Victorians can lock down 100GB for $1 with Circles.Life

The Optus MVNO is offering discounted mobile data services throughout Victoria's lockdown.
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The Optus-powered MVNO Circles.Life is no stranger to a bargain. Since its Australian launch, the Silicon Valley-backed telco has become a bit of a hot telco topic with its frequent data discounts that take other providers to the task. But its latest deal is one of its best (and maybe its most benevolent). In response to Victoria’s Stage 4 lockdown restrictions, Circles.Life is offering every Victorian 100GB for $1 per month for as long as the lockdown lasts.

That last point should have an asterisk next to it. Circles.Life’s fine print clarifies that the deal is available “for the duration of the Victoria lockdown or 20 October 2020, whichever comes first”. Hopefully, it’s the former.

If you live in Victoria, and you’re not already a Circles.Life customer, you just need to sign-up using the code ‘VICLOCKDOWN’ to nab the $1.

That same plan is normally $38 per month (though regularly discounted), and it comes on a month-to-month arrangement, meaning you can cancel at any time without paying any cancellation fees. In addition to 100GB of monthly data, you get all the usual inclusions, unlimited calls, texts, data rollover etc.

Most Australian telcos have offered some kind of COVID-19 assistance package, but for the most part, these were limited to data bonuses, with only a few providers offering actual discounts to folks experiencing financial hardship.

What does it mean for you?

Well, if you’re living in Victoria and eyeing off a new telco, it means you get 100GB for peanuts until the Stage 4 lockdown ends. As mentioned above, all you need to do is switch to Circles.Life and enter the promo code in the checkout to take advantage of the deal.

It’s a bit of a raw deal for Victorians who already signed up with Circles.Life pre-lockdown. If you’re already a customer, you’ll continue to pay the same every month with no additional discounts. The fact that it only applies to new customers feels less charitable, but it’s still a good opportunity for newcomers to save some money.

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