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Sky Muster NBN satellite plans explained

Planning internet from the stars.

Nathan Lawrence
Jan 31, 2022
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If you’re in a remote or offshore part of Australia, there’s a good chance the NBN technology that’s used to service your home is Sky Muster satellite NBN. Of the handful of NBN satellite providers that we track in our comparison engine, there are more than 60 plans, which is a lot to sift through to find the one that’s right for you.

Let’s simplify that.

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Sky Muster vs Sky Muster Plus
We’ve got a page dedicated to breaking down all of the differences between ky Muster and Sky Muster Plus, but the long and short of it is relatively straightforward. Sky Muster plans are offered on either NBN 12 or NBN 25 speed tiers, whereas Sky Muster Plus plans have the potential to burst above NBN 25 speeds. Sky Muster Plus plans also have unmetered content to help the mix of peak and off-peak data stretch further in a month.

Sky Muster plans

Sky Muster plans are separated into entry-level NBN 12 options and the more versatile speeds of NBN 25 plans. Below is an idea of NBN 12 Sky Muster plans from our comparison engine:

And below is a glance at daily updating NBN 25 Sky Muter plans from our database:

The plan trend between providers is relatively simple. Prices start off low for a decent amount of total data (stick to at least 150GB), albeit with a mix of proportionately lower peak data (from 15GB) to off-peak data (from 135GB). Activ8me and SkyMesh should be your go-to provider names for comparing NBN 12 plans if you only have basic internet needs.

Basically, the more you pay for an NBN 12 Sky Muster plan, the more overall data you’re buying with a better ratio of peak to off-peak data. This can stretch up to close to $200 per month for 270GB of data from SkyMesh.

There are more providers to compare when you step up to NBN 25 speeds, but you’re looking at spending around $55 per month to get a decent amount of peak data (65GB) and 300GB total data. SkyMesh and Activ8me offer the cheaper Sky Muster NBN 25 plans, but there’s also competition from iiNet and IPStar if you up your monthly budget.

Sky Muster Plus plans

Understandably, the monthly entry price for Sky Muster Plus plans is higher than regular Sky Muster NBN 12 and NBN 25 plans. Still, you can buy in for around $50, albeit with only 50GB of data (25GB peak and off-peak). Granted, the unmetered content for Sky Muster Plus plans helps the capped data go further. If you want the best NBN satellite speeds available, you want a Sky Muster Plus plan.

While Sky Muster Plus plans go up to around $200 a month, spending closer to $100 a month gets you 150GB of data from Activ8me, equally split between peak and off-peak times. If you can stretch the unmetered content further, you can save around $25 a month with a 100GB Sky Muster Plus plan from SkyMesh or IPStar (both with 50GB peak and 50GB off-peak data).

Below is a list of Sky Muster Plus plans from our comparison engine, updated daily and sorted by popularity:

Sky Muster support

If on-hand tech support matters to you, we’d recommend looking at either an Activ8me, iiNet or Southern Phone plan.

Activ8me plans offer Australian-based customer support seven days a week, while iiNet ups the accessibility by offering 24/7 tech support. Southern Phone isn’t quite as readily available as iiNet, but it does have seven-day support from 8:00am to 8:00pm.

Sky Muster extras

Unlike certain providers of metro NBN services, the Sky Muster plans we track in our database aren’t renowned for offering shiny extras. In fact, you’re usually expected to BYO NBN-compatible modem if you want the cheapest prices. Thankfully, outside of a handful of IPStar plans, all of the Sky Muster and Sky Muster Plus plans in our comparison engine have no contracts.

If you do want some basic perks, SkyMesh offers unlimited plan changes, plus you can bundle your Sky Muster service with a home phone to save $10 a month on your internet bill.

Nathan Lawrence
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Nathan Lawrence
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