PlayStation Plus August 2021 free games announced

The PS Plus August 2021 lineup of free PS5 and PS4 games includes Hunter's Arena: Legends.

Georgia Dixon
Jul 30, 2021
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The lineup of August PlayStation Plus games has just dropped, bringing with it an interesting mix of titles. In case you missed it, July's lineup included one PS5 title (A Plague Tale: Innocence) and three PS4 titles (Call of Duty: Black Ops 4WWE 2K Battlegrounds, and Virtua Fighter 5: Ultimate Showdown). Sony is shaking things up a little in terms of the console split this month, with all three games available to PS4 owners, rather than one PS5 exclusive and two new PS4/PS5 titles.

All of the PS Plus August games are free to PlayStation Plus subscribers and can be downloaded any time between Tuesday, August 3, and Monday, September 6. If you haven't downloaded July's free games yet, we suggest you hurry - they're only available till August 2.

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1. Hunter's Arena: Legends

PlayStation 5 | PlayStation 4

You might recognise this one from the State of Play earlier in July, and now it's coming to both PS5 and PS4 for free. Hunter's Arena: Legends is a 30-player PvP and PvE combat battle royale set in an ancient age during which humans battle not only each other but the growing hordes of demons unleashed upon the world. You'll fight these demons in high-risk, high-reward dungeons, gathering powerful items and XP as you go, giving you the edge you need to take on fellow Hunters.

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2. Plants vs. Zombies: Battle for Neighborville

PlayStation 4

Plants vs. Zombies has come a long way since its early days as a quirky tower defence game, and Battle for Neighborville is the perfect example of this. Continuing the third-person shooter style adopted in 2016's Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare, EA's most recent PvZ release sees the ongoing flora vs undead fauna battle spill over beyond Neighborville. Players can pick one of 20 character classes, team up with friends, or even take on the world in the new Battle Arena.

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3. Tennis World Tour 2

PlayStation 4

If the Olympics has got you in a sporty mood, you're in luck. In Tennis World Tour 2, you can live out your Grand Slam dreams either as a famous top-ranked player like Federer or Nadal or as your own character as you take on the world's best. You can sharpen your skills in Ranked mode, manage your season, staff, equipment and sponsors in Career mode, or take on mates in singles and doubles games.

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