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// Don't sleep on Foundation's second season
Adam Smith
Aug 23, 2023
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Published on August 22, 2023

You could be forgiven for sleeping on the first season of Apple TV Plus' Foundation. The sweeping sci-fi epic barely made a ripple when it launched last year. But, now is the time to wake up. The show's second season, which premiered on July 14, outshines its first in every way. It’s been greenlit for a third season, but I doubt we’ll get much beyond that. Why? Two words: Lee Pace.

Lee Pace is a phenomenal actor whose electrifying charisma makes him the best part of any show he's in. He's also developing a track record for starring in shows that burn bright and die young.

Just look at Pushing Daisies, where Pace charmed as a quirky pastry chef whose touch could temporarily resurrect the dead. Critics loved it, and so did its miniscule audience. But that niche following ensured that it was dead and buried after 22 episodes. Or, consider Halt and Catch Fire, easily one of the best shows of the last decade. "Wait, what's Halt and Catch Fire?" you say? Exactly.

Is any of this Lee Pace's fault? Of course not. He simply has a knack for choosing projects that are as critically revered as they are commercially unsuccessful. But it's a good reminder not to make the same mistake a third time. Get onboard with Foundation now, because if it's anything like Pace's other TV projects, it's doomed to be brilliant, brief, and only appreciated in retrospect.

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