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Aldi Mobile internet plans and prices

Nathan Lawrence
Sep 03, 2023
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Aldi Mobile is known for its Prepaid plans with 30-day expiry. But Aldi Mobile also offers a range of prepaid mobile data-only internet plans for supported devices.

Aldi Mobile internet fast facts

  • Aldi Mobile internet plans are sold on the Telstra wholesale network, which offers coverage to more than 98.8% of the Australian population, covering more than 1.6 million square kilometres of the country.
  • Aldi Mobile only offers mobile broadband plans and not NBN or other types of internet.
  • All Aldi Mobile internet plans have 365-day expiry and include data rollover.
  • Data-only mobile broadband plans are built for compatible tablets, modems (including WiFi dongles) and laptops.

What are the different types of Aldi Mobile internet plans?

There’s only one type of Aldi Mobile internet: 365-day prepaid data-only mobile broadband plans. Other providers may have a mix of NBN, mobile broadband, fibre, cable and VDSL2. Aldi Mobile offers a few different mobile broadband plans whose biggest point of difference is the data included based on the price you prepay.

What do you get with Aldi Mobile internet plans?

Whichever Aldi Mobile internet plan you choose, it comes with a three-in-one tri-cut SIM card, designed to fit any compatible bring-your-own (BYO) device. Pay more to get more data. Aldi Mobile’s entry-level mobile broadband plan comes with a minimal amount of yearly data. But you can spend more for a moderate amount of monthly data or spend the most for a decent chunk of monthly data.

Note that because they’re data-only mobile broadband plans, calls and SMS aren’t included. There aren’t any starting fees and there are no early exit fees. If you go over your data allowance, data is charged at an extra per-megabyte cost from any available pay-as-you-go (PAYG) credit balance. Data rollover limits vary based on the price of the plan: either 30GB, 50GB or 100GB.

You need to recharge your Aldi Mobile plan to the same or a more expensive version within 24 hours of expiry to roll over unused data. Alternatively, activate auto-recharge for more straightforward data rollover.

Aldi Mobile internet plan deals

If Aldi Mobile internet has a mobile broadband deal today, you’ll find it in the list below.

Aldi Mobile internet plan features

Aldi Mobile internet plans don’t come with a whole lot of features. The main perk is being able to prepay an entire year of mobile broadband, freeing you up to use the included data whenever you like. For comparison, the other mobile broadband plans we track in our database are typically monthly plans.

Additionally, Aldi Mobile internet plans do allow for international roaming, which use PAYG credit when data is used overseas. Mobile broadband customers can activate international roaming and see other account features in the Aldi Mobile app.

Aldi Mobile internet plan speeds

Aldi Mobile internet plan speeds are determined by a few key factors. For starters, Aldi Mobile says its customers have access to speeds up to 100Mbps with 4G connectivity, which is 97.9% of the Australian population on the Telstra wholesale network. Those are max speeds, though.

Aldi Mobile notes that compatible 4G devices in 4G areas should typically receive between 2Mbps and 50Mbps download speeds, with upload speeds of between 1Mbps and 10Mbps. Speed ranges are slower on 3G:

  • 1.1–20Mbps download speeds for more than 85% of Australians.
  • 550kbps–8Mbps download speeds for more than 95% of Australians.
  • 550kbps–3Mbps download speeds for more than 98.8% of Australians.
  • 300kbps–3Mbps upload speeds for more than 93% of Australians.
  • 300kbps–1Mbps upload speeds for 98.8% of Australians.

Note that the Telstra has announced it will be shutting down 3G network services in June 2024, which will mean relevant 3G devices will no longer operate. Shift to a 4G device if you’re impacted.

Aldi Mobile internet plan modems

Aldi Mobile internet plans don’t include a modem. Effectively, customers need to provide a compatible BYO device that has a SIM card slot.

Aldi Mobile internet coverage map

The only better coverage you’ll find in Australia outside of the Telstra wholesale network is the main Telstra network, which is available for Telstra and Boost Mobile customers. Otherwise, the Telstra wholesale network has better coverage than the Optus and Vodafone mobile networks. The Telstra wholesale network is available to 98.8% of Australians, which includes a mix of 5G, 4G and 3G. Note that Aldi Mobile doesn’t offer mobile broadband services at 5G speeds. Use the interactive map below for an idea of how Aldi Mobile internet coverage looks in your area or other areas of interest around Australia.

How to switch to Aldi Mobile internet

Switching telcos or internet providers in Australia is, thankfully, a straightforward process and Aldi Mobile is no exception. While Aldi Mobile offers mobile broadband services over a mobile network, you don’t need to deal with migrating a phone number as part of the process.

Here’s how to switch to Aldi Mobile internet:

  1. Find the Aldi Mobile internet plan that best meets your data-only needs and click on the corresponding ‘Go to Site’ button (if available).
  2. During sign-up on the Aldi Mobile website, confirm the plan you want by selecting the ‘Buy now’ button. Note that if you just want to recharge, there’s a separate Aldi Mobile page for that.
  3. Select the ‘Continue to checkout’ option, enter your relevant details and follow the steps to complete the sign-up process.

Once the SIM card arrives, follow the instructions for inserting it into your device. Service activation is typically between one to four hours. In some rare instances, it may take between seven and 10 days. Reach out to Aldi Mobile support if you have any questions.

Aldi Mobile internet frequently asked questions

Yes, Aldi Mobile offers mobile broadband. All of Aldi Mobile’s internet plans are 365-day prepaid offerings that include data rollover. The more you spend, the more data you get access to for the prepaid year.
Aldi Mobile uses the Telstra wholesale network for its customers, whether you’re using a Prepaid mobile plan or a prepaid mobile broadband plan.
No, Aldi Mobile isn’t owned by Telstra. That said, Aldi Mobile does use the Telstra wholesale network for its Prepaid mobile and data-only mobile broadband customers.

Aldi Mobile internet features breakdown

Aldi Mobile plan features
Data rollover
Auto prepaid recharge
Data-free streaming
Rewards program
BYO modem
Included modem
Purchasable modem
$0 setup-fee plans
Home phone
Discounted international calls
Discounted mobile plan
Entertainment bundle
Exclusive content offers
ACCC tracked
CVC transparency
Aldi Mobile connections
NBN fixed-line plans
NBN Fixed Wireless plans
NBN satellite plans
Mobile broadband plans
Home wireless plans
Fibre plans
Cable plans
Mobile network
Telstra wholesale
Population covered
5G network access
4G network access
3G network access
Aldi Mobile customer service
Customer forum (or blog) bullet
Crewed Twitter bullet
Facebook page bullet
Retail stores bullet
Phone support bullet
Usage-monitoring app bullet
Chat service bullet
Self-service online (FAQs) bullet
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