How to grab a SIM for (nearly) every corner of the globe

Planning an overseas trip? Don't forget your SIM card.

USA Travel SIM
Starts at
  • pro
    10GB to Unlimited data
  • pro
    Up to 30 days use
  • Fire Emoji
    Save 30% Storewide until 30 June 2024
UK & Europe
UK & Europe Travel SIM
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  • pro
    6GB to Unlimited data
  • pro
    Up to 30 days use
  • Fire Emoji
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NZ & Fiji
New Zealand & Fiji
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    2GB to 100GB data
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    Up to 90 days of use
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    Save 30% Storewide until 30 June 2024
Joe Hanlon
Jun 19, 2024
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This article is sponsored by Simcorner.

There's a lot to think about when planning a trip overseas: where to stay, what to eat, even how many pairs of socks should you pack? As you're running through your travel checklist, make sure you have a plan on how to stay connected.

Organising a travel SIM card used to be a confusing maze of fine print and exceptions, and it was also incredibly expensive. Today, companies like Simcorner do all the hard work for you, so you can simply slip in or activate your SIM as you board your flight.

Simcorner has plans with generous data ranging from 6GB to unlimited options, covering many of the most popular travel destinations across Asia, the UK, Europe, the Middle East, Africa and the USA. Here's what you need to know if you're planning a getaway.

Travel SIM card used in Amsterdam

How much does a Simcorner SIM cost?

Here are some are the most popular mobile deals available in Australia.

I still remember my friend who spent a boring afternoon in Paris scrolling Facebook and returned from the trip with a $300 data charge. This was a decade ago, and I still laugh thinking about it.

Today, my friend would find it almost impossible to rack up a similar bill on his socials. The Simcorner team work tirelessly to negotiate great deals with the different mobile network operators worldwide. Still with so many countries and networks, there's no global SIM solution for all the countries you may visit.

The cost and inclusions will depend on where you plan to go. As a rule of thumb, more developed countries have better value plans because of the maturity of their mobile markets. Here are a few examples of great value plans to pay attention to.

UK & Europe SIM
UK & Europe SIM6GB$25 for 28 days
UK & Europe SIM15GB$56 for 30 days
Data SIM UK & Europe200GB$119 for 30 days

Travellers visiting the UK and Europe can choose a single SIM that should cover them for their entire journey. You can choose a data limit from 7GB up to an enormous 450GB, and SIM expiry options up to 90 days.

USA Sim Card (T-Mobile)10GB$49 for 30 days
Prepaid US SIM (ATT)15GB$56 for 30 days
USA Sim Card (T-Mobile)Unlimited data$67 for 30 days

Those visiting the US will find they are spoiled for choice, with plan options including unlimited mobile data on either the T-Mobile or AT&T networks, and options for continuous coverage if their journeys continue to Canada or Mexico.

There are also great deals if you plan to travel closer to home with services covering New Zealand, China, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, and many other countries throughout Asia.

What do you need to know?

It's much simpler to travel with an overseas SIM card than it was several years ago. Most Australians will find they can grab a Simcorner SIM, put it in their phone and not have to think about it again. All the same, here is a quick checklist of things to keep in mind when choosing an overseas SIM.

Things to look for are:

  • How much data is included?
  • How long can you use the SIM before it expires?
  • Get the right SIM!

Choosing the right data amount for your trip will depend on the length of your journey and what you tend to do with your phone. You may not plan on spending a lot of time online while you're away, but you're likely to using local maps and searching online for local attractions, so it's wise to grab more data than you think you'll need.

Keep your eye on the time

I think the most important detail to be aware of is how long the plan is valid for. Most SIM options include a 15 or 30 day plan validity, but some plans cover up to 90 days of travel.

Also, Simcorner SIM services are not rechargeable so you may need a second SIM card for longer trips. I suggest buying both SIMs before you leave, and just activating them one at a time when you need them.

Is your phone compatible with a Simcorner SIM?

SIM card compatibility used to be a major consideration. It was commonplace for Aussie carriers to SIM-lock phones on their networks to stop people moving to competitors. Plus different countries used different phone network technologies. You really needed some technical knowledge to take your phone overseas.
Physical and eSIM card comparisons

Nowadays, these issues are rarely a concern. Simcorner SIMs will work in all unlocked phones sold in Australia. The chance that your phone is locked to your provider's network is slim, but not impossible. If you're unsure about this, then you can contact your mobile carrier and ask them to confirm that your phone is unlocked.

Also, Simcorner products are available as both a physical SIM card or as a digital-only eSIM which most newer model phones are compatible with. Make sure you know which you are ordering - the Simcorner site uses different images to represent these two types of products.

Set up an internet calling option

Apps like WhatsApp, Skype and Viber are a great way to stay in touch with family and friends without having to rely on a calls or messaging component in your SIM plan. These are called Over The Top (OTT) services, which just means that internet data is used for your calls, rather than routing them through the mobile network.

Before you leave, download one of these apps and make sure the people you want to call have an account with the same service. WhatsApp is a good option because it links up with your existing phone number, so it's one less thing username and password to remember.

Just make sure you don't wait until you've landed to sort out a SIM for your trip. Have Simcorner post the SIM you need to you before you leave, or get it sent to your email address and cross it off your pre-travel checklist.

Joe Hanlon
Written by
Joe has been reviewing tech and gadgets for over a decade having worked at CNET, TechRadar and telco comparison site WhistleOut.

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