CommBank customers get an exclusive discount on these NBN plans

CommBank customers can cash in with this NBN deal from More Telecom. 

30% off NBN
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More Telecom NBN for CommBank customers
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pro Unlimited downloads
pro Up to 205Mbps on select plans
Save 30% per month for 12 months if you are a CommBank customer - Plans start at $46.20/mth for CommBank customers.
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May 16, 2022
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Dollarmites assemble! More Telecom has partnered with the Commonwealth Bank to give customers 30% off NBN fees for a year as long as you pay with a CBA credit or debit card.

Here are what these plans look like with and without the discount applied:

Speed tier
Typical Evening Speed
Price before discount
Price with discount
More info
NBN 2525Mbps$66$46.20
NBN 5050Mbps$77$53.90
NBN 100/2092Mbps$99$49.30
NBN 100/4092Mbps$109$76.30
NBN 250205Mbps$119$83.30

While these plans are pretty average without the discount, including the 30% off they come down to be among the cheapest on the market at the moment. Here are the lowest price NBN 50 plans available at the moment as a point for comparison.

Most of these deals sit between $54 and $55 per month thanks to six month promotional discounts. Even though More’s NBN 50 plan is only 10 cents cheaper than Spintel’s (the cheapest) current deal the discount lasts double the amount of time, so over the course of the year you’ll save a significant amount more. In order to trigger the discount you’ll just need to make your payments with a CBA card when signing up for a More NBN plan. The discount will automatically be applied once you toggle over to CommBank Customer Pricing for 12-months, and after that period is over the plan fees will go back to the undiscounted rate. Each of these plans are contract-free however, so you can cancel anytime if you decide after the year (or anytime within) that More isn’t right for you. You can also cancel within your first fortnight and get a full refund of your plan fees if you're not satisfied with your More NBN service.

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