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Anula Wiwatowska
May 14, 2024
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Dyson's inaugral wet floor cleaner named the WashG1 is the fanciest mop that $999 can buy. Utilising a dual-roller system and high density microfibre, the floor cleaner claims to tackle wet and dry debris "in one go".

Uncharacteristically of the vacuum manufacturer, the WashG1 uses no suction to pick up debris, instead relying on counter rotation and friction to clean surfaces. The two microfibre rollers rotate in opposite directions, aggitating stains to make them easier to lift and remove. According to Dyson the high density microfibre clings to solid debris like dirt and hair while absorbing liquid spills. As these are pulled in, another hard bristled bar scrapes the rollers, redirecting dirty water and debris to the 0.8L dirty water tank.

On its way through the solid dander is seperated from the water using Dyson's debris tray. The debris tray acts like a sieve, catching solids and letting the liquid pass through. How much this tray can actually hold depends on what exactly it is picking up, but according to Dyson it should hold around 190g of rice.

The battery life sits between 35-40 minutes which is standard for stick vacuums, but should be the same regardless of which setting is being used. Equipped with four "saturation settings", these levels indicate how much water is being released as opposed to how much power the motor needs to take on. Traditionally the higher the setting, the faster the battery drains, but in this case you'll need to be more concerned about the water draining instead.

With a 1L clean water tank, Dyson claims that it should cover up to 290m2 of flooring, although floor type and saturation level may shift that number. 

Not taking into account the 1L water tank capacity, the WashG1 weighs 4.843kg, making it the heaviest Dyson handheld. To counteract the weight and make for better manouverability the device uses a flexibile neck seen in the brand's Omni-glide range.

The floor cleaner also includes a self-cleaning mode which takes two minutes and uses around 400ml of water. During this mode the device saturates and spins the roller brushes, using the bristled bar to squeegee off around 95% of the moisture.

The Dyson WashG1 is now available exclusivley through Dyson, and every order comes with a free extra set of rollers.

Anula Wiwatowska
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Anula Wiwatowska
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