Aldi’s next heater range is fancier and more expensive

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// The Flame Effect Heater is back
Anula Wiwatowska
May 17, 2024
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After releasing cheap De’Longhi heaters in April, Aldi has a fancier heater drop coming up later this month.

The supermarket’s Special Buys on Saturday May 25th include an Alfreso outdoor heater, a De'Longhi column heater, a ceramic tower fan heater, a convection heater, and an aesthetic flame effect heater. As opposed to its cheap options earlier in the year, these devices offer more control and better features alongside their dearer price tags.

Here are how the latest Aldi heaters compare;

Heat settings
Remote control
Digital Alfresco Strip Heater1800WDegree-level temperature controlYes
De'Longhi Vento Oil Column Heater2000W3No
Ceramic Tower Heater2000WDegree-level temperature controlYes
Convection Heater with Remote2300WDegree-level temperature controlYes
Flame Effect HeaterUnknown2No

Most of these devices come with premium features like degree-level temperature control, and even WiFi enabled smart features in the Alfresco heater's case. The wattage is also quite high across the board meaning they will cover a larger space, but innevitably cost more to run at their highest settings.

While most of these heaters and Aldi's typical no-name branding, De'Longhi has made another appearance with it's Vento Oil Column Heater. Even though it is currently out of stock on the De'Longhi website, this device ordinarily retails for $229, so the $149 price point is an excellent deal. It also comes with a seven year warranty, as opposed to the one year warranty across the rest of the range.

Aldi has been more transparent around the specs of this heater drop, apart from the Flame Effect device. It appears that this is the same heater the supermarket has stocked the past seven or so years. According to buyers posting on, this may have the lowest wattage of the pack at just 1800W. The most recent wattage information available is from 2017 however, so the model could have changed in that time.

Limited stock of these heaters will be available from Aldi stores across the country from Saturday May 25th.

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Anula Wiwatowska
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Anula Wiwatowska
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