Samsung reveals fresh range of WiFi-enabled air purifiers

Users can check the air quality of their home remotely via the SmartThings app.

Samsung has had a busy month. Just one week after revealing its new Galaxy Note 20 smartphone range, the tech giant has launched a brand new line of air purifiers in Australia. There are five models in the new AX air purifier lineup, ranging from $449 to $1,299. Each model rocks advanced air quality monitoring features, with advanced WiFi and Bixby features available at the top end of the range.

Samsung’s new air purifiers use true HEPA filters that capture 99.7% of particles as small as .0.3 microns (nasty stuff like smoke, mould and other noxious fumes). Pet owners will be chuffed to hear that each model comes with a washable pre-filter, which catches larger particles like pet dander and pollen.

Carbon filters that capture harmful gases aren’t uncommon in air purifiers. Still, Samsung designed an ‘activated carbon deodorisation filter’ for the new range of air purifiers explicitly designed to filter out dank smells, like body odour and lingering cooking aroma.

Samsung’s new air purifiers are available from today (13 August) online and through a mix of Australian retailers, like JB HI-FI and Bunnings, except for the high-end AX9500 available from November via Samsung’s online store. Here’s how much each model will cost you and where you can purchase it. Read on for more information on each model.

Samsung Air Purifier Pricing
ModelPriceRoom sizeFilter replacement costSellers
Samsung AX34T3020$44934m2$119Samsung, The Good Guys
Samsung AX40T3030$44940m2$119Samsung, Bunnings
Samsung AX5500$79960m2$149Samsung, JB HI-FI, The Good Guys
Samsung AX7500$99990m2$149Samsung, JB HI-FI, The Good Guys
Samsung AX9500$1,299N/A$199Samsung

Samsung AX40T3030 & AX34T3020 ($449)

Samsung’s new entry-level devices offer a robust air purifier solution without any fancy bells and whistles. They have the same level of HEPA filtration, dust and gas sensors, an easy-to-read 4-colour air quality indicator display, and a Sleep Mode function for quiet 20-decibel operation.

Samsung AX40T3030 Air Purifier

These more affordable models are suited to small to medium rooms. The room size coverage is reflected in the model names; the AX40 will get you roughly 40m2 coverage, and the AX34 will get you 34m2.

Samsung AX5500 ($799)

If it’s bells and whistles you want, you’ll be paying close to $800 for the AX5500 model. In addition to all the standard filtration features listed above, the AX5500 air purifier offers roughly 60m2 of coverage, handy wheels for rolling it from room to room, a numeric air quality indicator, a Laser PM 1.0 sensor for ultra-fine particles, and most importantly, WiFi connectivity and updates via the Samsung SmartThings app. The WiFi connectivity allows you to remotely monitor your home’s air quality, offering peace-of-mind for parents travelling for work or spending the weekend away.

Samsung AX5500

Samsung AX7500 ($999)

If you need even more coverage, the AX7500 air purifier offers the same features of the AX5500 in a taller package. The size of this unit enables it to cover more space in your home, effectively covering rooms and areas of 90m2 in size.

Samsung AX7500 Air Purifier

Samsung AX9500 ($1,299)

At the premium end of Samsung’s new purifier range, you’ve got the AX9500, the updated Samsung Cube Air Purifier. Its cube-style design is a little easier on the eyes than your typical air purifier is intended to be stacked out of the way. It looks a little like a mini-fridge and seems suited to an office environment. It’s got all the same features listed above, but Samsung is also spruiking its “Wind-Free” technology, which reduces the wind strength and noise created by dispersing the air through “60,000 micro-holes”. So, like, lots of tiny holes. Maybe too many. Trypophobes proceed with caution. Samsung doesn’t list the room size coverage of the AX9500 at the time of writing, but we’ve reached out for more information.

The Samsung AX9500 will be available in November via Samsung’s online store.