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Georgia Dixon
Dec 18, 2020
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The Seven are not The Avengers. Humility, charm, fairness... The Seven are not those kinds of superheroes. They're arrogant, narcissistic and deeply flawed, but to the public, they're seen as heroes -  despite their frequently anti-heroic actions behind closed doors as part of the evil Vought International corporation.

That's where The Boys come in. Brought together by their hatred of The Seven, The Boys (made up of superpower-hating Billy Butcher, vengeful Hughie, tactical planner Mother's Milk, weapons expert Frenchie and superpowered test subject Kimiko) set out to expose the corrupt truth behind the so-called superheroes.

It's been described as what Suicide Squad was supposed to be, racking up an ultra-impressive 90% rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

How to watch The Boys in Australia

Option 1: Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video has been making some serious strides with its collection of original programs and The Boys is a real standout. Since it's a Prime Video original, the only way to catch both seasons (in all their 4K glory, no less) is on - surprise, surprise - Prime Video. You could even binge it all in the 30-day free trial period, after which it's $9.99 per month. It's pretty cheap, should you decide to continue, and also includes Amazon Prime shipping, Amazon Music, Prime Reading and more. If you're not keen to line Bezos' pocket even further, you'll have to go with option 2 (below) and be a bit patient for season two to drop.

Option 2: Buy

Unfortunately, if you're not into Prime Video, there's not a whole lot of other options for watching The Boys. Season one is currently available for digital download on Google Play, Telstra TV and Fetch from $17.99, but if you're after season two, you may be waiting a while.

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