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Uniden Baby Watch Smart Monitor review (BW6101R)

A convenient all-in-one solution, but only if your baby thinks so too. 

Uniden Baby Monitor BW6101R product image
Uniden Baby Watch 2-in-1 Monitor BW6101R
3.5 out of 5 stars
From $399
5-inch colour LCD
Kate Reynolds
Mar 13, 2024
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Gosh, what did our parents do before 2K baby monitors with white noise and room temperature displays hit the shelves? Sing lullabies themselves?! How times have changed.

I jest. There’s something remarkable about the technology that allows the Uniden Smart Baby Monitor to be so much more than just a way to keep an eye on your (hopefully!) sleeping baby from another room.

Quick verdict: Uniden Baby Watch Smart Baby Video Camera/Monitor (BW6101R)

For an all-in-one solution, this baby monitor sure is a nifty little device. It comes packed with features like a superb 2K HD camera, room temperature gauge, room humidity gauge, lullabies, white noise, in-built night light, video and photo-taking capabilities, two-way talking plus crying and motion alert. Phew!

Yet all this great technology comes at a cost… and in this case, it’s battery life.

pro Excellent HD camera
pro Night vision is very clear
pro Shows accurate room temperature and humidity
pro Keep an eye on bub through the monitor or the app on your smartphone
con Battery life could be improved
con Night light is more annoying than useful
con Clamp fits awkwardly on cot
con Can’t choose where you zoom in

How much does the Uniden BW6101R Baby Watch Smart Monitor cost in Australia?

Starts at $399
Photograph of the Uniden Baby Watch Smart Baby Video Camera/Monitor (BW6101R) mounted on a cot.

The Uniden Baby Watch Smart Baby Monitor retails in Australia for $399.95. It's available through Baby Bunting, Catch, The Good Guys and direct through Uniden. 

More info
Price Tag
What do you get with the Uniden Smart Baby Video Camera/Monitor?

You get the following in the box:

  • 2K SUPER HD Baby Camera (3MP)
  • 5 inch colour LCD Video Monitor (720P)
  • 2 x AC adaptors
  • 2 x USB charging cables
  • 1 reset pin
  • 1 wall mount

Video quality

Photograph of somone using the monitor for the Uniden Baby Watch Smart Baby Video Camera/Monitor (BW6101R)

This is the number one reason you’d purchase the Uniden Baby Watch. The camera quality is *chef’s kiss*. Even at night when there’s very little light in the nursery, the visuals were extremely clear thanks to the Night Vision capabilities. This was very noticeable when we compared it to the baby monitors that friends used - the difference was stark. While we didn’t ever use this feature, you can pop in an SD card and record video and take photos of your little cherub sleeping (or as was often the case with us, rolling around throwing his dummy down the side of the cot).

This is top-of-the-range stuff, and if video quality is a deciding factor for your baby monitor, then the Uniden baby monitor could be a real contender.

How long does the Uniden Baby Watch Monitor battery last?


This is one of the more disappointing features. While the screen device can last through the night (if you turn the screen off and just have alerts turned on) we’re lucky to get half an hour of battery from the actual camera when it’s not plugged in. It’s the trade-off for having such a high quality visual. This isn’t such a problem at home where we can have the camera plugged in all night - it became more problematic when we travelled and needed to find a powerpoint close enough to the cot - sometimes trickier than it sounds in the various motels and AirBnB’s we’ve stayed at.

There’s the option to switch the device to a battery saving mode, which is sound only - but if you’re purchasing this for the high quality visuals, then, what’s the point?


The connectivity was a little hit and miss. At home in our apartment, there were no complaints - (and given we are in a small two-bedder, I would hope that would be the case.)

We ran into problems when we stayed at my mum’s, who had a granny flat for us to stay in away from the main house, (roughly 20 metres). This of course is when we actually needed the monitor - at home if bub cries we’ll hear it anyway, but away in a separate dwelling, we relied heavily on the monitor. It was just a touch too far away, and we had to find a tiny corner in the laundry of the main house to place the monitor so it wouldn’t lose connection constantly. Even then it dropped in and out, even though the granny flat wasn’t *that* far away.

If you’re using this at home and bub is in the same house as you, you’re unlikely to have connectivity issues.

Is the Uniden Baby Watch Smart Monitor worth the price?

Photograph of the Uniden Baby Watch Smart Baby Video Camera/Monitor (BW6101R)

For those looking for a convenient, all-in-one solution that gets the job done, then the Uniden Smart Baby Video certainly earns its keep. It’s cheaper than buying a white noise machine, night light, room thermometer, baby monitor and lullaby machine separately - if you want all of those things, but as any new parent will know - babies have their own preferences for what soothes and settles them.

I personally found that using a separate red light plus white noise machine settles my little gumnut better than the Uniden’s night light, and the little guy cared not for the in-built lullabies (he does, however, love The Wiggles White Noise albums, which we stream on our phones. RIP phone battery).

Still, it’s extremely convenient to have a handful of soothing techniques at your disposal. And the clear visual - thanks to the 2K HD camera - is impeccable, even in a really dark room. If the battery life lasted longer (and didn’t need to be plugged in constantly), and the monitor didn’t constantly pick up our external white noise machine as a ‘sound alert’ all throughout the night, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this as a great all-encompassing baby camera. As it is, it’s a nice-to-have that’s designed to work in tandem with its own features. If you’ve already got a white noise machine, a night light and/or a soothing soundtrack for your baby’s sleep, then a standard camera without the bells and whistles will be more suited to your needs.

Kate Reynolds
Written by
Kate Reynolds
Kate Reynolds is a writer who's at her happiest when there's haloumi on the brunch menu and a dog to give pats to. She's worked as a travel writer, journalist, theatre reviewer, broadcaster and radio creative, and spends her weekends with as much of the aforementioned haloumi and dogs as possible. She writes on Cammeraygal and Wangal land.

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