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CORSAIR HS65 Headset review

Top-value surround sound in a compact, lightweight package perfect for travelling with. 

Corsair HS65
CORSAIR HS65 Gaming Headset
4 out of 5 stars
Adjustable microfiber headband with leatherette memory foam ear pads
Surround sound
Dolby Audio 7.1
From $119
Christie Graham
Aug 12, 2022
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Quick verdict: CORSAIR HS65 Gaming Headset

The Corsair HS65 is perfect for long stetches of gaming, offering superior comfort and incredible sound for a budget gaming headset

pro Sleek and sturdy construction
pro Spacious, comfortable earpiece design with soft padding
pro Great sound quality
con The microphone can be difficult to adjust
con Not wireless or Bluetooth capabilities

Monogrammed phone cases. Engraved jewellery. Custom-designed shoes. We gravitate towards products that are designed to feel specifically-made just for us. They just have a superior feel about them - and the Corsair HS65 gaming headset is no exception.

From its tailored audio software to its ultra-comfortable design, the brains behind this headset have put the focus back on the individual user to create a listening experience that’s entirely unique. Keep reading to learn why this headset is one gamers should definitely consider when looking to upgrade.

Photo of the CORSAIR HS65 in white
Light Bulb
Who is Corsair?
Founded in the early 90s, CORSAIR Gaming Inc is an American computer peripheral and hardware company specialising in gaming PCs, headsets, keyboards, streaming gear and more.

Corsair HS65 design and comfort

Available in a choice of black or white, I tested the White Corsair HS65 headset and I was immediately impressed with the sleek matte finish and minimalist branding. Despite the $119 price tag, the Corsair HS65 looks and feels premium.

The design is reinforced with metal for added durability and each component from the earpieces and microphone to the buttons and cords feel like they’ll stand the test of time. The only button or switch is a volume wheel tucked away neatly on the back of the left earpiece.


As someone with multiple ear piercings in awkward spots, I always struggle to find a headset that I can wear comfortably for an extended period of time. Fortunately, the Corsair HS65’s large, deep earpiece means this hasn’t been the case. This was a huge plus for me, and means anyone - no matter the shape or ear size - should find the headset comfy. You can also swivel and tilt each earpiece for the best possible fit.

The thickly padded headband is adjustable to 16 different settings for a custom fit and once adjusted, it takes a decent amount of pressure to shift it to the next setting.

Photo of the CORSAIR HS65 microphone and cable


The sound quality of the Corsair HS65 microphone is suitable for both everyday use and intense gaming. It has a handy flip-to-mute function and is Discord certified, for those who use the service.

The main issue I experienced with the microphone was its design. Unfortunately, it can be quite rigid and difficult to adjust at times. This is possibly due to the thick material it’s made from, making it a struggle to manipulate. This can leave it sitting awkwardly and in your peripherals, which can be distracting. Over time, however, the material became slightly more flexible. This microphone is like pineapple on pizza - either you’ll love it or you won’t. Some prefer a thinner more discreet microphone design while this one is quite blocky and rigid.

Performance and audio

Photo of the CORSAIR HS65 earpads

Out of the box, the Corsair HS65’s audio quality is easily above average. You’ve also got the option to play around with equaliser settings to alter bass and such for a tailored experience. But if you want to go even further, this headset brings in Corsair's unique SoundID software for a custom audio experience. To access SoundID, you will need to make use of the included 7.1 Surround Sound USB adapter.

This adapter functions to enable the 7.1 Surround Sound feature but the downside is this feature is only available when the adapter is in use - which is a real shame because it makes a significant difference to the sound quality offering a crisper audio experience.
You could be forgiven for mistaking this adapter as just a way to convert AUX to USB but that’s not all it’s for. Once you use the adapter to connect the headset to the iCue Equaliser, you will be able to access the SoundID test via a computer or laptop.

SoundID allows you to take a 5-10 minute listening test to analyse your audio preferences and create your very own unique sound profile. It’s a much simpler experience than choosing between multiple presets and complex equaliser combinations, making it easy to make the most of the headphones.

Important to note
Don’t ignore the volume wheel on the headset! If this is turned down low and you turn up other sources, the sound doesn’t sound as crisp as it possibly can. Turn the volume wheel all the way up with the volume on your other device (e.g. laptop) turned down low. Then gradually increase the device to a safe and sufficient volume until you reach your desired volume level.

Corsair HS65 compatibility

This headset is compatible with Windows, Android, MacOS, iOS, PS5, PS4, Xbox series X | S and Nintendo Switch. The unit is a lightweight 282g and is fantastic if you plan to travel with it.

Corsair HS65 price and availability

Retailing at a wallet-friendly $119, this headset pricing is certainly on the lower end of Corsair's headsets and for what it is, it’s excellent value for money. The Corsair HS65 is currently available for $119 at Amazon, PLE Computers, Scorptec and more. 

Is the Corsair HS65 worth buying?

The CORSAIR HS65 is a pleasure. It ticked 99% of the boxes from what I’d expect from a budget gaming headset and rarely disappointed. It’s great value for money and would be ideal if you travel frequently and need a lightweight headset to use in close range to a device or if you are a PC gamer on a low budget but don’t want to compromise on quality.
Photo of the CORSAIR HS65 in white
Christie Graham
Written by
Christie Graham
Christie Graham is a tech industry expert and former head copywriter for Harvey Norman's Computers and Tech category. She won a national Newscorp writing competition to review TV shows on Binge, and keeps busy juggling her many hobbies including baking, painting, archery, stargazing, tending to her chickens, training her Border Collie, expanding her Harry Potter replica collection, and making lists (much like this one).

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