pennytel offers low-cost, no contract mobile plans ranging from $10.99 to $29.99 per month. Its offerings are tailored for light data users who still want the convenience of unlimited talk minutes and texting in Australia. We’ll discuss Pennytel’s best and cheapest mobile plans and give you the lowdown on how it compares to the other options available in Australia.

Let’s take a look at Pennytel’s range of plans.

The best Pennytel Mobile plan

For the average user, the best plan for everyday use is the Pennytel Large Plus, offering 10GB of data and unlimited calls and SMS to 15 selected destinations for $24.99 per month.

How does this compare to my other options?

If you’re looking for a great value deal on data as well as unlimited national calls and SMS, look no further than Circles.Life’s 20GB monthly plan. For just $18 per month, you’ll get 20GB of data (double what Pennytel is offering and at a lower price) and unlimited national calls and SMS. Plus, Circles.Life operates on the whole Optus 4G network, so their coverage may work out better for you depending on where you live. Have a look at Pennytel’s coverage map further down the page to get a better idea of this.

However, if you’re looking for the flexibility of calling and texting to international destinations, Circles.Life doesn’t offer any of these inclusions in your plan. If having international calls and text included on your mobile plan are important to you, check out our SIM-only plans with international roaming inclusions section below.

The cheapest Pennytel Mobile plan

The MVNO’s cheapest SIM-only plan, Pennytel Extra Small, offers 1GB of data and unlimited national talk and SMS for $10.99 per month. Unless you have access to unlimited WiFi connectivity throughout the day and barely use your phone data at all, or typically only use your phone to make calls and the occasional SMS, 1GB per month is probably quite unrealistic for most users.

But how value for money is Pennytel’s cheapest plan anyway?

Let’s compare Pennytel’s Extra Small plan to deals from other carriers providing the same (or similar) data, call and text inclusions.

Belong’s Small 1GB Plan which costs $10 per month (saving you $0.99 monthly compared to Pennytel’s cheapest plan) will give you 1GB of data and unlimited nationwide talk minutes and SMS. Plus, as its another MVNO operating on a part of the Telstra 4G and 3G network, coverage should be fairly similar. 

Alternatively, assuming your limit is spending $15 per month on your phone plan, it’s worthwhile considering Jeenee Mobile’s $12.50 Pennywise SIM plan instead. For just a few dollars more (and a one-off, upfront fee of $12.37), you’ll get 2.5GB of data on top of unlimited national calls and SMS. Bills are charged every 30 days instead of every 28 days, so you won’t be paying an extra month’s worth of bills.

It’s also worth mentioning Moose Mobile’s current 8GB promo on its $14.80 monthly plan. If you take advantage of this promo (ending 31 December 2019), you’ll get an extra 5.5GB of data per month for your first 12 months. Not bad at all. 

The cheapest SIM-only plan available

If you’re trying to save every last buck you have, the cheapest plan currently available is Moose Mobile’s $8.80 SIM Only at the time of writing. For just $8.80 per month, you’ll receive 1GB of data and 200 national call minutes. 

You’ll only want to consider this if you don’t expect to talk on the phone much nor use much data. So if you’re a super light phone user who just needs a phone in case of emergencies or a parent wanting to limit your kids’ phone time, consider this option. Otherwise, the alternatives mentioned above would probably suit the average phone user better.

Network and coverage

Who owns Pennytel?

The budget MVNO is owned by voice and data communications service provider MyNetFone MyNetfone is a subsidiary of ASX listed company MNF Group, which considers itself an international telco software and services provider. 

What network does Pennytel use?

Pennytel utilises some of the Telstra 4G and 3G network, which has 98.8% coverage in Australia. In September 2017, the carrier switched from using the Vodafone network to the Telstra 4G network. 

Here’s the coverage you’ll get with Pennytel:

Pennytel coverage map

Does Pennytel offer international roaming inclusions?

No. Pennytel’s Large and X Large mobile plans offer unlimited calls and texts to 15 selected international destinations from Australia, but there isn’t international roaming included in any of its mobile plans.

For those travelling overseas, you should consider getting a local SIM in your destination country. Otherwise, if you unknowingly activate roaming on your Australian SIM, you could be charged hefty fees for the data or calls you made while abroad.

If you’re desperate, Pennytel does offer a $10 per day Roaming Day Pack, which provides unlimited calls and text to 57 countries plus 200MB of data for a 24 hour period. If you accidentally make or accept a call, text or use data while overseas with roaming activated, Pennytel will automatically charge you this $10 rate.

For more options, check out some of the best SIM-only plans with international roaming inclusions:

Pennytel contact and customer service

While Pennytel doesn’t offer many extras, the budget MVNO promotes its extended support hours as one of its strong points. Its 4.3 star rating on Product Review is encouraging to see, but regardless, take these customer reviews with a pinch of salt. 

How to contact Pennytel 

You can call Pennytel on 1300 232 888 on weekdays between 8am to 8pm AEDT and weekends between 9am to 7pm AEDT. Alternatively, you can complete a contact form online and leave your contact details for a Pennytel representative to get back to you. Existing customers can also lodge a help ticket online via their account portal. 

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